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I think that's just how they are. I saw a pair of blue destroyeds at barneys yesterday and that's what the distressing looked like also.
Tried on the leopard coat at barneys too today. Was super comfortable and the material was quite nice. Definitely a steal at 2k. Thought it would be $5k+ also. It did fit really big on me though. I tried on the 46 and would probably need a 42 or smaller.
Supposed to open in Bellevue square sometime in the fall of this year. Replacing the closed JC penny space.
If you bought it directly from Saint Laurent contact your credit card company. I had a similar issue with a pair of sneakers that they wouldn't accept as a return. I disputed it with my credit card and they contacted SLP. Magically the day after I got a phone call saying they would accept the return.
I would probably go with a xs. I'm 5'7 125lbs and the xs was a little snug in the waist at first but stretched out after a hour. The small would be baggy on me. Usually wear a 27 or 28 in SLP if that helps for reference.
Hey John Elliot Co,   I recently made an order before i found out about the 10% discount for signing up to the newsletter. Is there any way to get a code for my second order? I tried filling out the newsletter form but haven't received an email containing the code.
Question with the sizing regarding some items. Why is there a XS for some items but not for everything? For example, the mercer tees in white, black, and grey come in a XS but the midnight, and dune do not, or any of the long sleeve mercers. It's kind of annoying, was looking to make a large pickup but the weird offering of sizes is hampering that.
It's a parka not a trapeze coat. I got it a few months ago, and it's insanely warm. I love it and fits oversized. Was lucky enough to cop it in a size 42. The fur is made from coyote and it's ridiculously soft.
Depends how skinny your legs are. The 15.5s are really skinny from the knee down. I wear a 27 in diors and my 15.5s in a 28 are tight in the calf.
16cm run pretty slim and work with a lot of body types. I have a few pairs and like them a lot.The 15.5 Cms are ridiculously skinny. I have issues with them at 5'7 125lbs. A size 28 was literally skin tight on me and even a pair of 29s were too tight so I just gave up on them. You really need to be cokehead thin to pull them off.
New Posts  All Forums: