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Don't worry, I don't find you attractive.
 Fighting online battles is @Mynjorn's thing: http://www.dotabuff.com/players/141389743
 I was always under the impression that it was Plinius Maior who said that.
 I recently have moved to slightly fuller cut trousers because I've become a fat old bastard. Unfortunately I think they are less aesthetically pleasing. There, that's my guess   Edit: @Coxsackie that's a great pic!
Our friend @SeamasterLux is in the news: https://twitter.com/PaulLuxSartoria/status/712186979614588928 Hope you're alright, Paul
   Thanks, you're free to think of a suitable award
Indeed it is. Gotta feel sorry for Bach, though, being relegated to a subway station.
If anything,@Kent Wang would benefit from some of the padding and shoulder extension that he's criticising on others. His head always looks unnaturally large.
I'd say the length is alright. But if they feel too long to you when wearing them, you will be conscious of that and probably won't want to wear them.
May I ask you where you had your suit made? I didn't know good quality MTM was available in Indonesia.
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