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Still interesting. Would that essentially be same as the Bonafe-shoe in your reference but as a boot? /Christian
What's your size? Skoaktiebolaget has this model in stock in Edwardian!/Christian
I think this sounds very interesting! Will have to go by Skoaktieboaget to try on sizes but I'm absolutely in love with the Bonafe burgundy cap toe and a boot in combination with black suede sounds tempting /Christian
I picked up one of the extra pair of Galways Skoaktiebolaget ordered in connection with this GMTO. I can tell you they're beautiful!/Christian
  I am very fond of Skoaktiebolaget's trees. I have a complete set of colors now :) I do agree though, they add quite a chunk of money to the shoe cost...    On a side note, how are we doing on the Austerity brogue MTO?   /Christian
An iphone pic of my newly acquired Asquith straight from the box :)   /Christian  
I spent about an hour in the store this evening and I am now a happy owner of a pair of Asquith in dark oak Will post some pictures! Very grateful to Gabriel who was very helpful! /Christian
The chukkas were even more beautiful in real life /Christian
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