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 I am with the beebs, those look great and I really like the brass accents on them!
 The stitching on the left boot scratched my ankle up and I knew that I just couldn't get them... That would really bother me after a few hours... :-( It is okay, because despite really liking the style, I just never could find a good use for the pair of AE Snuff Chukkas that I bought last year and expect that in the end, I would have the same issue with the Alden. -Mike
 Sounds good dude and I agree! You have a lot of classy gentlemen out there... I hear that there is even some Color #2 over there as well!
   I agree, that is just absolute awesomeness right there. From head to toe. Great work dude! -Mike
As promised, the 4060HCs from yesterday... Thanks to my friends at DC.    [[SPOILER]]  And for a more casual Friday, a nice twist on the classic PTB design... Navy Suede with Antique Edges... Wore with tan chinos, Snuff Belt (to match edging) and a Navy polo... Brown socks for sure next time I wear Navy Suede... The Navy argyles sounded like a good thought at 6AM, but a lot does that early...    [[SPOILER]]   -Mike
 Ha! No earthquake jokes please! We don't need any help with those...
 Very cool Chukkas, look rather comfy... We don't see many of those on here! I tried to buy a pair, but just couldn't find a size that didn't scratch my ankle up... :-( -Mike
 Happy Friday, those are great looking Indy Boots! Very interesting color!   Those are some great looking NSTs!!! Enjoy them, Brown CXL I presume?   THEBEEBS!!! These are magnificent!   [[SPOILER]]  DonL, I really love the two toned color action that these having going on.   Tolerable is a good word for LA... ;-) Again, nice boots, looks rich in this color.   These are absolutely awesome, this would be near the top of my list for saving in a fire... :-)   Henry, looking...
 Yeah, that is a problem... I only recently discovered the awesomeness of Alden boots. It has not been cheap. I am still getting used to walking up and down stairs with them though... LoL. -Mike
 Those are magnificent. Congratulations!  -Mike
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