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                                Wow, gents Thank You!!! I assure you all, those are the same boots, I am not going to ship two pairs from Europe to my house just to play a trick on y'all! I came down with a migraine and was not up for posting yesterday... DV, your Cigars look great. To answer most of your questions, I practice a slightly modified version of the Mac Method... I will post it later, possibly when I update the FAQ... Frankly, the key is patience... I watch...
 Those are too small for me!! :-(
Ha! Thanks!! They had an unlisted pair sitting in one of their nyc shops. So I waited for the next member sale and then picked them up. :-)
Very cool!!!
I would like to relegate this response to a snow expert. I would not have a clue! What is the preferred snow sole? Creep?-Mike
How does this work for you all? Before right, after left.And done. They are ready to go tomorrow. :-)-Mike
 Yes, those are Aldens, you can tell by the construction, the Leather Tipped Crepe Sole, and the made in USA explanation... -Mike
It doesn't seem to work on their Shell Models.
Sorry to hear that. Hope they feel better. At least dad looks good!
 Nothing really in my sizes either. Only interesting things were a 10D 975 and a 10.5D 974... But I don't need either of those and thats not my preferred size... -Mike
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