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HUGE DROP TODAY   I'm selling my beautiful and rare Mister Freedom denim peacoat, in size medium, sold out everywhere. It's like new, never worn, only tried a few times to find out it's not my style (it has been waiting in my closet for months..).   I live in France but I can ship worldwide.
Hello !   I'm selling this Rogue Territory Stealth Supply Jacket, size medium, made of an heavy 15oz black denim I don't wear it that much that's why I'm selling it, it's from last fall, very good condition, I'd say the denim is not completely broken in (it's very thick!).
Hello everyone,   I'm selling this great shirt by Rogue Territory, bought right from their website a month ago, the color just doesn't suit me.   I only tried this shirt for a day at work, it's like new, never washed, no stains, I don't smoke and I don't have any pet.   http://www.rogueterritory.com/shop/jumper-shirt-long-sleeve-brown-chambray/   I'll ship this shirt anywhere for 150$ (shipping is already included, I ship from France)
I'm looking for this coat for months please help me :)
bump !   they need a new house :)
I'm selling this pair of Alden. They are Dover in snuff, bought to Needsupply in May but I only realized now I should size down in the barrie last.   Worn probably less than 10 times. Very good condition   9,5D in the barrie last
Check your messages :)
It's a medium, good condition (never washed) , I always take care of my clothes! I live in Paris but I can ship worlwide If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them
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