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 Winter weight hopsack:  Mind you, it's still chilly when it gets windy...
 Post your Canali suit. I still think it's the best fitting of the lot.
Re. windowpanes and closet cleaning, the moths have taken care of that: they ate my only windowpane suit I'll be an interested spectator for this FC then.
Window dressing?
Over here in SE Asia Thursday is already halfway done. That leaves little time for the challenge. Same for the Ostrayliuns
Colours and textures are all really really good,but the fit of the jacket is certainly not 10/10.
Considering this and assuming that the pics in this thread are selected promo shots, the various fit issues noted here are even more inexcusable.
Cox interested in CBD?! The times they are a changin'...
 OK, I think they both suck. Personal opinion, though: I feel glasses shouldn't draw too much attention to themselves and with your light hair and light eyes, these dark, high contrast frames do. If I had to choose between the two options above, I'd go for #1. Precisely because the bottom half of the frame at least is thinner and allow your eyes to be more the focus of attention.
More catching up:               
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