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Seriously. I need better friends!
Most likely! Not aware of another brand.
I agree very nice color on the boots and some killer photos. :-)
Frankly, for $100ish, no. You are then spending $500+ on a pair of shoes that won't fit you well.
Indeed a great deal. It's surprising to see a vendor post a discount though. Good thing that they were all sold out in my size. :-)
Thank you Trader George! I appreciate your support. :-D
Thanks guys! And yes, I concur that they are lighter than my Brown Shell Strands.
Holy cow!!! Congrats dude!
My recent purchases... All arrived while I was away... Ravello PT Boot, Ravello WT Boot, Whiskey WT Blucher   [[SPOILER]]   Ravello PT Boot. Modified (Banana) Last. Seconds from TheShoeMart.   I really like the pattern on the back of them...  [[SPOILER]]  I only wore them momentarily to test their fit. Such a beautiful color, but they definitely have an odd shape in the toe box. Looks like a stinking egg or something.   [[SPOILER]]  Whiskey Shortwing Blucher. Aberdeen...
Here is a random picture drop... From last, Wednesday... Ravello NST Blucher. Aberdeen Last. TheShoeMart. Maiden Voyage.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
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