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Ha. Thanks I guess. I do wear them outdoors. Pick a shoe and I will send a picture of the bottom of them. :-)Mac, those Cigars look amazing. That's such a rich shade of Cigar. Hope that they took good care of you today!Those look great. Good choice. Definitely want to have the L trees in them.Don, those Ravello NSTs are just stellar Don. I love them.Good choice.Looking good in your Snuff Slippers. Those are some good looking Chukkas. Hope that you stay in Chicago long...
Last Wednesday. Alden Ravello Shell Cordovan "Daytripper" Cap Toe Boot. Navy Argyles and Navy Pinstripe Suit.    [[SPOILER]]   Today. Alden x Leffot Snuff Suede Wingtip Boot. Marcoliani Purple Argyles OTC. Epaulet REDA Indigo Variegated Cross-Hatch Wool Walt Trousers.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
LoL. Agree with you @kwhitelaw!   -Mike
 What is this Shell Cordovan thing? Those look great and look nice with those merlot slacks.   Those Tan Suede LHSes are looking superb my friend. I also like your linen looking shirt.   Your Unlined Shells are looking stellar my friend.   Your Tan Suedes are looking superb Don. Those are a great makeup.   Lovely looking Natty CXL Indy Boots. Looking nice and comfy today!   Your Ravello Shell Cordovan LWBs are just absolutely beautiful. I hope that they took great care of...
Allen Edmonds Natural Shell Cordovan Strand Semi-Brogue. Marcoliani Navy Argyles OTC. Brooks Brothers Navy Houndstooth Slacks.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
Teak Shell from Yesterday. I would get them again. Went with Mogano Sport this time. -Mike
Hah. I am always game for Tweeds and Donegals also. ;-) -M
To me the fit looks good and sounds pretty good from your narrative.
Nice looking pair of boots, they took good care of you!Those are looking good and classy. Hope that you enjoyed them.Looking great Mac. Great pairing with the argyles and khakis.Yeah, I caught that typo on my IG account, but forgot to fix it here, which is because I usually copy and paste the text from my IG to here. :-)Sorry that you passed up on these. They are a really interesting and cool makeup.Thanks M! There are a lot of awesome Alden's out there, huh? :-)I do not....
Those older Marlows are magnificent.-Mike
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