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He uses lots of blue.
[[SPOILER]]  Fantastic photo!
^ Funny, I once did something similar: a whole week wearing white shirts with black knit but with a different suit/jacket. Nice experiment. Not that anyone around me noticed of course.
It seems to me that Mr. Ambrosi is very selective to whom he's very nice. Namely, everyone who is professionally related or influential in the igentosphere.'Mere mortals' are kept at bay almost indefinitely with conspicuous evasive lies.Have you read @snikta's posts?
Looks like a still from a movie. Great pic and fit.
 Indeed, seems we're just trying to say the same in different words. By the way, kulata's post illustrates your second negative example: Edit: papa Luciano doesn't look "optimal" either there in that fit...
 Sounds like we're misunderstanding one another. See if we can clear this up... As far as I understand Sander, his principle is that when you choose lighter coloured shoes with your suit, a lighter tie on top should provide balance. If I understand Chogall correctly, he says it's better to avoid lighter shoes altogether or at least not to have too much contrast between shoes and trousers. What exactly is your position?
People over at the Ambrosi thread would take issue with that statement. Then again, they are willing to wait more than a year for trousers that cost more than $1k while being treated to silly lies and verbal abuse, so they must all be masochists.
 That's great, your wife is really talented!
A pic would help...
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