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 Achieving nirvana is definitely for old men...To echo UC and chogall, fabrics are not what makes a coat old mannish, but cut and styling. FWIW both the greyish blue and the brown herringbone would fit your personal aesthethic very much from what I've seen so far. Green would indeed be a great alternative, but is more critical depending on your complexion and the shade of green.
Duh, you edited your post
 Well, personally I could and would never wear a tie like that, but I was positively surprised to see how @Crat makes it  work in a tasteful combination. A refreshing change from the SF standards. Edit: echoing the compliments on @VictorSFreturn's superb donegal suit!
@Crat that is fantastic! Deets on the tie please?   Something unusual for me today:  
FWIW, I think you should shorten the sleeves as well as your trousers a bit.Also not a fan of the light brown shoes here, tbh.Deets on the tie, please?
Curious math...
@dazedstate is the coat charcoal or brown? @Aarne Salmi, as someone who's familiar with the challenges of wearing tailored clothing in a humid tropical climate, I'd advise you to wear undershirts. @Roycru very nice, but were white socks acceptable back then? And is there a special reason for 1955 as opposed to, say, 54 or 56?
Surgical cuffs can come in handy for some hobbies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnFIJ7mMfWU
Wouldn't be surprised if that last one is one of Manton's sock puppets. As was probably @Con Biz Dresser who seemed totally unaware of the irony. But the user name suggests it's a fake. Like you, I read those threads primarily for entertainment. Any useful menswear info is just a bonus.
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