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 Thanks, Pliny. I think I have to agree with you and @chocsosa about the quality of fits on WAYWRN. Even though I've only been active on SF for 1.5 year or so, I do feel that quality wise it has become better on average. Lately I've been compiling the posts for this thread and while initially Clag's could manage with an update around once per week, nowadays there's just too many 20+ fits. We need to update at least twice per week. And I don't think that's only down to...
 Thanks, my man. I must admit I'm rather pleased with it as well.  This. I find it suprising that this fit only got 24 likes. Which leads us to this:  I would love to see more discussion about the fits in this thread. We've tried that a few times before though and the response was at best lukewarm... Then again, this thread delivers exactly what the title suggests: a compilation of WAYWRN fits that got 20 thumbs or more. That's all. No claims about quality or so.However,...
Cool, we have  tie! Congrats @Coxsackie and @Cleav!
 My favourite fit of you, so far. Everything about it is perfect! Textures, patterns, colours, coherence, just perfect, IMO.
Welcome back, Clags! My favourite of that last batch must be @SeamasterLux. Gorgeous suit.
Groundhog day again?
@Foxhound that's a very nice tie choice. Adventurous but tasteful, IMO. Not a fan of your PS fold, though, sorry...   @jasonmarshalljazz superb fit and photography. All those shades of brown working together, wow! (And glad to hear you're OK)   @Sander, great suit and tie but for my taste the blue of your shirt is a bit too saturated. I liked the similar fit you posted recently (yesterday?) better, TBH. And yes, Milan is a lovely, but underrated city. Not only stylish,...
Don't know their tailor, but I did find a few more interesting pics here:         And not CBD, but rather cool:  
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