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Koji-san like a conductor of an orchestra. 
THE RAKE JAPAN second issue is out tomorrow! https://www.facebook.com/therakejapan/
MISAWA & WORKSHOPThe Art of ShoemakingPhotos from http://www.misawa-and-workshop.com/artworks/index.htm
TOKYO SHOES trunk shows at TIME & EFFORT Jan.22 - Feb.1, 2015    http://timeandeffort.jlia.or.jp/news/2015/01/15182415.html   Hiroshi Suemitsu - The Shoe Work Shop Keisuke Okayasu - Bottega Tera Moda Shinji Nishinori  - Amasakusa - Seisakusyo Noriyuki Misawa - MISAWA & WORKSHOP Kentaro Sumida - Shoemaker Cado  
il Quadrifoglio Bespoke Trunk Show @ OAK ROOM,Taiwan Jan.30 - Feb.1, 2015   https://www.facebook.com/pages/OAK-ROOM/ http://www.oakroom.com.tw/ http://ilquadrifoglio-kobe.com/
SPIGOLA for Coccinella Bespoke Salon in Osaka Japan https://www.facebook.com/coccinella.jp   More Pic +1  
More Pic +1 
More Pics +2
Koji Suzuki at Work Hand Stitching Photographed by Daniel Katz http://www.silverchroma.com/  
A Visit to Antica Bottega della Spigola  2014 Year End Special Photos in SPIGOLA Kobe Workshop Picture Courtesy of Coccinella https://www.facebook.com/coccinella.jp More Pics +3
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