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 Which rules would that be? Looks fine to me...
 I should have told you: I contacted your bank to tell them to block all your suit and SC purchases unless made at a certain tailoring house in a certain E. Asian capital. 
Also at a wedding today. But the dresscode was slightly different than @Henry Carter's.
A dissonant chord at the end of a beautiful cadenza of posts, @lordsuperb
Have you already picked a nice tie for me, Noodles?
Funny that with a herringbone tweed you choose not to wear an OCBD.But I'm glad you didn't. The clean lines and simplicity work beautifully here.@Mr Knightley really nice thoroughly British outfit. My daughter loves your tie! Forgive my ignorance in British history, but why the 1915 - 2015 on the poppy? WWI started in '14, didn't it?
 Just make sure the tie sits higher in your collar? That would be very Italianate. 
 Shhhht, be careful, you're on StyFo. Saying something negative about fresco may get you banned!
New Posts  All Forums: