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Depends how skinny your legs are. The 15.5s are really skinny from the knee down. I wear a 27 in diors and my 15.5s in a 28 are tight in the calf.
16cm run pretty slim and work with a lot of body types. I have a few pairs and like them a lot.The 15.5 Cms are ridiculously skinny. I have issues with them at 5'7 125lbs. A size 28 was literally skin tight on me and even a pair of 29s were too tight so I just gave up on them. You really need to be cokehead thin to pull them off.
All the denim I have are the 2% polyurethane versions. They feel and fit a lot better in my opinion than the pure cotton versions.
Yeah I think it might be fine if I put on a couple layers, but the sleeves are a bit long on me too. Also, how much were the white lows and are they on sale somewhere?
That's the one
Picked up the varsity/bomber thing in black/white colorway. It's a bit oversized and even the 44 is big on me. Will probably have to take it to a tailor to see what they can do.
They're just called 16cm raw black but they're not like traditional raws. There's kind of a sheen from some sort of coating.It's kind of hard to see but in the first picture it looks normalish but in the second picture you can kind of see a sheen/patina of some sort under sunlight. Sorry for shitty phone pics but the effect is very subdued anyways.
Sales associate told me that they should in stores sometime in June. Also, picked up the 16cm black coated "raw" denim. They're not like normal raws and are very thin. The pair I got are 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane. I find that they fit me better than diors and so far I love them, no complaints. I wear a 27 in diors and a 28 fit me perfectly.
Best business strategy.   1. Sell dope jackets 2. Fatten 3. Sell more jackets
I don't typically buy things that I plan on return. In most cases I make sure that they will fit and work well with my aesthetic and wardrobe before purchasing. Most of the things I return are for defects, quality issues, or simply not as advertised (e.g. color is different than pictured). I tend to be pretty certain with my purchases since many places make you eat shipping costs for returns.
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