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 I hope he's just trolling...
 Superb photos! Does Missus @EFV already have an official fanclub? You look great too, Erik   Outstanding, as usual. Is the shirt pink?
CBD without a tie?
Great post, AAS! Both pics as well as text. Interesting tie knot too. Congrats on your anniversary.
My wife and mother in law like to watch Korean drama series together and if it wasn't for the clothes and hairdos I would have a hard time telling the male and female actors apart.
Don't know if this counts. I happened to wear this exact same fit today, but didn't take pics because I didn't know about this challenge yet. So this is actually a pic from last year. Feel free to ignore if not complying with the rules.
There's no band-wagoning. If you're charging 1250 for a pair of trousers, every single one of them should be flawless.Looking forward to see your pics.Re. being overpriced : a year or two ago they sold for 500 or so, I believe. Then some bespoke dude starts blogging about them and, hey presto, 1250. Have they become so much better?
I believe I read somewhere they're Steed.Those Ambrosi trousers look awful. For 1250 but even if they were half that price.
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