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After seeing all the grey suit/white shirt/brown tie combos here, I was hoping I'd get an opportunity to post something else, but no time. So this one from a couple of days ago will have to do.  
@nabilmust, I like the olive suit very much, but the black tie makes it look rather somber. I find that olive works well with burgundy (ecru shirt) and rich purple. YMMV.   @Leoaa777, welcome and thank you for posting. Now I don't want to sound condescending,  but other than that your fit complies with the rules of this challenge (as far as can be seen, because you only show us the top half), I'm afraid there's not much positive to say.   I can't judge the fit of the...
@alessandromo do I see blue stripes in your tie?
Is that good or bad?
Role play?
Superb again, @EFV! Are you sure you're not wearing blue underwear?
LOL. Was....?
What's with the sloppy typing, Pliny? Grey suit and brown tie is your cup of tea, isn't it?
@Butler forgive me my curiosity, but what's the reason of choosing no vents?
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