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Nice, @Gerry Nelson . Deets on the shoes please?
 No wonder...  I'd say kudos to @House of KYDOS for turning this once informative thread into your own "unofficial" affiliate thread. Including some less than subtle shilling. 
Very nice suit, @heldentenor. Is this the same one people were nagging about the shoulders being too wide a little while ago? To me the proportions look perfect overall.
 Since the many "please gents use spoilers" posts seemed to have no effect at all, I decided to use a picture to get the message across in a light hearted way. That's all, no sarcasm, no sneer. Surprised you take it so personally.  
 Now this is sleazy! Reminds me of Tim Roth.
 Good observation. And exactly why I never embraced SF's predilection for really low buttoning jackets. That probably was a reaction to the ridiculously high buttoning jackets from a few years ago (also by Suit Supply!), but as always, there's a happy medium.
 This is taking 'burlap sack' to the next level and beyond  Great SC!
Since we're on the subject of the Decline of Western Civilization, this was some pretty strict dress code as well: And exciting....
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