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 Good observation. And exactly why I never embraced SF's predilection for really low buttoning jackets. That probably was a reaction to the ridiculously high buttoning jackets from a few years ago (also by Suit Supply!), but as always, there's a happy medium.
 This is taking 'burlap sack' to the next level and beyond  Great SC!
Since we're on the subject of the Decline of Western Civilization, this was some pretty strict dress code as well: And exciting....
Tell that to Mr. Fox:This. Though personally I think that all slubby silk ties should be burned...While we're on the subject of ties, @Coxsackie, @Caustic Man is right, you know.
 In addition to what others here have already advised you, I have learnt a few things after living in a humid, tropical climate for 6 years:- Don't wear linen, it absorbs all the humidity and your sweat and you'll look like a beat-up cat in no time. Fresco wools are the way to go.- Don't forget to wear an undershirt (100% cotton of course), to help soak up some of that sweat and leave you shirt look a bit more crisp.- Wear no-show socks, forget the over the calf rule. Not...
Always like your outdoors pics, but this one beats all. You have my vote, Sir.
Would be a shame to spoiler. Great stuff!
What a load of politically correct bullshit. His posts are entertaining because his humour has an edge. People who are offended by what is obviously satire, shouldn't be on a forum for grown-ups.
Thanks for making my Monday morning start with a laugh!
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