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@Coxsackie, it is commendable that you're willing to cut him some slack. But, his fit critiques contained denigrating, sweeping generalisations that were disdainful to the whole SF community. IMHO, of course...
 For now, our little one is still too young to be able to appreciate long distance travel, but it would be great if one day I can accept your very kind offer, dear friend. I used to go mountain biking and hiking in Scotland, and I've been to London quite a few times, but so far I've never been to the Midlands, which is where you live, right? It looks very attractive judging from your pics! Cheers,E.
@Cleav your recent photos make me want to travel to the UK.
Thank you. I'd say the colour of the stripes is like milk chocolate.@ridethecliche, I don't think that was necessary.
Are you sure it's hopsack? Looks like fresco to me in your pics... Anyway, for inspiration how to dress down this suit, look no further than Eidos' own NickP
   Anyway.... Vintage Retro tie today  
If anything should be invisible, it's a spectre. Welcome to my block list.
 "Good taste, the last and vilest of human superstitions, has succeeded in silencing us where all the rest have failed." — G.K.Chesterton.
 Yes, yes, you've made your point: only solids are elegant. 
 Which means you can wear an SC on those days
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