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This is probably going to be the most contentious of my Essential Three's here.... What do you think?   -Mike
 These were made for Tassels Hong Kong, Unipair in South Korea, and Botique Upper Shoes in Paris. I believe that this was the last pair the Tassels had, Unipair seems to have a few left on their site as does Upper Shoes.... -Mike
Sorry for the photo barrage... But here are my new Edward Green Redwood Calfskin and Clove Suede Galway Boots again.    Redwood Galway as compared to the Alden Color #4 Wingtip Boot.   [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
Leisure Sunday. Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan LHS. Marcoliani Brown Argyles OTC. Epaulet Caramel Cotton-Tencel Canvas Rivet Chinos.      -Mike
Saturday. Alden x Tassels Navy Reverse Chamois Indy Boot. CHUP Burgundy Socks. RRL Selvedge Denim.     -Mike
Yeah. I did the same thing myself. I got into high end shoes and paired them with the crappiest close. Then started on pants and that percolated up to shirts and sportcoats. I was into suits a long time ago, but those are hard to pull off in the SoCal engineering industry.-Mike
Very nice work. Sorry about the crappy day, but glad that the shoes came out happy in the end.Congratulations on the acquisition of your new 975s. Truly a remarkable shoe. Enjoy them in great health. Thanks for the bonus shot. I have my puppy sleeping on my lap as I write this.-Mike
Fantastic looking NST Bluchers.Very nice and glad that you are enjoying them!Very nice! I got his Plaza Saddle and still need to get them out also!Ha! Very nice bud!Wow. Very sad!-Mike
The Brass would look really cool and flashy but is the least formal and may look slightly out of place with dark edges. I would go matching if you wanted eyelets personally.-Mike
I really love my Choco Suede Tankers. Such a great boot that is just soo easy to wear!   -Mike
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