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If Afternoon Delight does not score, try some Gene Autry....Back in the Saddle Again-you know us Native Texans get all romantic when we think about saddles.Steve
Try playing the song Afternoon Delight....for potentially better results.
Interesting I've lived in Texas all my life and worn boots year round. Not always Alden's or Vibergs. Many years before my addiction to those I was wearing cowboy boots and Red Wings. Date nights, work days. But I've also worn long sleeve shits outdoors to protect the skin.Now if we are wearing footwear based on temperature...I'm putting on my flip flops, drinking a margarita and watching the awesome Texas ladies wearing next to nothing!Steve
I'll be at that game and not rooting for cheese! Dak
I Agree.  If you're not wearing made to measure shoes/boots then wearing a thicker sock is fine...specially on boots.I vary width only on my Alden's.  Barrie, Trubalance  and maybe a few others a D width, Grant, Van Aberdeen I wear and E width.Since virtually everyone has 1 foot bigger than the other...there's no real, way to get a perfect fit on both feet...So I always size to the larger foot. Steve
When do they go up on the auction?  Want to mark my calendar.  Steve
A cold day in Dallas. Broke my trusty Cigar CT boot from Alden DC Steve
Nope they are on the 2045 last.  Corded soles are bullet proof too! Steve
Exposing my Horsebutt to snow in Colorado Springs. Steve
I would likely jump on this.  Would prefer the horsehide with the regular side out.  But might consider a RO. Steve
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