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Congrats Justin. A good looking couple!
Shen's the man.
The 7th is indeed most likely his covert commentary on Stalin's terror. Bear in mind that he had to thread carefully, his earlier opera had already almost cost him his life because Stalin considered the music unpatriotic. For something that sounds more like the devastation of the battle of Stalingrad, listen to symphony no 8. My personal favorite, btw.An interesting biography of Shostakovich is the book by Laurel Fay.
 LOL, funny you can say that about someone who just posted a fit featuring a tattersall odd waistcoat and a bright red tie. Only @An Acute Style!
 Now you've got my jealous!
Very, very good @in stitches When you dress that well you can afford to look a little smug, like in that last pic.
Beautiful proportions on the suit, @Tibor
  A street scene in Liverano's hometown, 1958. Apparently bums were not supposed to be covered
Nice colour coordination, @Coxsackie!
Congrats, @An Acute Style! You certainly looked the part for that dinner.
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