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If you can convince sr. Liverano or sr. Panico to visit Jakarta, then I'll vote Yes. Basically it's what dww says: there's probably not enough interest to go round. I like your idea though...
Something different now... Saw this one on the HK tailors thread and found it - apart from very good looking - also interesting, since there's quite a few SF 'rules' that are not being followed here: - charcoal odd trousers - rustic tweed jacket with neat tie - neat tie with bold striped shirt - did I miss something...? Personally, I think the greatest discordance is the setting: a donegal tweed with a cardigan and flanels next to a swimming pool in subtropical Hong...
 Sorry mate, misunderstood. I thought the point of the whole exercise was how to look good...  [[SPOILER]]
That's really nice, @steffenbp11 Are you aware of this week's FC theme?
Agree with Pliny on all counts. In addition, the collar of the shirt in #1 is one thing, but mint green in the jacket? Uh..#5 works for me because jacket goes well with the guy's complexion. Would be interesting to see that fit on someone else.Basically this overview reaffirms my dislike for bold SC's. Apart from them being too igent for my taste.It's not all bad though. Our own @Claghorn does it better than the whole blogosphere.
+1 Undershirt + fresco = no sweat (well, not so much...) Cotton and linen are fine for breezy Mediterranean summer days, but are not wearable in hot, humid Asian weather. They absorb water, whereas wool wicks water away. Open fresco type weaves provide air circulation.
 You already answered your own question, dude. Get yourself a TF shirt then....
 Not a fan of your blackwatch trousers, but this pic needs to be quoted unspoilered. Fantastic! @Pliny superb, pB-esque indeed! @Betelgeuse, do I want to know what your tailor charges, or will I get a heart attack?
 Your tailor should be complimented. For me, the fit of your trousers is consistently among the very best here in this thread.
 I haven't. Is it good? Somehow I have this mental image of Papa John's crust being stuffed (whatever that may mean), instead of the pizza's crust...
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