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LOL, just as lethal!
Thanks for the feedback. When you say your taste is too provincial, are you referring to the discordance between charcoal = city and olive = country, or...?
Since this thread seems to have come alive again (fortunately), I'd like to submit a recent one of my own. Especially interested in opinions on the charcoal trousers:  
 Which is a good thing, IMO ;) So I'll go against the grain and vote for 4.
@UrbanComposition, I'll echo Mr. Sixes approval of 2 & 3, with 3 especially nice (collar sprezz not withstanding!)
Why would you upload pics with such a high resolution? Think of the poor mobile users with limited bandwith...
Boss and Valentini. Perhaps it was caused by the fact that I'm exceptionally well endowed.
It's not just the shining problem: I've ripped the seam of the seat in two pairs of flannel trousers because the fabric was worn out. Those were not old...
That flannel suit is absolutely stunning, but flannel is not so durable in my experience...
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