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Went with the Color 8 Tassel today. Tomorrow, which is not far away, will be the JCrew Ravello LWB. -Mike
Here is my Natty Shell Wallet from the Awesome Ashland folks.
Aldenwear, Kathy stocks number 4 in Black Grain Calf and Color 8 Shell Cordovan. See exhibit A below.
Ah!!! Gotcha. I don't remember, but I thought they did the McAllister in Cappuccino and then did a Brown Shell Jefferson.-Mike
Cappuccino Jefferson I think I have worn them roughly 3-4 times. They do exist. @Pastor has a pair, but with darker edging. -Mike
I would guess that the Dark Brown Shell will resemble the right most pair. But that is just a guess.-Mike
I did mine as a MTO and not the Webgem. Correspondingly, according to my invoice, the model number listed is 7605. Unfortunately, I am not at home and none of the pics that I have on my phone show the inside of the shoe, so I sadly can not confirm that is the number printed in the shoe.-Mike
Check Ashland Leather. They carry Natural, Blue and Green Shell Cordovan for several of their wallet models.
We are hoping to find out soon on colors... I am hoping it is the standard Natural Shell Color though! Start saving some change and drop any coffee habits or whatever to get some loose change!
If I went by wife acceptance level I would just own a pair of flip flops. I don't think my wife has ever complimented a pair of my shoes to date....
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