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[[SPOILER]] Holy crud. It is like seriously boot season here! Nice showing Alden Army!I am sorry Cez, that your new boots don't fit well. That's a bummer, may want to try an insole.-Mike
3 months
The answer is, it depends. They usually take 18 weeks from once they go into production (with the exception of designs with hand stitching). It depends on when these are actually scheduled to start. Leather confirmation date does not equal production start date.-Mike
Marcus, I wear a 10.5B on the Barrie Last. Based upon your situation, I would recommend trying out the 10.5C Barrie Last. It is available and underutilized. Most people here size down one on the Barrie Last, however I believe that is a mistake as the Barrie Last is known for having a generously wide toe box. The C is 3/16" narrower than the D width. Switching lengths usually results in roughly a 1/16" difference in width, but Prez's chart can be more specific. That said,...
LoL Henry! I would love to attribute that to my biceps, but these were their maiden voyage. I just added the Black LHS to my fleet. As I am doing the Leisure Sunday campaign with a friend, I will now be wearing these once every 5 weekends. :-)-M
Alden Black Shell LHS. Alden DC.    [[SPOILER]]  -Mike
Sorry to hear about the Southwixk factory finds, but hopefully they get a nicer facility to make us beautiful products in!
Sorry JKater, but you made a killing on them. Plus, if it makes you feel better, I sold these also.-Mike
I wish those Walnut Shell Park Aves were bigger.
LeatherSoul made these a while back on the TB Last. All eyelets also. ;-)
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