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That's because there's a body in it. Lapels are too narrow and the weird placement of the buttonhole would bother me.
Very elegant! That's a beautiful suit.
I liked this one from @Poszetka from a little while ago. Though I have a hunch that the shirt may not be quite so saturated in real life. 
 Why would you not reveal the maker? If indeed the workmanship leaves something to be desired, I guess we'd all like to know. As for your question, I'm not an expert like David, but gently pressing (with a handkerchief or teatowel or so in between) should be no problem. 
 Nice! I'm looking for a purple knit just like yours. Where did you get it?
Nice, @Gerry Nelson . Deets on the shoes please?
 No wonder...  I'd say kudos to @House of KYDOS for turning this once informative thread into your own "unofficial" affiliate thread. Including some less than subtle shilling. 
Very nice suit, @heldentenor. Is this the same one people were nagging about the shoulders being too wide a little while ago? To me the proportions look perfect overall.
 Since the many "please gents use spoilers" posts seemed to have no effect at all, I decided to use a picture to get the message across in a light hearted way. That's all, no sarcasm, no sneer. Surprised you take it so personally.  
New Posts  All Forums: