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@Claghorn I've said it before and I'll say it again: please post more iPhone action pics.
Ah, so it was @Spandexter, not Nabil
 Exactly, that's the one. Any chance of a re-stock?
@Henry Carter had a really wonderful bi-colour green knit a while ago. I believe @nabilmust posted it once. Unfortunately it was sold out before I even found out it existed
I don't think it's CBD. I see it more as the minimalist aesthetic of his idol, David Lynch. Wait until his hair turns grey...
 What is outerwear weather?
I'm afraid not all of these are well done. Some of 'em are not even medium rare..
 Seriously, TP, nobody's going to think that if you combine a herringbone jacket with, say, grey flannel trousers. Sometimes these SF dogmas are taken too far.
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