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Teak Shell from Yesterday. I would get them again. Went with Mogano Sport this time. -Mike
Hah. I am always game for Tweeds and Donegals also. ;-) -M
To me the fit looks good and sounds pretty good from your narrative.
Nice looking pair of boots, they took good care of you!Those are looking good and classy. Hope that you enjoyed them.Looking great Mac. Great pairing with the argyles and khakis.Yeah, I caught that typo on my IG account, but forgot to fix it here, which is because I usually copy and paste the text from my IG to here. :-)Sorry that you passed up on these. They are a really interesting and cool makeup.Thanks M! There are a lot of awesome Alden's out there, huh? :-)I do not....
Those older Marlows are magnificent.-Mike
That looks about normal to me for CXL. I am mainly a Shell guy, but those have an Indy vibe to them that works...Your Cigars are looking great! Enjoy today.-Mike
Monday. Alden x Brooks Brothers Color 8 Wingtip Bluchers. Marcoliani Black Argyles OTC. Epaulet Gray Windowpane Flannel Walt Trousers.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
 Thanks Chippy, they are a few years old now, and were a few years old when I bought them from TheShoeMart.   Those are continuing to look superb.   Those are looking good, glad that they are a good fit. Curious to see if you can wear the 11D and 11C on the modified.   Thats pretty lucky for a first pair of shell, especially these days...   I don't, but I am sure many do. I put the bags on top of the shoes as if I put them in the bags, I wouldn't know which pair was which...
Leisure Sunday. Alden Ravello Shell Cordovan LHS. Marcoliani Brown Argyles OTC. Gustin Khaki Selvedge Chinos.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
 Looking good and comfy there today Chippy! Hope that you had a good Saturday!   Thanks buddy, I am not completely sure where you can find one with light welt stitching.   Cool looking effect on those LWBs. They sort of look depressed or something... :-)   Very nice additions to your collection @Skelnik! Hope that you enjoy them in good health.   Congrats on antique-ing your LWBs. I hope that you enjoy them and that they take good care of you! Good news is, if you decide...
New Posts  All Forums: