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Hey John Elliot Co,   I recently made an order before i found out about the 10% discount for signing up to the newsletter. Is there any way to get a code for my second order? I tried filling out the newsletter form but haven't received an email containing the code.
Question with the sizing regarding some items. Why is there a XS for some items but not for everything? For example, the mercer tees in white, black, and grey come in a XS but the midnight, and dune do not, or any of the long sleeve mercers. It's kind of annoying, was looking to make a large pickup but the weird offering of sizes is hampering that.
It's a parka not a trapeze coat. I got it a few months ago, and it's insanely warm. I love it and fits oversized. Was lucky enough to cop it in a size 42. The fur is made from coyote and it's ridiculously soft.
Depends how skinny your legs are. The 15.5s are really skinny from the knee down. I wear a 27 in diors and my 15.5s in a 28 are tight in the calf.
16cm run pretty slim and work with a lot of body types. I have a few pairs and like them a lot.The 15.5 Cms are ridiculously skinny. I have issues with them at 5'7 125lbs. A size 28 was literally skin tight on me and even a pair of 29s were too tight so I just gave up on them. You really need to be cokehead thin to pull them off.
All the denim I have are the 2% polyurethane versions. They feel and fit a lot better in my opinion than the pure cotton versions.
Yeah I think it might be fine if I put on a couple layers, but the sleeves are a bit long on me too. Also, how much were the white lows and are they on sale somewhere?
That's the one
Picked up the varsity/bomber thing in black/white colorway. It's a bit oversized and even the 44 is big on me. Will probably have to take it to a tailor to see what they can do.
They're just called 16cm raw black but they're not like traditional raws. There's kind of a sheen from some sort of coating.It's kind of hard to see but in the first picture it looks normalish but in the second picture you can kind of see a sheen/patina of some sort under sunlight. Sorry for shitty phone pics but the effect is very subdued anyways.
New Posts  All Forums: