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[[SPOILER]] Looking good gentlemen, great looking shoes all around. Great pickup kdubs and William and Canada. A slew of great showings all around.-Mike
Very nice collection there!   -Mike
Leisure Sunday. Alden Color 8 Shell Cordovan LHS. CHUP Purple Socks. Brooks Brothers Khaki Corduroys.     -Mike
Friday Triple Threat. Alden Chocolate Suede NST Boots. Marcoliani Chocolate Argyles OTC. Bill's Chocolate Corduroys.     -Mike
Thursday. Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan Straight Tip Blucher. Brown Argyles. Epaulet Mocha Latte Speckled Donegal Rivet Chinos.     -Mike
 Pretty sure that those were an MTO by looking at the run number and the fact that I have never seen Alden make that design before. -Mike
They used to be Brass.-Mike
[[SPOILER]] Wow. A great set of shoes for Friday guys! All looking great. Congrats to hoodog for his first shoefie here and to Luxe for his new Cigars and to Zippy for learning he only has 7 eyelets on his boots. :-)Happy Saturday,Mike
Unfortunately I did a quick search and didn't get a ton of luck.TheShoeMart has the closest to this with their Black Cap Toe Boot with Commando on the Hampton Last. Hampton is pretty close to the Aberdeen.Most have it on the Plaza Last as that is now a stock model.Brick and Mortar has it in Black CXL on Commando and the Barrie Last.I might make a shameless pitch for the 4065HC, available at Alden DC. It has everything you are asking for, but is made of Black Shell...
I am pretty sure that you mean Alden x Brooks Brothers and not Alden x Allen Edmonds. ;-)-Mike
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