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I was merely expressing a personal preference, @Coxsackie, so I don't see how that can be proscriptive. However, you raise an interesting point but I'm on mobile now and it's too cumbersome to write. Later!
Very nice suit, @DonCologne!! Who made it? Minor nitpick: higher cuffs on the trousers would look better.
 This, of course. The 'Heavy and Fancy Silk Standard For Quality Ties' was very likely not universal, though quite a common point of view back when I started dabbling in menswear, in the 1990s. But possibly that was just in reaction to those awful Hermes prints of the preceding decade... (Yes, I do sound like a grumpy old man today...)
 Don't like them narrow lapels, they do look cheap. And the shoulders look rather structured (hard to judge because of the pose, though), which would go against wearing it so casually draped over the shoulders.Trousers look fantastically clean. Not sure if I like the geometric pattern of the fabric, perhaps I'd have preferred an old fashioned bird's eye.
 So if they're still lined, the unlined tips are purely to show off the ancient thirst? Slip stitch was the term I was looking for, thanks.  Aesthetics mostly, a hand made hole is better to look at (ahem...)Perhaps there's also some benefit durability wise, I wouldn't know TBH.
 Different, I'd say. Handwork on a suit is not merely eye candy. Actually it's the handwork that you can not see that is contributing to comfort. It used to be that the visible part of a suit's handwork was a reliable indication of the handwork and overall craftsmanship on the inside as well. But since pick stitching has degraded to a mere marketing gimmick, that relation has gone.A handrolled tie is not more comfortable, AFAIK the only things that matter are the fabric...
 Beautiful, but it looks unfinished.... I do understand that for wool ties it makes sense to go unlined to make them lighter. Though of course, wool ties should be worn in winter and thus should be warm.But unlined, untipped printed silk ties make no sense to me. Perhaps it's to be able to show off the back to prove it's made of ancient thirsts? Do you really think it's elegant to see a flimsy piece of coloured ribbon flapping in the wind?I know printed ties have always...
 I'm with you bro, don't like them either. A gratuitous affectation, IMO. I do admit I own one untipped, handrolled tie but that's a very un-igent heavy jacquard 7-fold.
 What's this, semperpretencius turning into the Anti-iGent?
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