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@Joenobody0 you have shoulders that are more sloping than those of your jacket. That causes the floating at the shoulder ends. Don't know if a tailor can fix that. It's hard to see on that pic, but the shoulders also look a little bit too wide.
 You actually transport your wardrobe? I thought you had identical wardrobes for every one of your mansions around the globe.
 LOL. He's the gangnam style guy, isn't he? Hope he won't be modelling for B&T any time soon  
 He's somewhat famous in Holland, the country where SuSu comes from.
 How else are we going to have a thread with 25000 posts?
Ah yes, that happens sometimes when the stitching of the buttonhole is very tight, making it too stiff. More likely to happen with lighter fabrics, probably. That jacket sure looks like a 3r2 to me. Perhaps that buttonhole will loosen up a bit over time, is it a new jacket?
Very nice @Stefan88, but what's with the roll of the lapels?
 / end thread
 Enough buzzwords to make a few SFers jizz their pants...
That hopsack from @sebastian mcfox is awesome!
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