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Nice Don, but you trumped yourself! ;-)-Mike
Epaulet Caramel Duck Canvas Rivet Chinos with Alden Cigar NSTs. -Mike
Dang, you live too close to NYC! I get mine on Friday! Yours look superb!!!!-Mike
Cigar NST. Nikon pictures will be in a few days... -Mike
Looking great in your well loved Tassels. They look great and glad that they got you well still! Interesting advice. Did they hurt by putting a lot of pressure on the top of your foot originally?-Mike
 LoL, awesome! I got that same pair! I am very excited for those to come in, the can't get here soon enough!!!! :-D -Mike
My wife has no interest. I think she hates shoes because of me now. :-)
I don't think Alden has a last that small. My wife is the same size. The problem is that a women's standard width is B, not D from my knowledge.Alden used to do women's and boy's shoes. Adam from Carmel has a number of women's Alden's from back in the day (not for sale) including a Whiskey LHS, Color #8 Monks and a few others. Kathy from DC also had a few of the tassels too that Alden made back in the day.Never hurts to ask, let me know if they say yes. ;-)-Mike
Wearing my first and favorite Rivets. Cedar Lavendar Check. -Mike
Beautiful suit Stanley! -Mike
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