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Yes, probably. If not, you can scoop some out of the veal shanks that you use for your osso bucco. Or leave it out, your risotto will already be rich enough.
Looks yummy, Cox! OK, for those who are interested, here is my recipe for risotto alla milanese:  [[SPOILER]]
Risotto or not, sounds like you'll be having a wonderful dinner tonight! BTW, Italian food is my thing, especially northern and from Emilia-Romagna, so if you're interested in a recipe for risotto alla milanese, shoot me a PM (so this thread can get back on topic...)
 Looking good! Are you going to make the gremolata with anchovies? And will you serve your ossi bucchi with the traditional risotto alla milanese?(Apologies, but once the subject is food or cooking, I can't stop....)
@Coxsackie what? No fresh tomatoes?!
Indeed, a tie in a shade darker than the jacket (either chocolate or navy) would be perfect, due to the added contrast, IMHO.
@Holdfast, sharp analysis and well written, as usual. Your contributions are one more reason for me to follow this thread.
Thanks, mate!Edit: i just see in another thread that you've become a dad, congrats!
Those are the really cool dudes.
 How is that? Shall I repost that pic of Karl Lagerfeld again?
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