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LoL. It's okay. I have thick Shell.I see it as they are trying to help me. I will drop them off and get them tailored as soon as I figure out how much cuffing I want.
Saz, thanks. The Whiskey PTB is an amazing shoe. Nothing shows off the beauty of Shell like a good PTB or Chukka boot.
Those do no need brushing. The bumps are from dryness in the raw shell. I highly recommend that you VSC those bad boys and then add some paste wax on top of them.-Mike
 They are really the same size!!! I haven't gotten them hemmed yet, so they change a little bit with time... I fixed them this morning after Saz made jokes about them to me on IG... -Mike
Gentlemen, Here is my weekly shoe dump... Sorry, I just didn't have time to do my daily download... :-( Tuesday - Alden Cape Cod Horse Bit Loafers    [[SPOILER]]  Wednesday - AE Walnut Shell Wednesday (Sorry Whiskey)  [[SPOILER]]  Thursday - Alden Whiskey PTBs    [[SPOILER]]  Friday - Casual... Alden Ravello WT Boots with Raw Selvedge Denim (RRL)    [[SPOILER]]  Saturday - Alden x JCrew Tan Suede PTBs  Hope that you all had a great week and Happy Labor Day tomorrow! -Dubs
Ha, eye has a pair for sale on the marketplace with a few wears. :-)
Eye, we are not supposed to be using this thread as a sales pitch. For now on, just include them in your signature and then post away and people will see it that way.
Hah! I was trying to think which I wanted...
Mac, those are awesome. Beautiful footwear.
Holy cow! It's El Argentino!!! I haven't seen you on in forever. Hope all is well!I would be interested in details right now, but can't make a commitment right now.
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