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I've tried them on in store, they are pretty sleek, but I feel that the Wyatt boots are more elevated due to the details like the harnesses. However, the chelseas are more comfortable to wear and easier to walk in. Honestly, I think they are an overhyped item, though they are cheaper than the wyatts.
I would go for the 30 chelseas as well. The elastic makes them super comfortable and easy to walk in. The chain wyatts are a bit higher and the non stretch shaft makes stairs/hills a little bit of a battle. The chelseas when I tried them basically felt like wearing sneakers. On another note, has there been any quality changes on the varsity/teddy jackets over the years? Thinking of selling my aw'13 for a smaller size, but want to make sure it would be the same.
Legs for days. Short guy problems.
Do you mean above the thighs? I'm pretty sure hemming and tapering are probably one of the most common alterations. I have both done to all my denim without issue.
@Nimzerz I didn't see any jodphurs there, just the three shoes but I only glanced at the footwear. The biker jeans I found to be crazy tight contrary to what most people have said. The leather areas are quite unforgiving and really for those they either work on you or they don't.
Just stopped by Nordstrom and barneys in Seattle today. Nordstroms had the black leather wyatt's, combat boots, and visvim fbt knockoffs for shoes, and for clothes various tees, Dino sweater, destroyed black sweater, leathers, biker jeans and various d02s. The selection was pretty decent considering they only had two racks.I loved the Dino sweater in person. Wasn't a big fan when I saw it online but it is gorgeous in person and fits me perfectly. I think a lot of this...
I'm not sure if it's jut because I have small feet, but my wyatts don't stick out in my d02s size 28 from aw'13. I wear a size 40 and both the new chain wyatts and suede ones don't stick out. In fact they hug my ankles pretty well and were tight at first.
Really? Guess I'll be stopping by today, hopefully better than barney's tiny selection.On another side note, didn't know you were in Seattle.
Both the denim and teddy look perfect on you. Good to hear about the size 42, my 44 is a bit big on me and I always have to layer like hell underneath. Going to try to sell mine and get a 42. Really one of my favorite pieces from Hedi's stint at ysl, so versatile. Only minor gripe is that the front pockets are pretty much useless, super small and the leather will crease with regular use.
Here is the tag from my aw13 teddy.To me it looks like the font on yours is a bit different and the N and T connect together differently.
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