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 That's a lot of caveats there, but I believe you're right.
 I don't agree. It's tricky, but it can be done IMO. 
Apart from white shirts, there are so many options to wear with light blue jackets. As long as it's not a light blue shirt. Patterned shirts with a white ground almost always work. Just avoid too fine patterns that resolve to pale solids too close in value to the light blue of the jacket. For the contrast colour: navy, red, pink, brown, you name it. For more casual wear, think solid linens in the colours mentioned or even wilder: orange, lime green, etc. Admittedly, none...
 Thankk you, Murl!
I know the question has been answered before in another thread, but how does one even make a gallery?
 Don't mean to offend, but I wouldn't be surprised if that is because your ad is - well - less than convincing:- inaccurate description (e.g. only partial brand name)- no image gallery- incomplete measurements- no info on cloth, construction method, number of coat buttons etc.- unclear if shipping costs included- return policy?-... My guess is, you don't really want to sell it.
@Cleav great pics and fit. Must have been lovely out there!
Congrats, @justinkapur!
Great stuff, UC!
I agree on Heineken. Grolsch, Hertog Jan and Brand all make better Dutch beers. Or 'pils', to make the difference with Belgian beers clearer.
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