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Yeah I actually have a lot of pieces from acne and they have yet to let me down. I especially love their knits and sweaters. Decent quality, amazing fits, and comfy as hell. The latter can not be said of slp knits in my experience. A lot of the sweaters I have tried on have been scratchy as hell, but I do have sensitive skin.
You guys know people have different body proportions right? Just because you're around the same height doesn't mean your legs are the same length.
Can't stop myself so...the cropped chelseas are one of the ugliest slp pieces that have ever been produced. Think it's even worse than the tuxedo t shirt.
Honestly I wash everything I want to take care of the same way. Throw it in a tub with some warm water, pour some detergent in, hand wash or swirl it around, let it soak for awhile then pat and hang dry.Dry cleaning is harsh on fabrics and so is the washing machine.
Can't seem to find it on grailed, maybe it got removed. The only one I see is the one I'm selling.
For me it was relatively the same waist size. However the leather areas are extremely tight and uncomfortable. The leather also makes it basically unalterable and don't look good if you aren't tall. It's a piece that either works or doesn't.Also another side note, those jeans are extremely uncomfortable. It basically just feels like zippers rubbing against your knees since there is no padding or layer behind them. Personally I like how they look but would never wear them...
Depends on your credit card. They have some restrictions but for mine you just submit a claim with an itemized receipt, prove you bought it on that card (credit card statement), and submit a copy of the new price. They have time limits though. For my card it's within 90 days.
Thank you so much. Bought them a month and a half ago for the $1500. Going to use credit card benefits to get back the $500.
Wanted the ice cream shirts and the stand collar shirts,but they swept out fast in my size. Hopefully some of the basic boat neck Ts and sweaters will be okay.
Any pictures of you with them on? My size is a 28, so maybe that will help a little.
New Posts  All Forums: