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subbed stone island is a great brand. got some knits and aw 13 bomber
link?i got last seasons bomber, 65% viscose one. fit was great and really comfy. though it was dry clean onlyi took it to the dry cleaners once. and it messed up the bottom bit of the jacket that 'tightens' it to your body and made it all if i wear it unzipped it looks all loose ans unfitted from the back edit: this is it
does anyone know what type of leather is used for common projects?
love my paul smith loomis black leather with velvet strip above the sole
 nope never, you can just take the badge off though if the problem would ever arise
First fit pic   Aware trainers a bit too tight, but they're just so comfy       Stone Island Acne Common Projects
Acne - Roc satin trousers in Navy     have them in black already but need a but of variety eh
@kingjulien nice background
I presume theres nothing I can do.......teared the leather EDIT: went to a shoe repairs and said they couldnt do anything, but recommended buying some woly shoe cream and just dapping it onto the torn area to cover it slightly, is this a good idea?
summer shoes sorted edit : how do i post images ?!?!?! [img][/img]
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