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 Another iGent posing in the background? 
A few random images from the 1930's (from which I believe @Tibor takes his inspiration):         Suggests to me though hats were worn tall, they weren't quite as tall as Tibor's.
I understand you can't expect the pattern to match. I was talking about the lack of symmetry.
What's so great about the pattern matching? Look at the asymmetry in the collar.
@Brovsko, @wigglr, @sugarbutch there is an easy way out of this conundrum: don't wear navy shoes.Awesome colours and textures.
 The purple trousers are a brilliant way to avoid a cliché country look. Love it!
Re. less than ideal tie width: I was reading up on the Watergate scandal (I wonder why?) and came across a pic that made me chuckle:
 ^ Sensory overload... You've made the challenge more difficult than necessary, but I'm afraid it's not a success. A casual shirt like that should not be worn with a tie and certainly not with a striped business suit. Swap it for any plain shirt and your outfit will already improve. Also not a fan of the matchy PS and personally don't like multi-stripe suits, I think they look a bit tacky.
Long time no post... [[SPOILER]]
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