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Nice looking Lindricks and Marlow, the two classic C&J for RL!
I prefer to just give them a good brushing and while down, alike Tif, cream is best for nourishing and shine...
I consider the Tremont a tweener, I go tts, but many size down.-M
Dang those are nice.
In DC this week.-M
Who? What? Oh Shell Colors!I find Ashland Leather to be a good representation of what Horween actually produces. I am pretty certain that Cognac is indeed a Horween color. I am pretty certain that Horween makes Navy and Green shell, but probably in very limited quantities.-Mike
Oh, no Kathy didn't care at all... I was just joking about it. :-)-M
That is pretty spot on for pricing. Rare shells are more. I thought the regulars were slightly more than that at this point though.
HaHa. She would have, but I have probably been half her volume over the last 12 months. :-)Not a ton of new stuff there right now. But I didn't straight up ask if she got anything new in. She usually offers most stuff to me since it is typically a slam dunk for her. :-)-M
Gentlemen, all the shoes posted today looked awesome! I kind of felt guilty as I wore my C&J boots to Alden DC. Didn't think I was going to make it to the store.
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