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People advising @Alan Bee 13oz suitings for use in Dubai are out of touch with reality. Way too hot. The situation is comparable to here in Jakarta (though even hotter) and I can't imagine having to wear anything heavier than 9oz. Yes the AC feels cold because of the contrast with outside, but it's still around 23C or so.
 If I may add my opinion Gerry, I think it has to do with the stripes of the shirt. This one is basically a mid-blue shirt with white stripes, so not really a business shirt. While yours has evenly spaced white/blue, a true City/banker's shirt and that doesn't sit well with the casual brown linen(?) suit. 
Suitsupply? I thought it was Adidas.
 LOL @ deleting and subsequently quoting a post. Not so effective, other than making the childish censoring obvious to all.
 Those shoes are crying for some TLC.
 StyFo's categoric aversion to orphaned suit jackets must be taken with a grain of salt. When done well, there's nothing wrong with it.      As you can see from these examples, it works best if the suit-to-be-orphaned is not too business-y.Also, Google spezzato. 
 Another iGent posing in the background? 
A few random images from the 1930's (from which I believe @Tibor takes his inspiration):         Suggests to me though hats were worn tall, they weren't quite as tall as Tibor's.
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