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 Thanks for all the replies, gents! Though you haven't made it easier for me, since opinions are divided 50-50 now Greg, do you say heavier sharkskin/birdseye is better durability wise? Or does it drape better? The climate here demands me to go for the lightest that I can get away with, but it would be nice if this suit will last a bit.
Please don't ask questions, yet. I'm interested in your first impressions. Which one?       Thanks, y'all!
   Actually, this one ran for two weeks. And still we only have four entries. Excellent opportunity to waive the rules and allow older entries in, as PCK1 suggested...
@mossrockss I love the colour of your tie! Not sure about the trousers, though. Better leave that to AAS   @Roycru that is truly epic!
My wife wears pants without pockets.
@mdancel the last one fits best. Length is ok to my eyes. However, I still see some lapel bowing, indicating the chest is too tight. Perhaps it's just your posture though, you seem to be standing overly erect. Is that your natural pose?
^ Don't like that at all...
^ Interesting stuff, @Coxsackie. Thanks for writing!
 That's a shame, I'm sure you would have come up with a great entry. Get well soon!
^ In my experience check on check only works if all variables (colour, scale and preferably texture too) are as different as possible. The examples above fall short (the first one more so than the second) because the checks in the shirts pickup colours in the jackets. Well, YMMV etc.
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