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Both are looking terrific my friend. Enjoy them in good health.-M
Thanks guys. Sorry to hear you sold yours Ben, but if they aren't getting foot time, they aren't getting foot time.-Mike
This may be a better angle... But yeah, you are correct... -Mike
Black Friday. Gustin Gray x Black Selvedge Denim. Alden Indy Boot on the Grant Last in Black Shell Cordovan.     -Mike
Black Friday. Alden Black Shell Cordovan "Joseph" Boot. Indy Stitch on the Grant Last. Alden of Washington DC.    [[SPOILER]]   -Mike
 Your family feet is looking very cute!   Your Leffot tankers are indeed looking good. Think you should hang onto them my friend if they are a good fit.   You are looking very good in your argyles and suede monks. Happy Black Friday!   You are looking very comfortable in your Color 8 LHSes and Chords. Hope that you had a good day out!   Excellent photos. The natural welt and the "snuff" laces just look exquisite on that makeup. -Mike
Looking good sir! I keep a note on my iPhone to track all the color names and to make it easy to copy and paste. :-)-Mike
Chippy, looking good! Enjoy your Thanksgiving.... Indeed we do have much to be thankful for!    Your Leffot Tankers are looking good. Sorry to hear about your blowout. I am sure that you can find another pair of laces though... Hope you made it home safely.   Looking good Henry. Glad that you are having a good Thanksgiving weekend. Lovely LHSes.   Your Indy Boots look great in the dessert! Have a good trip!   Looking great in your classic Aldies.   Looking great Mac and...
Actually Leffot makes a Black Naval Boot, which is essentially the JCrew in Black.
I think your inflection is wrong...Yep, and it's on the commando sole!:-)-Mike
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