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  The pic was taken very early in the morning....
 Ehmm, I'm afraid I'm missing something? I don't see the tie as particularly soporific.
 Ony on SF: a guy justifying a $8k suit as something that he needs I, for one, can't wait to see it. So go ahead and do it!   I'm sure there are Italian tailor who can make fine 3pc suits. I believe His Excellency himself even didn't always practice as he preached.
Codex Mantonensis Antiqua XIV: Thou shalt not commission three piece suits from Italian tailors.
 Too matchy matchy with the shirt, though
   AFAIK, it's a function of both the lapel width and the position of the breast pocket. On a lot of current Italian (styled) jackets, the lapels are wide and the breast pocket tends to sit very high, almost like a shoulder pocket. So it's more likely to be partly obscured by the lapel.
 The Juventus club anthem would be more appropriate. Congrats, @Cleav! What's up next?
 Interesting indeed... The contrast in the first photo looks stronger than it is, the suit is a bit lighter IRL. But I suspect this may also be the case with your jacket? That's the famouse tobacco frsco, isn't it?Funny how you prefer the first outfit over the second one, since I'm quite content with that one in that it's a bit harder to make it work compared to the first one. Unbel's light, low contrast fit in the OP suffers by comparison from a tie that is too light and...
I would never say that.
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