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tifosi...Your desire to change is based on dark edge is more formal and looks less casual?  IMHO antique edge and black/dark both look great.  However I could see dark being more formal. See Ya,Steve
Burzan...Thanks for the heads up.  No size 13 but they still have some larger sizes.  Very nice pick up  Congrats! See Ya,Steve
Question about Bostonian shoes.  Ive found a pair in my size but never worn them before. These are shell cordovan made in the 1980s.  Can anybody give me a comparison of the fit vs. Alden?  Does Bostonians fit TTS, or somewhat like Alden Barrie, Grant, or Aberdeen?   Thanks for your help.   See Ya, Steve
Hard to beat the combo of Navy pants with the beautiful color #8 LHS.  A classic!     See Ya, Steve
or the tongue is made from calf.  I think calf tongue is pretty rare.   See Ya,Steve
Keeping with boot theme today.  Im wearing my Alden of Madison tankers today.   Seeing some great photos today...keep it rolling!   See Ya, Steve   See Ya,
Mike I buy Alden trees too. I only use the single piece tree while caring for my shoes. I somewhat messed up a pair of whiskey short wings!See Ya,Steve
I keep a set of trees in mine too, when caring for them. I've found using trees with a split in them works better and avoids areas that look different because the gaps in the tree.See Ya,Steve
Anticipation its making me wait!  Christmas on Friday!! See Ya,Steve
Nice reach chrisefi! See Ya,Steve
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