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Kotaro Miyahira aka Sartoria Corcos   Beautiful back style !  
OMG,He have a good hand!
Bolero Bespoke Shoe & Bootmaker
Bonta by Ippei Hasegawa Photos from Bonta Blog  
 The Shoemaker World was founded by Alvaro Arce  in 2014.   "The first Spanish blog exclusively dedicated to the men's footwear world."     He wrote an article about HIRO YANAGIMACHI Workshop
Welcome!  These shoes are indeed an enduring masterpiece
Spigola bespoke shoes for Alan See,The Armoury  
Ann. by Akiyoshi NishiyamaPhotos from : http://ann-bespoke.com 
il Quadrifoglio Bespoke Single Monk & Double Monk Qnai-san's latest works. Amazing!  
more pics, +2  
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