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Good stuff as usual, @Pliny I know you like a lot of contrast between jacket and trousers, but I think this would have looked even better with trousers in a slightly darker shade.
@Coxsackie what day is the deadline? I think you only gave us a time.
@TweedyProf to me the length and buttoning point of the Jort work better for you. Overall, the fit is very clean. Perhaps even too clean for a casual jacket as this is intended to be. Disclaimer: contrary to the SF norm, I am not a fan of the Formosa silhouette in general. But this example has a better casual vibe than the Susu. It's just too long and low.
LOL, for a moment I thought you were referring to @thefoxtooth's use of CAPLOCKS
Do it. It won't hurt you or have any lasting effects on your health.
 But even more expensive than The Armoury, thanks to the ridiculous 'luxury tax' for imported brands in Indonesia.
 Never knew that, but a bit of Googling confirms this, thanks. Interesting:"At first it wasn’t even used to store a ticket, as the name indicates today. It became useful before the huge popularity of the railroad, as it was placed on the jackets of equestrians who needed quick access to coins at toll points. Allowing gentlemen to keep their jackets buttoned, this exterior pocket held cash in an extremely convenient...
So, today I discovered a new menswear shop here in Jakarta that finally sells some interesting brands instead of bling bling designer wear: Carmina, Drake's, LBM, Ring Jacket, Pantherella. What's more, it's less than a 10 min. walk from our home. My wife is gonna hate me...
Indeed, comes across as a bit snotty. I'm sure @TweedyProf didn't mean it like that.Anyway, to give you my opinion on the appropriateness of ticket pockets: since they're for storing your theater tickets, they have no place in business wear. And as you wrote in GNAT, they do attract attention so I'd avoid them. Ticket pockets are too often used by ignoranti to show off that they know their menswear stuff. When in fact they don't. Indeed. Like music: only twelve notes but...
New Posts  All Forums: