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 I knew he did 3xStrand, but I think he did both... -Mike
Mostly. :-)
My stable is for dry days. I have Bostonians and my Color 8 Perf Tips (only exception) for rain use.-M
Looking good gentlemen. Nice LWBs!!!
Very nice 1/8th. Enjoy them!-M
    Don't you guys march around like a penguin??? Come on, these aren't Bostonians! :-) Actually, the 5 last is just so nicely fitting to my foot, that these nor my Strands seem to crease. :-) -M
My MTO Jefferson's from Post #2 after a few wears.   [[SPOILER]]   Happy Monday! -Mike
A brown one would probably work well in what you described.-Mike
You could also put them up on the Marketplace or you could give them another shot and see if they loosen up a little. Also like to point out the cork will compress a pidge with wear, which may give you the additional space you need.-M
Dang, those are certainly looking sharp! :-)-M
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