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Steve, best of luck. Ed and the rest of the Zapatkas are good people and should take good care of you.Yeah I saw those and dang they are nice!!!-Mike
 You are welcome! Have you worn them out yet? I am a little worried that they may be too big for you. CXL actually has a tendency to stretch a little with time, if they are a pidge on the loose side, they may be a bit loose after 20 wears... Have you tried consider going down one length and up one width? So maybe trying a 7.5E and 7.5EE? It should be readily available in the 405 (they stock B to EEE on the 405 and C to E on the 403 according to the factory page), which is...
I am an unlikely maybe. Need to see if I can find an excuse to drive up to SF area and sell it to my wife.
Ha Thanks Z! I thought it paired well with my new EP shirt.-Mike
Great summary and I concur 100%. I have a pair of Black Shell Vibergs and they are absolutely gorgeous and crazy comfy, but they are outside my typical work wear...You will be well set for the summer my friend! Those are great loafers and I love the comfort of the Unlined LHSes. Thanks for sharing the photos.Man, are you sure you got the right size though? Those shoes look way bigger than your feet! ;-)-Mike
Often copied, never surpassed. The original tassel loafer. Alden Color 8 Tassel.    [[SPOILER]]   -Mike
Welcome to the Alden community! Hope that you had a great visit with Kathy and Joe! You did very well my friend. Enjoy your new pair of Aldens!Alden NYC took great care of you! Enjoy your Color 8 Tanks!Love them, enjoy them! Great for the summer!!!Terrific looking snuffs! Aren't those PTBs and on the Barrie? Hard to tell from the shot.Terrific looking Indy's. They look great in pretty much every color!Great shoe and its sporty to have the matching watch. The new run should...
Congrats. I really liked it also but was waiting for a stock order to come in for sizing.
Congrats and yeah, following this thread isn't a cheap endeavor.
 LoL. I am not sure... This was the post though... It seems SF is blocking the script...   When opportunity knocks. Alden x Leffot JC Indy cigar cordovan, & Daytripper ravello cordovan.A photo posted by leffot (@leffot) on Jun 13, 2014 at 12:06pm PDT
New Posts  All Forums: