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That had me super confused last night as well.
I agree. Ravello NST *** rocks. I just got these on Sunday. More pics with a better color balance very soon. Plus a little Chukka action.
[[SPOILER]] Gents, I am sorry that I do not have time to individually compliment you as they are all very worthy.Steve, glad to hear that you are happy. Whiskey darkens as a normal part of the patina color. The shell approaches its natural brown color over time due to weather, sun, probably oxidation, and products. I still say those look in the Whiskey range. Patina'ed Whiskey is amazing, so rejoice in those! Check out my BB Unlined Whiskey LHS. They have definitely gone...
Looking killer.
The only rare shells that AoC does is LWBs. Just E-mail Adam and some day the magic green box appears. The number one key to Alden Shoe acquisition is patience.-Mike
Thanks Mr. Beebs! Appreciate it, but totally unnecessary. Yeah, I have had better trips than this past weekend. But I got home, so that is all that matters.
[[SPOILER]] Gentlemen, this was one amazing day here! Excellent work, some mighty fine array of footwear. Hate to say it, but those 6-eyelet NST Chukkas of Mac took the day though. All keep it coming!
Their suede is nice, but I prefer Alden's suede, but it definitely comes with a large price hike that is probably not worth it. Plus Alden has a fairly limited selection unless you are hoping on a special order from a retailer.-Mike
I would personally say the flat welt is the most unique feature of their Brixton. The Color 8 also had an antique edge of my memory is still working.
Mike is not always right. I work predominantly off my memory when I respond to these questions and there are far to many designs to keep them all straight. :-) Plus I did not have a fun return trip home and am operating on limited sleep.
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