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Thanks. I never noticed the marks until recently and figured it was from the metal against metal wear. Just wanted to double check to see if it was normal
It isn't something I bumped against. I forgot to mention that it is on the inside of bracelet not outside. It appears where you snap the closure shut and where the clasp touches the bracelet as a result. Apologies in advance for bad pictures but don't have access to a real camera at the moment. You can see there are dis colored markings on the inside of the bracelet on two links closest to the clasp. When the watch is actually worn, that is where the clasp meets...
Have a question for royal oak owners. I purchased a jumbo a few months ago and have been very happy with it. However, there are some black on the stainless steel bracelet. They are where the clasp meets the bracelet and it seems there are some black marks on the clasp as well. Is this normal, and how would you go about cleaning it off? I have tried both hand soap, dish soap and a soft toothbrush to no avail.
It's a sloppy fit that makes no sense between top and bottom half. Jeans don't fit you well, doesn't work with top half, and you tucked in your shirt with no belt. Pretty much the picture just shows how to spend a few grand to look completely clueless.
The SLP pea coat we were talking about earlier (the runway one from this season) comes in a 42. It is really slim though. I didn't have enough room to layer under it at 5'7 125lbs.
Grail acquired. A big thanks to Dino and everyone else who helped guide me in searching for my first high end piece. Presenting the APRO jumbo.
No, it is not obvious. The shitty filter and sunlight make it so we can't tell anything about what you are wearing. There are no details in the picture that are distinguishable so we can't give you any feedback about the fit or outfit. It doesn't even look like a black shirt to me, could be a dark blue, grey, or charcoal color if you didn't mention it in the next post. I would assume you were wearing h&m or gap as it is virtually indistinguishable from the picture.
Take a better picture. Can't see anything at all. Just a guy with some sort of hat, a shirt with buttons (color unknown?) black jeans, and tan boots.
I'm around the same height as you and the longer pea coat from this season hit me perfectly.
Ah yeah my bad, just assumed it was the same one. Your coat looks great prudy. Wish mine fit me in the shoulders and arms better. Everything else was perfect. Really wish it was a keeper.
New Posts  All Forums: