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@Foxhound that's a very nice tie choice. Adventurous but tasteful, IMO. Not a fan of your PS fold, though, sorry...   @jasonmarshalljazz superb fit and photography. All those shades of brown working together, wow! (And glad to hear you're OK)   @Sander, great suit and tie but for my taste the blue of your shirt is a bit too saturated. I liked the similar fit you posted recently (yesterday?) better, TBH. And yes, Milan is a lovely, but underrated city. Not only stylish,...
Don't know their tailor, but I did find a few more interesting pics here:         And not CBD, but rather cool:  
Why on earth would you ask BnT to replicate your Formosa? Better get another Formosa then...
Nice entries so far, gents. I don't do loud patterned suits, so here's a rather subdued one from earlier this week. Shoes didn't get much love on WAYWRN, but oh well...  
 Superb! Who made the suit, Cifonelli, Camps de Luca...?
Oh, I see... Well, good luck with the interviews then!
 Are you really planning your 'outfits' months ahead?!
Thank you for agreeing with me. As I said, it's not easy.
Nice to see a pic of my hometown club, even if it's not the friendliest.
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