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Smoothie, haha, thanks! I find the spreadsheet to be the best way to track my shoes and their wearing. It has been a key element to my heard thinning process and to help me plan out future purchases.   -Mike
Bare in mind that I just got the Full-Straps, PTBs, and Chukkas. I didn't even have the equation setup for the Chukka yet! :-)   I also only fairly recently started counting, but I did go through my whole database of shoe pictures to go back....   -Mike
Smoothie,   Longwing Blutcher Whiskey Shell Cordovan Barrie 10D 10 Leisure Hand Sewn Whiskey Shell Cordovan Van 10D 3 Unlined Leisure Hand Sewn Whiskey Shell Cordovan Van 10D 3 Full-Strap Loafers Whiskey Shell Cordovan Aberdeen 10D 0 Plain Toe Blutchers Whiskey Shell Cordovan Barrie 10.5B 0 Wingtip Balmorals Whiskey Shell...
 Ha, thanks! -Mike
Some new pick-ups... :-) First up, the ShoeMart Seconds "Color #4" "Ravello" Cigar Cap Toe Balmorals. So, they were listed in the ShoeMart E-mail as being Color #4, but when I received them the box had Ravello written on it by hand. So, I decided to contact Alden, they confirmed my suspicion based upon the model number, that they are actually, Cigar Shell Cordovan and were made in 2002 for CitiShoes.   [[SPOILER]]  Second up, the Alden x LeatherSoul Cigar Jumper Boot. I...
Gentlemen,   For your consideration, I am selling the Alden for LeatherSoul Jumper Boot in Cigar Shell Cordovan  in size 9.5D (fits a 10D TTS). These beautiful boots were made exclusively for LeatherSoul in 2012 and feature a nice and rich Cigar color. These boots were made around the TruBalance Last, which tends to fit one half size larger, thus they are recommended for someone who is a 10D True-To-Size (TTS). These boots are of first quality and are made of the...
   Iron, those are absolutely sweet Chukkas! I was really hoping to pass on the Alden Ravello Chukka too! Don, those Snuffs are looking fantastic. I agree, that is an amazing summer look! -Mike
 Wow, those shoes are absolutely amazing. Nice socks to match as well of course!
Ryden, those look awesome. Great looking boot for your Friday.
B, those look great and that grating makes an amazing background for your boots.
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