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We don't do Thanksgiving over here, so thanks. Nice outfit btw!
Agreed. Though we've tried to inject some discussion in this thread, but there weren't many takers.Also, @UrbanComposition's insightful comments in his own curated thread are sorely missed.
 Even his user name is repetitive in the latest iteration... 
 More difficult for SF-ers to cope with will be the fact that it's also "Buy Nothing Day"... Congrats @EFV and to all the participants! This has been the most enjoyable FC for a long time.
 You can say that! It already looks brilliant on that tiny pic.
^ As long as you don't wear your tie like that.
 And you want all that for a budget of $700? Good luck...
Yes, can you imagine? No more Sauerkraut mit Eisbein for poor @Braddock
^ What's up with the cuff buttons? The master tailors at T&A can't be bothered to line them up properly?
Did I really see some fire orange tasseks just now?
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