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 Probably more like a year out... -Mike
Pepper, yes, they call it the semi-brogue. Alden Madison stocks it regularly in Black Shell and Snuff Suede on the Hampton Last. Many other stores also carry the Snuff version for the record. LeatherSoul makes my favorite version of it on the Plaza Last in Color 8 and Black Shell.I love the Strand but would take the Alden Plaza Lasted version any day of the week over the AE 5-Lasted Strand. The Plaza Last just plays so nicely with the design. But both the Plaza and 5-Last...
Many stores carry them, just need to know which. Suggest you check out my blog. Exotic Shell models are not listed on any sites (well sometimes, but they aren't supposed to be) and are all done as store special make ups.aldenOfSanDiego.comDV's pair in particular were from Alden of Washington D.C. I know because I owned them before he did and bought them from Kathy.-Mike
 Okay, thanks for the quick response... Just trying to lean out my time if it doesn't provide a reasonable return on investment... :-)
 Those are pretty rad Ryden. -Mike
Alden x Brooks Brothers Unlined Color 8 LHSAlden Color 8 BeltBrooks Brothers PoloEpaulet Rivet Chinos   [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
Random Question: Should I keep posting the pictures that I spoiler? It doesn't take too much more time, but it does take some, just curious if anyone ever looks at them...   Thanks, Mike
Leisure Sunday. Color 8 Edition. Alden x Brooks Brothers Color 8 LHS. Unlined Shell Cordovan. Van Last.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
   Looking great in your Black Calf PTBs.   Mike, your JCrew PCT Boots are looking superb. Enjoy them and hope that you had a good and safe holiday!   Moosic, that is a spectacular showing of Color 8 on Antique. Your new NST Bluchers are great, now you just need the NST boot on the flat welt to complete your collection... :-)  Looking great Ryden! Great looking Wingtip Boot! -Mike
New Posts  All Forums: