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 I think this picture perfectly illustrates why you may find smaller neats more challenging, helden: the small size of the tie pattern itself already looks 'restless' because you get a bit of a moiré and the scale clashes with the stripes of the shirt, which are of a fairly normal spacing.With a larger neat pattern you have neither of these two problems. Of course you can adjust the stripes of your shirt or wear a plain one, but then you still run the risk of a a busy...
But he cannot sit down with them.
It's sarcasm ...
No, it's not.
96 Mount St, London W1K 2TB, United Kingdom Seriously, I don't see why it's so difficult. A brand's identity is mainly determined by its heritage, its origins. The name is not relevant. Neither where it is sold or produced.
A happy American customer?
 Great look, Pliny! Do you ever go PS-less? I think that may have worked here.
Nice! Extra points for matching dog.
 POLL: Is Sarto di Napoli an Italian or Spanish lunatic?
@Coxsackie, I believe at least in certain parts of the Mediterrenean it is already common to paint houses white for quite a bit longer....  
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