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You could also put them up on the Marketplace or you could give them another shot and see if they loosen up a little. Also like to point out the cork will compress a pidge with wear, which may give you the additional space you need.-M
Dang, those are certainly looking sharp! :-)-M
Looking good. Happy Easter.-M
LoL. No I agree. :-)
 Buzran, Thank you for posting this. Because I honestly could not tell the difference between my Cappuccino's and Brown Shells. They looked to me to be essentially the same color and I was annoyed at how much up played Cappuccino was for not apparent difference. But, I definitely like the Red-undertone and can not wait to get that out of my Jeffersons!!! :-) BTW, I really like the Alden Flat Waxed laces and believe that they make essentially any dress boot look better....
DV, those are amazingly nice. Beautiful. I love Ravello also!-M
When does/did the MacNeil 5 deal end?
My MTOs all have taken about 5 weeks. But I think a super conservative estimate would be 8 weeks (unless they fail an inspection).
I concur, those are a beautiful design!
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