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Photoshoot for my wife's first batik collection. No budget (yet), so it's a 100% DIY operation for now. Obviously, tie & shirt choice weren't mine! Fun to do, though.  
Please allow me...                    
Mr. @stubloom, are you in any way related to Rave Fabricare?
I did indeed miss your wonderful pun. So i suck. Early sunday morning here, does that count as an excuse?
Splendid response.
Don't listen to sales people in menswear stores. They are ignorant.
Surely you're aware that nature is a multiple choice game?
This. Don't fret about 0.25 of an inch, how little is that? And the wider part of the tie will be covered by your jacket anyway, for we're not walking around with our jackets unbuttoned, do we?More important is the balance with the lapel width, IMO.
 Too many superb entries, I don't know what to choose!
So many great fits for this FC. Well done to you all, gentlemen!
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