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DV, those are beautiful, but I like your other pair better. :-)
Walras, looking good! Enjoy your Ravello!
 I agree with this statement. I think that the 975 is the quintessential Alden makeup and should be in any Alden's owners closet unless for some reason the Barrie last doesn't work well for them. -Mike
 Those are great! Congratulations. Nicer to see some semi-lighter Cigar coming out again! -Mike
Ha! Congrats Moosic.
                       Gents, thank you very much! I am glad to see others agree with me on the Ravello WT Boots. I was very glad to see how many of you here managed to get a pair from that run and I am excited for those of you who are on the Alden Madison run that should be getting theirs soon! Have a great Sunday, week, and for those in the US, Thanksgiving! -Mike
I am with the majority here and would vote for the Cigar. As the DV points out, that shade of Cigar is long gone (well for now it is) and nice Ravello can be readily had. Both are fantastic shoes and I think you should be happy either way.   -Mike
 LoL. I was up in San Fran about 2 years ago and was getting ready to drive down to Carmel to visit Adam when I couldn't find it on Google Maps. It really frustrated me. But then I figured out his new business model and didn't make the trek down there. However, if you are going to make a pointless trek, going to Carmel is not a bad one to do! -Mike
Ha! Gotcha. Makes sense. :-)
Uncle, those are as beautiful as always! Two Sunday's in a row! Those are some lucky LHSes! :-)I have always liked the antique edge on these. Maybe Leffot could start doing an Alden x Leffot LHS?-Mike
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