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That's mr. porter, it's sold out though.
It's because your arguments are stupid. You have unrealistic expectations of the company, both in quality and customer service. They consistently go above and beyond considering they are nowhere close to luxury retailers like Gucci, a high end designer brand that has been operating for nearly a century. JE provides streetwear basics at midrange price. Don't compare $80 plain t shirts to $800 tees.Quality wise, it lasted over a year. Sure, maybe he expected it to last...
This isn't rocket science. There is a middle ground here. Take care of your clothes, but don't be neurotic about it. Yeah, I'm not going to wear suede wyatts in the snow or rain, that's just plain common sense. But I'm also not going to avoid picking up a phone call to avoid "stretching out the elbows." That's just plain moronic.
I see where you're coming from, a lot of pieces are very loud but works well if your wardrobe is filled with staples. Mainly buying tees, hoodies, sweaters, and bombers for casual wear. Also their dress shoes are quite nice. However, that's less of a Michele thing but rather something that has always been true. The coats with embroideries are a bit too loud for me, but I do admire them.
Pretty much only interested in permanent collection items that I'm missing. Mainly the camel rancher shearling from awhile back, possibly a leather, and d02s. Everything else has shifted to other brands. Albeit a different aesthetic, Gucci is putting out much more interesting pieces season after season. Definately been spending mostly on Gucci with the exception of a few grail pieces. Definately hurts the wallet a lot more than slp though.
Thanks. I just choked on my beer.
I have five shirts and got chosen. Got a solid pale blue spread collar. First impressions are that the fabric is really nice. Noticeably softer and smoother than my other shirts. Haven't gotten a chance to try it on yet, but definately liking the color and material.
Either way it doesn't look great. I wouldn't spend the money on a slp leather if it's not perfect. Would recommend trying a different brand that flatters you more.
Was really into raw denim when younger, but now it seems just too much of a hassle when I only get to wear jeans a couple days a week. No time to mold them, worry about stretching/shrinking, bleeding etc. when you wear suits all day. Hope it won't be exclusively raw denim.
Really? In my opinion it's inherently a casual shoe so the sneaker sole works whereas the leather bottom on the slp version looks off to me.
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