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Check back tomorrow... :-)
As much as I like their look, I think it would work 2-3 days a year in SoCal. It would only work for me when I travel.-Mike
Ha! Not sure! But don't be too afraid to mix materials up somewhat. I wear my Navy Shell belt with my Navy Suedes and Chamois. -Mike
Thanks sir!
Ha. I had the same issue for a while. I wanted to order more Gustins but had to wait for my first pair to come in before ordering a ton of them.Hop over to the Alden thread and we will help get you squared away.-Mike
PM me. I have a pair worn once.
Hah! Wow, thanks! I try and take good care of them for the community. I wish these were available. I plan to make another pair out of a Ravello LWB and sending them to B. Nelson for the Brassvello conversion. :-)-Mike
Thanks Gents!
I prefer the Snuff over the Tan as I feel it is more versatile. I try and match my belts. Kathy has Tan Suede Alden Belts. Give her a call she wants to get rid of them and may give you a better deal.
Take the Metro North Train out of Grand Central to South Norwalk and you can have them in your hands in an hour. But shipped, yeah, you should have them no problem.
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