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Nrs. 2 and 3 for me, TP.
@Southern Style I loooove those socks! Whole fit is really nice, though perhaps a slightly less saturated blue for the shirt would have been even better, IMHO
Welcome back, Stitchy. We really missed your subtle wit.
The problem is not about stays or not. It's about the shape and size of your collar.
OK, IIRC it is something like this: During visual perception our minds tend to group individual elements into wholes (Gestalts). The Gestalt Theory describes the processes by which this grouping occurs. There are six major principles:       The principle of proximity states that individual elements are associated more strongly with nearby elements than those farther away. The principle of similarity observes that elements that share basic visual characteristics...
Interesting subject. Anyone interested in a lecture about Gestalt Theory?
Super again, @Roycru. Please keep those posts coming!
X-mas mood is early... Too lazy busy for full fit pics today.
 Bow ties are for clowns
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