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 100% agree with this. When I moved from Holland to Indonesia a few years back, I could bring only a small part of my wardrobe. The rest (especially fall/winter stuff of course) is still in storage back in Holland. Living here, with not a single decent tailor and only a handful of big brandname stores with ridiculously marked up prices, has made buying online the only viable option. But then there's the outrageous import taxes to pay here and the fact that I don't like...
Shouldn't this be in the Dumb Threads section?
 Fantastic boots! Deets please?
 noodles = no oodles?
Well, when I was younger I've checked a few websites and that appears to be true.
 People on the internet seem to make a lot more money than the people I meet in real life...
Way to go, another nice thread infected with 'terse, biting cynicism'. Congrats!
Why are you asking? As if you were going to post a fit pic...
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