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Thanks for your tips, @Penfold Those bronze buttons look quite stylish, but I'm afraid the rope detail refers too strongly to the nautical theme for my tastes. From your three examples I like both corozo and horn very much. MOP is best saved for summer jackets, IMO. As I said, I wouldn't hesitate to use either of those options on a single breasted blazer. However, I'm afraid a DB blazer may be just a bit too formal for buttons like that? Please note that this a very...
Good idea, thanks. I've dealt with Ian before, genuine good guy.
Does anybody here have experience with ties from Finamore? I quite like their shirts but know nothing about their ties. Are they any good?
@Claghorn we go to Bandung every once in a while for a weekend trip, so next time we'll head there I'll go to see Jalan Sriwijaya to find out what they have.
Now, why didn't I think of that?!I'll be glad to go there as soon as I have the chance. Didn't know they sell directly from factory. They didn't tell me when I contacted them...
Would be a bit weird for me to get them via Unipair, knowing that they're made in Bandung. About a two hours drive from where I live...
 Interesting comment about Jalan Sriwijaya. Are they good? Where did you get them? Strangely enough, though they are made here in Indonesia, they are not sold here. Probably because there is no market for quality footwear
 As if AE could make such good looking shoes.... C&J Westfield's, those are.
Get well soon, @heldentenor!
Great stuff. Thanks for the link!
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