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What's with the chukkas, @Pliny? As much as I like them, they're too casual with the CBD-like fit, IMO. Have you met @spectre lately, or so?
 Half-inch apart is fine. I wouldn't go closer than that, though. And not much wider, either. But that's just my preference.
^ you can wear many shades of brown with that suit as well. No need for black only.
^ plenty of tools, indeed!
Not sold on the chukkas with that fit, @Pliny. The rest is outstanding!
Congratulations @RoSaCe!
Won't happen. Sleep well.
That's quick! Especially since the current poll still has one more day to run.
Congrats @kulata, well done! As for the next one: I'm sure many of us have enjoyed @EFV's recent photo coverage of Pitti. And though we like to make fun of these peacocks, there's always a number of fits that give me inspiration to try something I hadn't thought of before. I guess I'm not the only one. So, not a straight Pitti DTO, but inspired by could be a nice idea for a FC?
New Posts  All Forums: