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That's funny. Good luck, I am pretty certain you will enjoy them.-Mike
Ha, you must be related to Tifosi... :-)
What are these Winn Perry boots you speak of?
 I just use Saphir Reno and Cordo Cream. I use a deer bone and a lot of brushing on scuffs. Usually does a magical job... -Mike
 Cool Arrow, thank you very much! I thought that those socks played right into the outfit very nicely... Glad that you agree! Tomorrow is going to be a weird day for me, we are having a company Luau, so management was essentially told to wear a Hawaiian shirt... -Mike
Wow, those are nice, but look nearly identical to my Walnut Shell Daltons by AE...   -Mike
 Okay, you either follow me on Instagram or you have absolutely crazy timing, because I took mine out on their second voyage. Yes, I have had them for a while, but I do have a few Aldens.... My overall impression of these saddles is very high, they are fairly formal due to being Color #8 on Black (Grain Calf), but have a playfulness to them due to the styling and brass eyelets. Went perfectly with my gray nailhead suit and purple gingham collared shirt. I have to say,...
 RTP, as DV said, they are from CitiShoes. I bought them last August, so they were roughly owned for a year, but they were made in 2012 from what I can remember of the run number... -Mike
 DV, I am glad to see that they have found a friendly home. Those were probably my favorite of all my Whiskeys in terms of color. But fit is more important and hopefully in a few months I will have a sleeker fitting Alden LWB.   Uncle, those boots are looking magnificent. I assume that they are on the Plaza Last. If they are 20 years old, I won't even bother to ask where they are from...   Elliott, those Reverse Chamois Indy Boots are terrific. Enjoy them!   Mr. Box, those...
BK, I bought a pair of Amoks about a year ago on the clearance page and they actually had to make them for me. They may have over sold the shoes though or something odd.-Mike
New Posts  All Forums: