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[[SPOILER]] All are looking superb! Hope that you enjoyed the day!-Mike
Thanks. The first pic is more of what it looks like in outdoor lighting. It's a little milder in indoor lighting.-Mike
Stellar Marv! Those LWBs are superb.Super cool Zippy! Not common to see the Leydon LWBs. I know Mike at EP has done them in Natty CXL. Haven't seen these before. Super cool!Ha! Yes, in general after a trek like that you will love or hate one another. Haha. :-)Both are looking great BK! Have a very Indy day!
Alden Color 8 Tassel Loafer. Marcoliani Navy Argyles. Epaulet x Southwick Navy Check Barberis Suit. Flowers x Marriott. -M
Steve, your new Tankers are looking superb. I hope that you enjoy them in good health!Those Cigars are just stunning D! I hope that they took good care of you today!Ha! I hope that she has a good time and has some time to enjoy it! I think you are better off that it isn't a real store!Sounds like a good strategy! There are a few of us SD Aldenites.Ha! No offense, but that's a long drive with someone you don't really know! ;-)Very nice looking Cigars! Hah. Hope that you had...
EP x Southwich Navy Barberis Plaid Suit. Apple Watch picture due to Cyclo. :-) -Mike
Looking great Mack! Was hoping to make it up there for your opening, but the spouse wasn't a big fan of an 8 hour road trip for a shoe store! Will definitely visit next time I go up and see my folks!-Mike
Saturday. Alden x Tassels Navy Reverse Chamois Indy Boots. Pantherella Khaki Argyles OTC. Gustin Tan Selvedge Chinos.    [[SPOILER]]   Leisure Sunday. Alden Cigar Shell Cordovan LHS. CHUP Socks. Gustin Charcoal Organic Hemp Selvedge Denim.    [[SPOILER]]     -Mike
 Looking Stellar Dennis in your Whiskey and Selvedge. Have a great Sunday!
 Marv, that is a phenomenal shot of those boots. They look absolutely stellar there.   Indiana would be proud sir! Hope that you had a good Saturday!   Looking great in your all Black attire Chippy. Hope that you had a relaxing Saturday! -Mike
New Posts  All Forums: