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So I just discovered that due to a communications cock-up (mostly my fault...), my wife has donated all my Finamore shirts to a local charity. Should I feel good about helping some less fortunate fellow citizens, or am I allowed to be rather pissed right now?
 Hadn't heard this song for 15 years or so, but had to think of CM immediately: "They call me Mr. KnowitallI will not compromise.I will not be told what to do.I shall not step aside.They call me Mr. KnowitallI have no time to waste.My mouth it spews pure intellect.And I've such elegant taste.They call me Mr. Knowitall.I sup the aged wine.Oh I could tell such wonderous tales if I should find the time.I must be Mr. KnowitallFor ideas they come in bounds.I am Mr. KnowitallSo...
  I'd say that being member of this forum is already distinctly petty bourgeois. None of us is without sin. 
 @lordsuperb 's criticism wasn't offensive. It's called humour. #unsolicitedlifelessons
 Cotechino con Lenticchie!  Happy New Year to all. You all look a lot more stylish than I did on New Year's Eve...
Luca wears his shoulders extended. Second pic shows a very pleasing balance of tie knot/shirt collar/jacket lapel proportions, IMO.
 These days I rarely show my knots in public. I believe you left out @Claghorn in your list. The master of the dimple.
This thread gives you that same pleasantly guilty feeling of watching porn in secret. Subscribed.
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