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   Sorry, must have missed that... A belated happy birthday, Betel!
Thanks for the feedback, @Mr. Six and @kulata! Interestingly, you both come to opposing conclusions. The reason I'm asking is that after finally finding some time to read the first few hundred (!) pages of this thread, I felt that maybe my PS selecting skills needed some fine tuning. Very interesting discussions about bridging contrast gaps, complementary colours and such, but enough to leave any man confused I must admit that 99% of the time I pick my PS based on gut...
Thumb for the gorgeous shoes, @Cleav. The blues should have a little more contrast for my taste, TBH. (You can see I'm killing time here before the big match starts...)
Thanks @Holdfast, but this is a different shirt. Love that Wimbledon pic, BTW. And a great fit too!
^ Pinstripes like that call for plain white PS, IMO. However, in this case you might have success with a not too bright green as base colour?
No, Holland...
Thanks. But problem is: where to buy?Why?
I see you can read my mind, HF I was indeed considering getting a teal knit but haven't found one yet. I assume you won't be surprised to hear that on reading your suggestion of a red tie, cold sweat breaks out and I'm starting to shiver like I have a high fever
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