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Wow, DV has a lot more style than me. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!! Nice shoes as well. :-)-Mike
That is definitely a great way to spend your holiday!!! :-)
Wow, that is awesome!!! Enjoy them very much!-Mike
Merry Christmas!!! Alden x Leffot -Mike
Looking great!!! Merry Christmas!-Mike
Sounds like a good plan my friend. However, I will do my Uncle Mac pitch and remind you to consider the 974 or 9741! :-) -Mike
Haha. I agree completely. But they are very friendly and professional. They have responded to me freakishly fast.
Zen, I personally recommend going the same size on Shell as Calfskin shoes and here is the logic behind that. Shell Cordovan can not be pulled as tightly over the lasts or manufacturers run the risk of cracking the material due to the more porous structure of the leather, however Shell Cordovan will not stretch with time and wear. Contrarily, Calfskin will fit tighter over the last, however Calfskin can and usually will stretch slightly over time. In the end, they...
Zen, most go true to size on the Plaza Last. I am a 10.5C on the AE 5-last (Strand) and wear 10.5C plaza.I have that Alden x BB model in both Color 8 and Black Shell and it is fantastic. It has a lot of character. :-)-Mike
Congrats!!!! Yours is just arriving now??
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