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Nope, the Aberdeen Boot is Ravello. The Barrie Blucher is Whiskey.
Yeah, they look more Ravello to me. But honestly, on the color differentiations blur in the edges and after wear. My Whiskey LHSes that I am wearing right now, now look more Ravello than Whiskey.
 Ha! That is more my speed KDubs!
 Snuff Suede LWBs that are now in the possession of @HenryIII ... ;-) -Mike
MrDV and I have traded shoes a few times... ;-)
I really want to get something like this. I would love to think I could make myself a custom one, but haven't even began to take the time to think about it...
Great looking system! I just have my shoes all over the place in my "home office" which now has nothing in it except shoes. I just keep the shoes on their boxes, because as others have pointed out, their boxes our a little on the small size. I just put my shoe bags on top of my shoes, but don't put the shoes in them.Ha! No worries, I like the pics and have actually thought of doing this myself. I think the people at the Costco Photo Center would freak out when they give me...
 There are no Alden retailers in the state of Nevada. http://aldenshoe.com/DrawStoreSearch.aspx?PageID=3 -Mike
 Very nice Buz, just be careful with the toes putting them in there. -Mike
It says on aldenshoe.com what the stock sizes are for each model...-Mike
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