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Mobile spoiling does suck... But I do it. Having to position the cursor is a bit of a pain in the neck sometimes.
Uncle, those Ravello LHSes are just awesome. I love the rich color in them! Enjoy them and have a great Sunday!-Mike
@CMT1, your clean up job looks terrific!
Wow, I was totally waiting for your comment! You never fail to let me down!   -Mike
 Oh I heard it! -Mike
Ah bummer.
  Repp, I love the Whiskey Wingtip Balmoral! Just a thing of pure beauty.   DonL, you do not wear those enough! Those are absolutely amazing!   Whats up doc? Whiskey! Love them LWBs. Sad I sold mine, but excited to have my narrow ones come in someday... :-)  Beautiful LWBs my friend. I couldn't post my pics either bro... :-(    The Mac Attack just does not relent. Those are some beautiful shoes and thats a beautiful sunrise reflecting off of them! :-)  Alden SF just got a...
 Have you tried Ron Rider?
Whiskey Indys are amazing! Love them! Hope that helps your tanker problem... :-)
Looking rather awesome today sir!
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