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I used to do quite a lot of projects in Belgium, back in the days. When you're talking about beer, no other country comes close...  [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, but those are the men who are keeping you in business.
Wow that was quick! And it was exactly my size.
All valid points, fox. And I believe I speak for many here when I say I admire your style. It's just that we feel uncomfortable staring at your crotch.
De rien. The suit fits you perfectly, who made it?And the green of the tie,with the charcoal grey and brown suede is a sublime combination!
This is interesting, should have known that before. I've refrained from bidding on quite a number of your auctions because of the shipping costs...
Or the pair that you don't own yet.
Conversely, the couple of times that I managed to win a Friday Challenge was with fits that barely scraped together 20 thumbs in the regular WAYWRN.
New Posts  All Forums: