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@Cleav great pics and fit. Must have been lovely out there!
Congrats, @justinkapur!
Great stuff, UC!
I agree on Heineken. Grolsch, Hertog Jan and Brand all make better Dutch beers. Or 'pils', to make the difference with Belgian beers clearer.
 Yeah, after beer and Van Gogh
You mean tulips and cheese?
Very nice suit, @Coxsackie! And footwear goes with it perfectly. Not sure about the choice of tie here, though it's a lovely tie by itself. @sugarbutch those chukkas are great!
@sugarbutch it means: NO to unaddressed advertising, YES to local papers. Nice photos! I miss Holland...
 Oh, how long have you tried to wear them? In my experience, wholecuts stretch a bit more with wearing in (probably because of the lack of stitching over the toes), so it's better to start with a tight fitting shoe. Perhaps you've got rid of them too soon?  Danke sehr! Of course you're right that a white shirt would look sharper here, but I was going for a low contrast look today and I just don't have a plain blue shirt that's pale enough to work in this context. So,...
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