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They are from Alden SF I think, got them and a Cigar pair at the same time. Getting the NST on Aberdeen in whiskey and cigar is pretty rare, specially in size 13!See Ya,Steve
Perfect way to get started in the shell game!  Hope my Ravello version of these from AOC arrive soon!   See Ya, Steve
I wish my chukkas were 6 eyelet.  I really like mine, but they are hard to keep the laces tied and tight.  Uncle these are simply incredible! See Ya,Steve
Starting my week with some whiskey on Aberdeen. See Ya, Steve
Luckily this was my 2nd pair of shell I bought after starting with a full strap #8. More amazing was I got them in size 14 from TSM! One of my most cherished unicorns!See Ya,Steve
I would have gladly bought those boots if I did not already have them! See Ya,Steve
I got 13D in Ravello, but it did require 1/2 down in advance.See Ya,Steve
Told y'all these rock! A shame they did not have my size when I saw them.See Ya,Steve
I think the Daytripper is a single water lock sole, other than sole everything is pretty much the same. See Ya,Steve
Should have done both!  :) See Ya,Steve
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