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I think it has more to do with the temperature inside the factory and how the leather stretches over the last. Alden does not have Air Conditioning from what I am told and so the factory doesn't maintain a perfectly consistent temperature. Also, the upper is stretched over the Last before being nailed on, that is not a 100% consistent process. Also leather is not exactly the same as it varies on how it stretches and maintains its shape with lasting.-Mike
Looking superb in your Whiskey LHSes. They have a fantastic color.Terrific combination sir!Again, a terrific combination!!!-Mike
Personally not my cup of tea, but definitely an interesting and unique Alden. -M
Ha! Those look pretty nice. The mohagony edge with Cigar is growing on me.-Mike
Thanks. They are harder to come by but some stores do run them. I am not certain how much Whiskey Shells Alden is currently sitting on though, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's a ton.-Mike
Ha! Thanks guys! This was their second wearing. They had a good brush session between wearings. :-)-Mike
Thank you very much Shawn! These are one of the most spectacular Whiskey Shades that I have seen along with the PTBs I sold to Watchman1.Thanks DV!Did they make it into the bag? TSM is a great place to visit.Madison did a good job on those. Only thing I would do is change the buckle to silver myself. But any cobbler can do that.Kathy is awesome and it never hurts to ask. Sometimes you get surprised!Spectacular PTBs! Those are killer.I concur 100% with this.-Mike
Whiskey Chukka Boot.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
 Looks great!   Good to see you participate, those are nice looking Whiskey PTBs.    Lovely Whiskey Wingtip Boot!   Great patina and shine on them!   Thats an interesting angle of the Grant Last. It still looks good. +1 on the Epaulet Rivets.   Lookign superb in your Ravello CT Boots!   Again, lovely boots!  -Mike
Epaulet Walts from a recent Ends for Friends event. Alden Cigar LWB.     -Mike
New Posts  All Forums: