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    Ah, I missed the Leffot #8 on Antique LWBs came in... Those are all great models and I am sure there will be many happy customers here! -Mike
That's from their burnishing wheel. Not terribly uncommon.
Two things seemed to have arrived. DC LWBs in Cigar and Leffot 8/antique Dovers. That said no clue about Ben...
From Yesterday... Whiskey Wednesday PTBs!    [[SPOILER]]   -Mike
Thursday Strand Day Here as well... Walnut Shell Strand.    [[SPOILER]]   -Mike
 I do not really care to get too much into the AE vs Alden debate. They both have their pros and cons. Both make great shoes, but I have personally made the choice to stick with Aldens for the foreseeable future. Both have their QC policies, but my main issue with AE is their undercutting of the resale market due to constant sales and readily available seconds. The seconds really isn't their fault, as it is merely a consequence of larger production. I enjoy the fact that...
Moose, the Plaza Last is a much sleeker last than the Barrie. Most size down for the Barrie and sticks true to size on the Plaza. Honestly, not sure if I have ever seen the Patent Leather Alden's posted here before. Gotta tux it up?-Mike
 ++1, unfortunately, in the GMTO world, not everyone is going to be 100% happy with every detail. Just need to make a decision and stick with it... Don't necessarily need to be rude, firm is a better word... ;-)
 Great looking PCT Boots! Glad that you are keeping warm in your boots!   Looking great in your Color 8 Chukka Boot today! Fun to see how we inspire shoe selection...   Holy crud that is a big picture! Hope that your interview went well, your shoes were very stylish and classy.   Great Whiskey LHS and great sock combination!   I love your tiny font disclaimer NAMOR. -Mike
They did carry one. It is ironically lined. DonL has a pair and I had one for a short while.-Mike
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