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Blasty, you always kill it. Superb.-Mike
Looking good. Have a good time.
HaHa. I agree, but that is $1500 of suede right there! :-OBut I love these Navy Suedes and highly recommend.-Mike
 I wouldn't have even taken the time to photograph those. They would already on their way back to Connecticut. -Mike
 Doing a bit of searching I was able to answer my own question. They are not! Thanks for your input! -Mike
Alden x Leffot Navy Suede LWB.     [[SPOILER]]   -Mike
 Look like 9D to me from the side shot of the Cigars. -M
Ha. Based upon this quote and the fact that you are here, you are in trouble my friend. :-)
Are the Marlow Loafers and Marlow Tassels on the same last and should be sized the same? -M
Wow. Those are great and the laces add some awesome pop.Wow, you are doing very well there my friend. I love the boots and loafers (and a Longwing). Enjoy them all in good health!
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