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Funny, was browsing the good taste thread some more, when I came across this post of an acknowledged sharp dresser:You're in good company!
^ Murl FTW!
As someone who's living in a humid tropical climate, i'd advice the OP to wear an undershirt, regardless of the fabric he'll eventually choose. At those temperatures you're gonna sweat anyway, so better to have an extra layer to absorb that moisture. Helps prevent your shirt become all wrinkly.
Could well be. And have you seen the lamp? Even 'awesomer'!
 AFAIK he always wears his collars like that, but I don't know if there may be a medical reason for it.Anyway, he's not alone in preferring an exaggerated collar style:   [[SPOILER]]
 Thank you. It's home made, more about it here if you're interested.
   I wholeheartedly agree with these gentlemen.
Stitchy, I'm gonna try but I'm not sure if I can make it this week. If not, will I be allowed to enter a fit that I already posted on WAYWRN last week? (Say, if you feel you haven't got enough entries for the FC...)
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