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I say that passes the 3 foot rule, which is that it probably isn't noticeable with a 3 feet of separation.-Mike
I don't know why, I just prefer a standard SWB or LWB myself. Just a personal taste preference. :-)
Yes sir! She got back into the office yesterday and is trying to catch up on E-mails.-Mike
Great LWB collection. Clearly you are a man of great taste.-Mike
Looks beautiful DV!!!-Mike
Thanks. They are indeed on the Plaza Last. I go tts on Plaza.-Mike
Those are great Beebs! Breck, love those LWBs! Went Ravello here today as well! But in the form of my Ravello WT Boots. -Mike
Thanks for the tipper inn8, Frans does some of the coolest designs available.
Looks great BK!-Mike
+1, I agree completely. Those would be great if they were ever made again.
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