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Don't forget the 'sunglasses in breast pocket'!Superb fit, btw.
 Love the compilation, Don, great idea!
 Irony, sarcasm, or do you really like it?Clags shirt looks like a tattersal check to me, perfect companion to that suit.  Thanks, mate. It's a no name Italian MTM made from Dormeuil Amadeus cloth.
 +1 on the pictures, they never do @justinkapur justice. I believe not so long ago we had a similar discussion about gingham shirts. I think it has to do with scale and contrast: large scale ginghams can work with suit & tie if the contrast is low, higher contrast checks demand a smaller scale. Then they can even work in citified context like with a pinstripe suit, IMHO. Reposting an oldie as example:   [[SPOILER]]
 Is that Prenzlauer Berg?
We've just had Idul-Fitri here, which means that this week there's no traffic in Jakarta. A paradise for cyclists! So I'm me at my me-est this week, but that's not SF approved:  [[SPOILER]]  If I had to enter one fit for this challenge, then it would have to be this one from a month or two ago:I'm more a suit guy than a SC/odd trousers one. I think people on SF see me as someone who prefers bold colours (I'm not sure I actually do...). I've learned here on SF how much...
@notjustties, I like everything except the PS. Sorry.
 Have a safe journey, your stuff as well as yourselves. I think this jacket calls for less formal shirt, tie and trousers. The fit you did a while ago with a brown knit tie worked better, IMO (the controversy over the PS not withstanding)
  FWIW, I think that shirt collar not only looks too low, but also uncomfortably tight. Try to size up, perhaps?
I think it looks quite nice. Versatile colour too. Shoulders seem to be quite heavily structured, though. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it goes against the current SF fashion. Depends on your physique and preferences, I guess
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