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@venividivicibj Attolini also does MTM, through their authorised dealers.
The only thing that is slightly better on the TF is the length of the jacket. A bit longer looks better on you. Other than that, it's Formosa all the way.
@The_Foxx I'll join the gentlemen above in praising your suit. Looks a lot better on you than the Sartorio suits you usually wear, which always seem a bit too tight around the shoulders and upper arms. And yes, post better pics please
Apologies for interrupting a very interesting discussion about bathrooms, but I've just torn two of my favourite Borrelli shirts in one week. Does anyone know a good online source for them, other than shopthefinest? Thanks!
Unless it gets really hot, as it is often around here. No matter what you try, you're gonna sweat anyway. And then it's much better to wear an undershirt as it will help your shirt stay in shape a bit better. That loose cotton or linen shirt will look like a rumpled rag without it.
^ Agreed, @EFV, but a shirt like that would be impossible to wear with a tie.
Very nice, @Pliny
Taking in the waist more is risking emphasising the hips. Which is what Noodletoes wants to avoid.
Tell that to my wife! @The Noodles, anything goes in GNAT, except for bare feet.Nice fit though, I see no pear.
 Body shape? Perhaps we should be posting pics of dressed up tailor dummies...IMO, an important part of dressing well is choosing clothes that go well with your physical features. Choosing colours that go well with your complexion, cuts that flatter your physique etc. And yes, an attractive person will get more positive feedback than an ugly one, the rest considered equal. That's life, shitty as it is...
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