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Which exotic animal would be best used for its durability for a Wallet?   Alligator, Crocodile, Lizard, Shark, French Goat, Buffalo, or Ostrich?
singapore As someone who isn't from singapore, it is very difficult to contact him via e-mail or whatsapp. I hope he do read all of our emails.
 not sure how much they go now but the alligator interior/exterior is well over 1k but thats only for the bill-fold style. The wait time is pretty long since he has a lot of orders to make but he gives an estimate wait time when he'll be done.
I don't get your question? I actually have the prices of both and in my opinion, its better to get the full alligator wallet. I have looked over all his pictures he posted on tumblr/instagram and there is not one wallet that he posted which is the interior calf/goat, exterior alligator.  If you want durability and a wallet that wears like steel, get stingray. 
 Yeah it really does.   it all depends regarding the dimensions, features, and whether you want full alligator or just the exterior alligator and interior calf/goat/
 No worries. most retail wallets have exterior alligator, interior calf or whatever animal hide they use. Ralph lauren sells a full alligator billfold for about 2k USD and a exterior alligator, interior calf/goat/cow hermes bill fold wallet.  When Hughes shop reopens, I'm going to buy a bill fold that fits all world currency bills made out of either shagreen ( very durable and reliable than alligator, cheaper) or alligator. I prefer a 3 card each side with a single...
 I don't think you know how wallets are made. I think it would be waste to go with alligator lining instead of goat/lamb skin. Hughes can make you a 100% alligator wallet with alligator lining but it would cost you a lot of money compared to a wallet lined with goat/lamb skin.  The wallet that I ordered from Hughes is a full alligator wallet meaning that the he used alligator for the interior/exterior and lined it with cow/goat/lamb. I think is how most wallets are made if...
 His work is great.  I plan to buy another wallet made of shagreen, ostrich, and another alligator piece. I wished I got it for a bargain though. I don't mind paying him premium for HQ piece of work.
 Yeah I finally got it  It's a very nice wallet w/ my initials!  It took me about a year to get which is okay since hes a one guy in operation. My wallet is Ebene Full Alligator exterior/interior design lined with french goat skin.  edited
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