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Well, it's hard to avoid the northern lights with charcoal trousers of course. Certain shades of green go well with them too.Yes, they are harder to pair than other shades of odd trousers, but that doesn't make it bad. I think it's nice to have some pieces in a wardrobe that are difficult. If everything you have is versatile, there's not much challenge in dressing and SFers like challenges don't we?
Don't they prefer to sleep in the dark?
Superb trolling.
 I hope he's just trolling...
 Superb photos! Does Missus @EFV already have an official fanclub? You look great too, Erik   Outstanding, as usual. Is the shirt pink?
CBD without a tie?
Great post, AAS! Both pics as well as text. Interesting tie knot too. Congrats on your anniversary.
My wife and mother in law like to watch Korean drama series together and if it wasn't for the clothes and hairdos I would have a hard time telling the male and female actors apart.
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