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^ Love all of this.
For his playing or for his unique personality?I've always wondered if Glenn Gould would have gained quite the same admiration if he'd been less eccentric. Or perhaps even more?
Same story in many Asian countries. Very high import duties here in Indonesia as well for western brand name stuff. A 50% luxury tax on top of 10-20% import tax. As an envisioned source of extra income for the government it has backfired though, since it is cheaper and more fun to book a ticket to Paris and buy your wife's Chanel bag there.
@mossrockss what's up with the socks? Oh wait, those are shoes... @fieldofdreams really nice, though I also would have preferred different shoes. If not suede, then at least a lighter colour.
What do you want then? When @Caustic Man wanted to start a debate about your fit you kill it off with saying neither he nor Sugarbutch is right, i.e. I don't care about anyone's opinion.
 No. But to me the hyperbole was in saying that that suit seems really off.
Pliny, did you see this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/503474/sw-d-theory-cms-free-for-all-help-thread ?Sort of a crash course in SWD for CM-ers.
Interesting point this, as there's probably a continuum: where does deviation from the current 'norm' end being a stylistic choice and starts to be ill fitting?For me SVB's blazer fit is right at the edge. Not really ill fitting perhaps, but it looks dated to me.
How does one unsubscribe from a thread?
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