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@upr_crust your lifestyle photos are always a joy to behold. Such elegance.
I LOL-ed at this.
^ Superb! Do you have your own lifestyle photographer now, like Viktor used to have? Stitchy, what is going on with the sleeve buttons? One of those jackets that came with working button holes?
Shit happens. Where do you have your stuff made? It all fits beautifully.
 Another great (fitting) suit, Lilac. But ehmmm, contrast stitched buttonhole and satin tie?  
 Thanks, it's a great looking suit!(Still a bit puzzled by what happens in that detail pic you posted, though....)
In SB's pic it looks like a suit no doubt. But not in the close up...There's only one person who knows: @GekkoInvest, help us out please! If indeed a suit, then it is a great fit.
Ehmm, it's multiple choice right? So adding up Braddock's scores isn't realistic. Just sayin'
I don't think so. Textures of jacket and trousers look decidedly different in the close up pic.
New Posts  All Forums: