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It also depends what type of denim. Even between 2 different pairs of weird guys they can have different initial measurements and some will stretch more than others depending on fabric used.  Most the time N&F weird guys run a couple inches larger than the tag size, and most fabrics stretch about 1.5-2 inches in my experience.  Im a true size 36 and I usually get a 33 or 34 depending on the amount of stretch I can get out the fabric and the initial measurements.  I find...
Just felt like we need more pics. 1 year a few months on these Copper labels... Don't get much wear lately, about 5-7 months of actual wear and 2 washes.
That should work! or a 31 and cold soak?  you should give blueowl a call before you order, they will make sure you get the right size.
Mine were a little tight on the waist before initial soak.  After a room temp soak for 20 mins they shrunk a little over .5 inches... I imagine if you use really hot water and leave it in a little longer you'll get an inch of shrinkage.  After wearing mine almost a month the waist has stretched at least an inch since its much looser than it was presoak.  I didnt take measurements of the knees but my thigh shrunk about .2 inch.
agreed, by far the best denim N&F has made.  Actually they are my favorite denim in my rotation now.  I like the character/feel of the denim better than my momotaros or 3sixteens!
I don't know any european online shops but I know blueowl offers free shipping internationally.  
yes, the only unsanforized denim by Naked and Famous from what I remember was the Oni Collab, Japan heritage 2, kamikaze attack x NF, and the new okayama spirits.   I love the purple selvage on the low tension weave, and the patch was something crazy like buffalo.
 seems like a pretty safe bet but i'd check out the measurements posted first.  most unsanforized shrink about an inch.   the details and stitching on the bom005 make it seem so much darker than the moty01.  the fit is pretty similar to weird guys, just a bit more slim since the taper starts at the upper thigh.  plus the staff at blueowl are really really helpful with sizing and usually ship within minutes of placing an order.
Except bom005 is sanforized
 1. not hemming your jeans until your first wash or soak generally applies to unsanforized (shrink to fit) denim.  some n&f denim such as the okayama spirit are unsanforized but most are sanforized (preshrunk), including the broken-twills.  I would just get it hemmed, you wont lose much length on the inseam when you wash. 2. your waist measures 32, or most your jeans are size 32?  N&F has vanity sizing and usually the waist is a couple sizes larger than the tag size.  I...
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