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 Glad that you decided to dabble in the Alden waters. The 2160 is a classy and very usable model. I am sure that you enjoy them. As stated, I use AE Black Edge dressing for my Aldens.  Superb and a great choice today! :-)   Looking superb today! I am going to be wearing mine tomorrow.... Happy Sunday! -Mike
Friday - Snuff Suede Wingtip Boots by Leffot.    [[SPOILER]]   Saturday - Navy Suede PTBs via Alden DC.    [[SPOILER]]   Sunday - Black Shell Cordovan LHS via Alden SF.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
I apparently really like these pants because I went for them again today. Alden Black Shell LHS. Epaulet Silver Shadow Merino Wool Windowpane Walts. Brooks Polo Shirt -Mike
Don, those are superb! Love them. Also good to see a pair of them actually out in the wild being used. ;-)Actually, you would be impressed. I think the only pair that I have now had for a long time and not worn is my Color #2 LWBs. And even those, I have worn inside for sustained periods of time. They just haven't yet met cement or asphalt yet. I do have a few pairs that I recently picked up, they are just awaiting photo sessions before they get up. I have had a crazy busy...
 Young, here is my entire regiment detailed out including pictures... My Walnut Shell Strands have over 50 wears on them and the rubber heel piece is going to need replacing before I wear them another 2-3 times... http://aldenofsandiego.com/caring-for-your-shell-cordovan/ -Mike
Andy, congrats on getting them out! They look superb! Remember, they were made to be worn. :-) -Mike
Great combo Shoulda!
No, not even a little...
:-)Thanks! HaHa. Soon the boots will be out!
Thanx.Great patina Fenway. What color we're those originally? Cigar?Great shoes and trousers bk!
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