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Was really into raw denim when younger, but now it seems just too much of a hassle when I only get to wear jeans a couple days a week. No time to mold them, worry about stretching/shrinking, bleeding etc. when you wear suits all day. Hope it won't be exclusively raw denim.
Really? In my opinion it's inherently a casual shoe so the sneaker sole works whereas the leather bottom on the slp version looks off to me.
Might not be what you want to hear, but I prefer the visvim ones over those.
Legit check? Don't purchase outside of retail often.
What are your measurements? Or height/weight?Not sure to go with a xs or s.
It really is a cool piece but just wouldn't fit me right. I'm about the same size as SirGrotius and even the 42 was huge on me. I know it's not suppose to be a slim piece, but it just fit awkwardly due to the thickness of the wool and how stiff it is. Would have taken a lot of tailoring for it to be maybe passable so I returned it. It's just one of those pieces that either works on you or doesn't.
Same here! Excited to see what it will be.
Yup, past few months of purchases have all been other brands. Haven't bought much slp lately, been stocking up on some Gucci pieces instead.
I loved this piece in photos but it disappointed me in person. It's comfortable and warm but materials were lacking for the price. Also i felt the lining ruined the sleekness of the piece and it felt bulky. It fits pretty slim as well. I normally wear a 42 in Slp outerwear but this was pretty snug in a 44
My sales is looking into it, but probably a nogo unless there is a 42 somewhere. Will update if it pans out.
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