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PSA for non Alden boot. This is the only shoe forum I hang out in. Viberg got a restock of some sizes of the Brown Chrome Excel Service boot with Dainite sole. $720. Steve
Tif-Whether that counts or not...the question is do they still respect you? Steve
Tif-You could at least stick your big toe in...they would still be virgin!    Steve
Its the thumbs up button at the bottom area of the post.  Allows you to like the post without having to write anything.  Right next to the multi button.  Once you have a thumbs up for a post it adds a counter and shows how many thumbs up you got. Steve
I'm pretty sure these are on Aberdeen. They are an E width. I think I got them from Aden SFSteve
All this discussion about the AF9 NST slip on got me to pull out my Cigar shell model 1031 NST slip on. I've got them in black shell too! Steve
  I understand that it's likely Aldens not asking for it.  I should have asked why did Alden make that decision?  Makes no sense to discontinue both of those colors.  But just like when you've got cereal and no milk...it is what it is! Steve
Why did mahogany, and color #4 shell go away?  t seems to me whiskey shell would require more perfect shell than mahogany or #4.  What am I missing? Steve
    For the most part...the fact that Men (grown or not) have discussions about style and shoes is a small miracle.  In addition that we take anything at face value is somewhat questionable, but taking anything serious, or getting feelings hurt is really off the charts not necessary.  I see a few flare ups on this forum but honestly get more benefit from SF than any other forum.  With that in mind I allow for some of the dry, and or twisted sense of humors abundantly...
Adam-Glad to see you posting!  Welcome to the Forum. Steve
New Posts  All Forums: