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I've had a few pairs like this.  I loosened them up and shifted the flaps around a little and it seemed to take care of the majority of the alignment issue. Steve
It appears there is just a section of lighter colored shell.  Fairly common IMHO and actually sought after in LHS and some other designs from Alden.  If the color difference is the only issue I would consider keeping them.  Whiskey by far is the hardest to get completely uniform and without flaws (spots) in the shell itself. Steve
I've got several Indy boots in non-exotic hide. Kudu and CXL. Landed my first shell Indy off eBay and they arrived today. Cigar Shell Steve
My eBay cigar Indys arrived. I'm pleased! Steve
Well...its been debated big time on this forum and basically its like looking up a dead horses butt.  I own a lot of Alden boots, non JCrew and JCrew.  Many will say they fit differently and many say they fit the same.  I don't want to fuel the debate.  I will say I take the same size on all barrie lasts from whomever I get my boots from.  However I also do think there is some variance and that for some a 1/2 size up from their normal barrie size might be necessary, and...
As Bachman Turner Overdrive sang-You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet! I'm waiting on 3 Alden shell orders, and 2 Vibergs myself!.  I've honestly lost count on how many pairs of Alden I have....let's say while I'm not at mdubs level, I'm not too far behind! Steve
It is my first corded sole....from Viberg.  I've owned other work boots that had them though.  My experience has been they wear well, although I've not had this brand of corded sole. In other Viberg news...I got the email today my Mahogany Shell boots have shipped! Steve
No flash, used my iPad.  I do have good lighting in my office.  The picture is fairly accurate. Steve
The Ravello NST from TSM on Aberdeen are a real winner.  I have those along with it's big brother in the Ravello NST boot.You got a great deal for BNIB!  Congrats! Steve
Still working on breaking in the Context Horse butt. Of all of the boots I own...these by far seem to be the most Bullet proof. Steve
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