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If it has a midsole, I am fine.
I would be amicable to a Whiskey Lindrick. Not sure if Whiskey is on the table right now though!
Once the run goes into production, it takes roughly 4-6 months for them to come in, but hand stitching can slow things down some if the design includes it. I personally do essentially all of my shoes via pre order due to needing a narrow width. They will come in as soon as you forget about it. :-)-Mike
Gotcha. Yeah, they use different model numbers for Brooks makeups, although most Brooks models have special twists to them or on slightly different lasts. -Mike
There could be or you may have the Brooks Bros variant of it. Not aware of the Color 8 Full-Strap having another model number, but anything is possible.-Mike
Hah. Not at all surprised. :-) So... did he have more?-Mike
Ha! Nice bespoken! I never see them in the wild either. I frankly would be surprised as well if someone knew what my shoes were also! -Mike
Thanks Fal, both are on the Aberdeen. The Navy is from Madison, the Snuff is from San Francisco.-Mike
 Nice and thanks for the tip, will have to look for the Charlie widths...   Thanks Dan! -Mike
Epaulet Teak Shell Cordovan Sport Trainers.      [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
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