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Happy Whiskey Wednesday. Alden Whiskey PTB.Epaulet Kiss The Blarney Stone Donegal Walt Trousers.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
 Looking superb for your first day in Aldens!   Those NST Tankers are just superb! Enjoy them today!   Those LWBs are looking superb and it sounds like you got a great deal! Enjoy your new Aldies!   DonL, you are looking as suave as always, this time in your Ravello CT Boots. Keep warm and enjoy them in good health!   Those Snuff Indy boots are looking superb! They should take good care of you!   Those Black Grain boots are looking good, however, I have only seen the...
Looking great in your Whiskey LHS. Yours looks very well with your jeans today bud.-Mike
Alden Color 8 Medallion Cap Toe Boots.Epaulet Charcoal Speckled Donegal Tweed Rivet Chinos. I am pretty stoked to have these boots in my collection. They came out superbly.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
 Thanks Gabru, Ravello will have to pop up again someday soon!   Those are just soo nice Don! Great slacks with them as well!   Nice looking WT Boots Henry! Glad that you got to make the rounds. You hit up some mighty nice stores! :-)   Wow, glad that my NYC post was useful! Glad to help! Citi and Madison aren't that far apart. :-)    Thanks!   Those Vintage Indys are just perfect brother. Looking great!   You be looking good rocking them tankers JD!          
Epaulet Smokey Blue Heavyweight Flannel Walt Trousers.Alden Ravello WT Boots. [[SPOILER]] -Mike
Alden Ravello WT Boots.Epaulet Smokey Blue Heavyweight Flannel Walt Trousers.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
Congrats and enjoy Dave!-Mike
Looking great Zipster! Your PTBs are looking great and have a nice shine on them.-Mike
Thanks. Yeah, that will be a great boot!Yeah, CitiShoes is a frequently forgotten store here, but they have a lot of cool makeups.-Mike
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