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Nice suit @Coxsackie but I think the blue of the shirt sits uneasy with the blues of suit and tie. It looks a bit too lavenderish.
False comparison. In the novel's case the end product is the same: a printed book. Not so in handmade vs machine made suits.And people who believe the difference is only aesthetic, are mistaken.
   +1. Extra props to @RogerP for making navy trousers work.
   ^ I believe it's this, but I'm not sure, so that's why I was asking. As @Chulillo says, apparently a pocket watch is deemed acceptable in those situations. @Coxsackie didn't you have Viennese ancestors?
Only a credit card and a little bit of cash for black tie. Phone goes in the wife's purse, car keys are kept by the driver. I thought no watch was only for weddings (and funerals)?
Indeed. Some, ahem, 'interesting' takes on Classic Menswear lately...
Fantastic SC and tie. In fact I like the whole top half, but its elegance is seriously let down by the bottom half. Those shapeless trousers and clunky Aldens have no place here.
 Very strong first post!
No. There's plenty of hand stitched RTW and machine made bespoke.
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