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I treat these TSM irregular sales like the day after Christmas sales, intense competition with only very short supply for the most desirable pairs. The smart ones are onsite at the shop and when the sale starts they grab the good stuff before lists make it out. I've been told the irregulars are not on display in the store anymore. I feel comfortable in saying there's some back door ways of finding what's on the list sooner than the vast majority. I don't think that's...
Yes..... You are confirmed for your order, it's yours! However another person took a call and did the same thing. There's 2 confirmed orders the winner typically is one who's order was placed first. I also think you know some one at TSM, they physically grab your pair of shoe, boxes and labels them...now they are ready to ship. I'm saying there's variables I don't fault TSM on this process, it just blows up!Steve
For those of you new to the TSM irregular game. You might get your order placed and confirmation,even a tracking number and still not get them. The only way you can be comfortable is when your tracking number shows the purchase has been picked up and left the building. I've lost track of how many irregulars I've placed only to get an email on the 2nd day after purchase telling me it was an inventory error. It's all part of the game. TSM does accept orders on items...
 Truer words have not been spoken on this forum! Steve
Mike-your new forum/website is awesome!  Thanks for taking the time to put it together and what you do for us Alden addicts!     Steve
Snuff said Mike, looking chill!Steve
 hoit1981-I'm curious...have you ever tried on a 12.5E Aberdeen?  I'm not saying that it would be better.  Just curious.  the 13E Aberdeen for me has plenty of room, as does the 13D Barrie.  Everybody's foot is different.  I've got 4 pairs of Aldens in 14D on Aberdeen and they fit me too, but on the loose side.  When I started in the Alden game I knew I liked them better than AE and I wear 14D in AE all day long.  The more I've bought the more I've learned.  At the end of...
I have the same boot in #8 in 13D and it's snug.  I've got multiple pair of 13E Aberdeen shoes and that fit really well.  Hoping the 13E boot does too.  I don't like my boots tight, but I don't like loose enough my foot slides around either.  Still waiting on my pair...seems FedEx could not deliver Friday because we had a some snow and ice, but they are due today! Steve
I wear 13D on Barrie.  I do 13E on Grant and Aberdeen. Steve
I agree, suggest you try leather conditioner like Bick 4 or similar and brush.  It should come off.  If not a little cordovan #8 polish and then brush. Steve
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