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I managed to find an Invertere raincoat/tweed overcoat today, paying the princely sum of £4.00 It's a green gaberdine raincoat with a fully reversible dogtooth check tweed liner. I'll post some pics when I get round to it
Thanks guys.I knew it was nothing too spectacular but it only cost £6
Help needed with this one guys please. A pure camel hair sports coat in herringbone weave, no brand name inside the coat other than the mill that wove the fabric. Maker's label Fabric label Any help greatly appreciated
One for you cyclistas, I'll post pics tomorrow. Found what appears to be a 1976 vintage Gitane Campagnolo Team jersey today. The reason I believe it is not a modern retro is the material, it's woven in a 70% acrylic / 30% wool fabric manufactured by Rhone-Poulenc Textiles, trade name "Crylor". I'll be honest, I can't even remember the last time I rode a bike but there was just something about this thing that said "buy me". Inside there's another large tag with the French...
Emma and I were at a boot sale this morning and after I'd only managed a vintage Cecil Gee, pure cashmere, fly-front overcoat, she phoned me and told me she'd found me 4 blazers for £12 total. I met her, handed over the £12 and it walked off with 1 x Burberrys' navy melton DB, 2 x Aquascutum navy worsted DBs and 1 x Aquascutum navy linen DB. It was only when I was putting them away in the car that I discovered they were all ladies' blazers She still has absolutely no idea...
I found probably the strangest tie I've ever seen today. What appeared to be a simple black silk tie from Liberty of London, given the dimensions (2.5" wide), I'd estimate it at 1960s. Nothing really special until I turned it over and found this: A spider, a fscking SPIDER FFS. Crafted in Swavorski crystals and black beads. I first thought that someone may have bought the tie and then applied their personal design but looking at the back of the blade: It appears to...
Pity they can't reward hard work with real pay rates
If you're looking for another sports coat by Nicola Blasi, I think I can lay my hands on a couple. Mostly DB with the odd SB in the mix but all of them in noble fabrics (silk, Cashmere etc)Here's a silk tuxedo jacket I have
4 pairs of socks always works for me.I was once told to put on clean socks every day, by the end of the week I couldn't get my shoes over them
It was always my belief that it referred to RTW suits: so a 40" chest, drop 6 would have trousers with a 34" waistHow many coats or blazers (as opposed to orphan suit jackets), from the same manufacturer, in similar style, have you found with a different drop?
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