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Looking great DV!
Cool, thanks. If you find any typos or confusing points PM or E-mail me. I tried to write it well but was in a hurry as we have guests coming over tonight.
Lovely. :-)
The 4060 is on the Grant Last.-Mike
Walt Trousers from EFF.     Antique Grey Cross-Hatch Tropical Wool     Kiss the Blarney Stone Donegal     Charcoal Houndstooth Dress Pant     -Mike
As requested, I have posted my shoe care methodology on AldenOfSanDiego.   http://aldenofsandiego.com/caring-for-your-shell-cordovan/   I did try and take videos, but forgot to bring my Tripod and tried to use my iPhone. Holding a phone, boot, and brushing at the same time equates to a rather shakey video. As I don't want to make everyone nauseous, I decided to not post. However, I took pictures of every single step.   Enjoy!   -Mike
 Congrats, the ShoeMart is one of many awesome stores. Congrats on the purchase of your 975s, those will be great shoes for you! Wore 4060HC yesterday.    [[SPOILER]]    -Mike
 I believe so, doesn't ever hurt to ask! :-) -Mike
 Henry, looking great! Enjoy your Cigars.   Very cool and unique Don! Enjoy your Friday!   Happy Friday! Nice King wings!   That is a terrific Indy boot and goes great with your selvedge on your soggy day.   It is nice to be rocking Whiskey LHSes in the sun. Have a great Friday and weekend! -Mike
Medium Brown Transparent with Chili Welt is the closest to Antique in my opinion.Brown Shell with Medium Brown Transparent Edges.Cappuccino Shell with Light Brown Transparent Edging.The light brown transparent is nice, but I don't like the heel area on it.-Mike
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