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@Coxsackie what? No fresh tomatoes?!
Indeed, a tie in a shade darker than the jacket (either chocolate or navy) would be perfect, due to the added contrast, IMHO.
@Holdfast, sharp analysis and well written, as usual. Your contributions are one more reason for me to follow this thread.
Thanks, mate!Edit: i just see in another thread that you've become a dad, congrats!
Those are the really cool dudes.
 How is that? Shall I repost that pic of Karl Lagerfeld again?
    Same tailor, Different hemispheres.... One team? I think not....
 Oh, you may well be right that any of them could pull it off (with the possible exception of AAS whose style, outrageous as it sometimes may seem, is actually rather preppy - as the link you provided recently illustrated), but I still won't like it. That's all I was saying: I think it's a hideous jacket. I understand that in the context of resort wear and such it might make sense, but pretty it aint. At least to my eyes....  Yup, @spectre's fits are not bad and I think...
@kulata, what shoes are those? Looks like driving shoes or so, do you have a close up?
Yup, timing was sublime. LOL, perfect response! Still think it's ugly though (Not that you care, I know...)
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