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Congratulations @RoSaCe!
Won't happen. Sleep well.
That's quick! Especially since the current poll still has one more day to run.
Congrats @kulata, well done! As for the next one: I'm sure many of us have enjoyed @EFV's recent photo coverage of Pitti. And though we like to make fun of these peacocks, there's always a number of fits that give me inspiration to try something I hadn't thought of before. I guess I'm not the only one. So, not a straight Pitti DTO, but inspired by could be a nice idea for a FC?
Ah, as with women then @Bill Dlwgosh OTOH, if you would post here, people can give you advice which collar to get to make the points fit under the lapels.
Bernhard, the Dutch (well, German) dandy prince.
You don't like checks then, do you, Justin? Very nice collection! The thing that's missing at first sight is a plain navy, or somewhat lighter than navy, suit. Are any of your SC's linen?
I believe a soft roll 2 would be even worse in that context.
@venividivicibj great, understated look. Though totally eclipsed by your better half. As has been said, your sleeves should be shorter.
@justinkapur you seem to be getting a lot lately, and though these Ring jackets all fit you wonderfully, aren't you interested in trying something else? How about a DB for variety?
New Posts  All Forums: