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I understand you can't expect the pattern to match. I was talking about the lack of symmetry.
What's so great about the pattern matching? Look at the asymmetry in the collar.
@Brovsko, @wigglr, @sugarbutch there is an easy way out of this conundrum: don't wear navy shoes.Awesome colours and textures.
 The purple trousers are a brilliant way to avoid a cliché country look. Love it!
Re. less than ideal tie width: I was reading up on the Watergate scandal (I wonder why?) and came across a pic that made me chuckle:
 ^ Sensory overload... You've made the challenge more difficult than necessary, but I'm afraid it's not a success. A casual shirt like that should not be worn with a tie and certainly not with a striped business suit. Swap it for any plain shirt and your outfit will already improve. Also not a fan of the matchy PS and personally don't like multi-stripe suits, I think they look a bit tacky.
Long time no post... [[SPOILER]]
 LOL. I would perhaps have judged the book by its cover if it had been titled "I love Donald"...  O.T., I'm enjoying your music blog. Gotta love the variety.
Very nice, great choice of black shoes here.
Initially read that as 'piece of a (person shot)' instead of '(piece of a person) shot'...
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