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@upr_crust can show you all how contrast collars can be worn tastefully.
I can pronounce Terre de Sommières. No idea how to pronounce diatomaceous though.It might be a challenge to get the stuff here.
Funny that, you calling other people self righteous.
Couldn't have said it better. In fact, if I'd had tried, it would have sounded a lot less, ehm, diplomatic.
What's with the "Asians" bit? That wasn't necessary.
Dear fellow FOMEFKAN's (forum members formerly known as Noodlers), sorry to interrupt this interesting conversation for a clothing related question: does anyone know how to get olive oil stains out of suede shoes?
 Seems that the ducks in Californian Venice have better luck than their Italian cousins: https://www.itinere.it/ITA/piatto/anatra-alla-veneziana.aspx  Please, tell us more about why ducks are preppy.
 Really?! I thought the Grand Canal in Venice looked like this: 
But it's BnTailor!!! 
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