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Mac, your Ravello Full-Straps are absolutely superb. They are an amazing color of Ravello and yours have a good shine on them. Always a good pairing with Ravello and Navy.   -Mike
 Personally, with the traditional Indy Boots, I tend to have a pretty high tolerance. Those are work boots and not a formal dress boot. Correspondingly, they are likely to be and get dirty/wrinkly. To me, the most important thing is verifying there is nothing wrong that would compromise their structural integrity and ensuring that they are comfortable on you. These are not traditional calfskin, but referred to as "Original Brown Workboot Leather" in the Alden Catalog (Page...
@Kahuna75  Thank you very much my friend... These were designed for my feet, I guess... Thank you on the Alden comments, they were indeed made upon the Barrie Last, but they were a 10.5B and so they don't look quite as "Barrie" as most... Thanks,Mike
Navy Shell Cordovan Tassel Loafer. MTO.    [[SPOILER]]   -Mike
 Looking good Zippy, those are some pretty rad pants. Hope you still have some money for Aldens!   Fantastic BK! Love them Brassvellos! I like how we now need to call them OEM Brassvellos! :-D -Mike
Alden x B+M Tan Country Calf LWBs. Maiden.    [[SPOILER]]   -Mike
Gentlemen, I am pleased to share the new Alden Country Calfskin Leather in the form of the Alden x Brick and Mortar Tan Country Calf Longwing Bluchers.   As I refer to in my article, I am always nervous about something new and unseen, but these Tan CC LWBs came out fantastic.   Enjoy!         More info and pictures...   http://aldenofsandiego.com/alden-x-bm-tan-country-calf-longwing-blucher/   -Mike
 Your Boots are looking terrific, especially with the antique edges. Look a lot like the Leffot Navals. -Mike
 Your Grain LWBs are looking good. Looks like someone has some raking to do! -Mike
 Mac, those Ravello Tassels look so nice! Enjoy them in good health today! -Mike
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