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 Uhmmm, yeah, I think there's some misunderstanding here. Bashing is no fun, but discussing the finer points of a certain fit to great length with geeks here on SF, while the person who's wearing it IRL doesn't care, is rather funny to me. That being said, since I stopped watching Bond after Roger Moore, I had to Google a bit, but this is pretty horrible:  Let the bashing begin...
Thanks TP. First fit is illegal because I mix Donegal tie with fresco suit.Second is actually an SC made from rather coarse hopsack. Worn with mid grey flannel trousers, iirc.The tie is from Moessmer in Northern Italy.Stitchy, of course you are right, but it's part of the fun, isn't it?
 No need for tweed (pretty sure this is not 'in good taste' though):    
Very cool, @PinkPantser!
I had a good laugh, reading this.
 6cm? Wow, that's a lot. And you're not really tall, right? But it looks great! Over in the GNAT there was (the monthly) discussion about ideal cuff height and some were surprised I wear 5cm cuffs @ 171cm height.
 Great fit as usual. Those trousers are absolutely superb!
@Monkeyface I'm inclined to agree with you. On the other hand, the original Fleming Bond wore knit ties with worsted suits. Also a sartorial no no. Add to that formal(?) cocktail cuffs and you have a secret agent who doesn't know how to dress properly.
What are you getting at, man? You've got three people already answering your question with very useful suggestions.
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