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Leisure Sunday. Alden Ravello Shell Cordovan LHS. Marcoliani Purple Argyles OTC. Epaulet Dark Gray and Purple Texture Check Rivet Chinos.    [[SPOILER]]   -Mike
I will say that the Tremont is a tweener much like the Grant last. You will find a split of people here who size down versus go true to size. Suggest that you take a shot, but agree with the advice that if Barrie is snug in 9D, then stick with it, otherwise you will probably want to try sizing down. But it depends on the specific dimensions of your foot. Hope that this helps, but just wanted to bound sizing advice here! :-) -Mike
Seriously, those Warlows came out amazing. Too bad they only do one width! :-(   -Mike
Happy Friday. Alden Ravello NST Bluchers. Marcoliani Brown Argyles OTC. Epaulet Lightweight Khaki Twill Walt Trouser.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
 Very nice Chippy!   These were discussed a few months back when they were confirmed and pre-sold. They were made by Alden Madison on the Hampton Last, like their Black Shell Cordovan variant. Madison sent out an E-mail upon their confirmation and they were all sold in full at time of confirmation.   They look absolutely stellar!   A very great look with the Alden Color 8 Chukkas and Selvedge Denim.   Ha, I could try, however, I have talked to vendors before and Alden...
Formal Wednesday. Alden Black Shell Cordovan Perforated Cap Toe Balmoral. Marcoliani Black Argyles OTC. Brooks Bros Gray and Burgundy Windowpane Suit.    [[SPOILER]]   Thursday. Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan Medallion Cap Toe Boot. Marcoliani Navy Argyles OTC. Epaulet REDA Indigo Variegated Cross-Hatch Wool Walt Trousers.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
 Nice Boots Ben!   Very nice and well rounded collection.   Way to stay classic Don!   Dang, you got yours quick!   Great looking Color 8 Tassels from Brooks Prof! Looking classic!   Beautiful Boots DV and great pairing with the olive trousers.   Looking good today in your attire today! Slubby denim is pretty rad. -Mike
Looking good today in your Whiskey LWBs. Such a beautiful and classic model.Those are the Brooks Brothers version, which must thus be Color 8 Shell Cordovan (or Black). But the 06601 is the Color 8 Model number, not to mention it's pretty obviously not black. They probably have "browned" due to age and wear (patina). The Brooks Brothers versions are not labeled with the split/combo lasts like the traditional Alden's are and so the width is the widest part of the shoe (ball...
Both were good choices.
Tuesday. Alden Black Shell Cordovan Full-Strap Loafers. Black Argyles. Epaulet Gray Windowpane Flannel Walt Trousers.    [[SPOILER]]   -Mike
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