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Looks like it. But the left sleeve does look shorter than the right. Both are way too short, though.
 Yes, please.... sounds like fun!
 Seriously?     Guilty as charged! I know both you and Stitchy are right, but I can't help myself   Nothing wrong with the width of those lapels, to my eyes.
I hate morons!The only time I wear black shoes is at funerals. I never have black tie events. I don't hate black shoes, but in any other situation where black shoes are appropriate, I find brown the better option. TweedyProf would say 'optimal'.
Voted for @GMMcL, piece of cake. As much as I love some of the other fits, they're mostly just very well done copying exercises. To get your inspiration for an outfit from some pastry, that's on another level IMO.
Cue jfrater rushing to buy 15 Vanda ties...Edit: obviously my post was too late.Seriously man, your shopping habits beats anything my wife is capable of.
 I'm a big fan of knit ties but IMO not all knits are created equal. Very open weave, crunchy knits are more casual/country than ones with a more closed, grenadine like weave. I believe Bond's knits were of the latter type. So appropriate there.Also, black can never be considered 'country', and that is what makes @MrChris's very crunchy knit a bit of an oxymoron to me. I still like his fit (ok, minor nitpick: the contrast stitching of the lapel buttonhole), but it would...
Ouch! That was one of my favourite suits from you @Braddock That must have hurt...
^ we have a winner!
Similar but not too similar IMO. Especially with the seasonal difference. This cut seems to fit you quite well, too.
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