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         Hmmm... These are all great, let me see what else comes out... I do like the idea of making it more clear that it is my passion and not a store... ;-) I hate disappointing people when they ask what my store location and hours are or if they can get model 12345.... :-) -Mike
 Those are very nice, but you lose a bit of the beauty of the brogue due to the material. :-(   Looking very good Henry.   Those are terrific Watch,  I am not sure I have seen that makeup on the Plaza Last before. That looks like the ultimate cap toe balmoral to me! -Mike
Question for the community, I am thinking of renaming my blog from Alden of San Diego to something else, anyone got any ideas? I am hoping for something cool like the old Agatine Eyelet site...   (Note: I get like 2-3 questions asking if I stock model blah per day from people thinking that I run an actual store).   The intent of the blog is to provide people more static information about the Alden Brand (as this is a very dynamic environment and not a good place to...
 Absolutely stunning Zippy! -Mike
 Don, your Indys are looking great! Surprised to see them get worn twice so quick. :-) -Mike
Looking good in your Barrie NST Bluchers. Dont see the Barrie version very often. Looking good!Adam, you are looking good my friend in your Indy boots. Cigar is a great color on that boot. Yeah, creasing is a funny thing.-Mike
The Cigar LHS was a great choice today. :-) Looking great with a nice shine. Always nice pairing with Argyles.Congratulations and many years of happiness to you and your new wife.-Mike
That's a pretty common ordeal with bluchers. Not too bad. A cobbler should be able to clean that up some.-Mike
Gotcha. I didn't think you bought them, but wasn't sure. They are all great colors, but the Color 8 is a superb model.-Mike
It is this guy named Wayne in Hong Kong. He does actually get the makeups and runs a little store where he does shoe shining and reselling. He seems to get a lot of special makeups, many older through his exchanging. He is a nice guy and I don't think they are not legitimate, but you definitely pay a premium.-Mike
New Posts  All Forums: