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Rider jacket looks too small to me also. the shoulders don't look big enough and sleeves look too tight. Also looks like it's cinching your tshirt ruining the line of it. If it is that tight with only a t shirt on its probably too small. I don't have a JE rider jacket, but have a SLP rider and undercover one and looks small to me.
I can see what you mean in that picture. I think it might just be the angle of the photo. In person I didn't notice the watches looking like that big on my wrist. From my perspective it looked closer to the black dial version in that snapshot.
I think Kieran may be on the right track. The fits probably change to what the majority of customers feel like they want and you have to remember on style forum we are likely the minority. For example I don't mind the slimmer neck lines on the tshirts and knitwear but for me the armholes of some coats this season are too high. For example the pea coat this season fits perfectly except for the armholes for me. They are simply too high causing the material to fold in where...
Yeah it was kind of hard to position all the watches the same way. The standard bracelet length was huge on me at the boutique. Here's another shot of the 15202. I found the open work to be beautiful up close. Definitely a very nice piece but at the price of a fully loaded c63 I'm not so sure. Anyhow tried it on for an example of how the jumbo would fit as they did not have one in stock. Here is a shot of both the blue and black on if it may convey the fit on me a bit...
Pics at the AP boutique in Tokyo. 15400st in blue 14400st in black 15202 open work in rg It seems to me that despite my wrists being a mere 6.5'' they are quite flat and doesn't make the 41mm seem too big. Any opinions on whether the 41mm or 39mm fit better? Trying both on they both seemed comfortable. I also tried on the 15450 but it felt a bit too small and feminine for my tastes. Also it only came in a white dial which eliminated the option.
Thanks for the insight! I mean I might occasionally ding it on something, but not planning on swimming or doing anything active with it on.
What exactly do you mean when you say "mechanically unforgiving" and that you would wear it more carefully than the 3021?I am normally very careful with my possessions so I don't mind the scratching portion, and it would be the same with the 3121, no?
Hah. Would be my "one" watch so to speak so SS is a must. Leaning towards the 15202 but the premium is hard to swallow especially considering the lack of a quick set date, seconds hand, and smaller power reserve.
Update: Will be traveling overseas to Japan this week and will be hopefully picking up a APRO. Still undecided between the 15202, 15450, or 15400 though I have narrowed the dial color down to black or blue unless only the 15450 fits. Worried that the 15400 and 15202 may be big on my 6.5'' wrists. Help me decide TWATers!
Another question for those who have purchased expensive watches. What form of payment did you use and was there a cash discount option over paying with a card?
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