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BK nailed it. They draw the patterns on the leather with a silver pen that is supposed to come off easy. :-)-Mike
I have always seen it as Teak, but didn't think it was necessary to correct Mike on that.
 This is just a great post and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!
Dang! Now that is an insult chip shot! LoLTry out www.weargustin.com. ;-)
+1, great collection my friend!!
Yes sir! I got my snuff LHSes from them, back when they were breaking ways and sold all their stock for up to 40% off.There used to be another shop there many many years ago, that is where Kathy worked before she opened the Alden shop in DC.
They are from TheShoeMart, which is in Norwalk, CT. Many stores won't sell or ship to Canada, so he uses a US addy to hold them for him. It seems many times people do that for Aldens.There used to be a store that was in Buffalo that carried Aldens.
And so it begins...
Wow!!! Congrats! Beautiful indeed! I get mine today!
Concur, but it really comes down to your personal style. I know that you tend to favor the casual styles, so I would keep the more casual style, the Cigar Indy. It doesn't hurt that the Color 8 PCT is readily available if you direly regret it.
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