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MrDV-Awesome boots!  I'm hoping mine look as good as yours when they arrive later this year.  However my grass in Dallas will never be that nice, we only get to water 1 time per 2 weeks! See Ya,Steve
      Im love the Leffot preorder system.  However they do require 100% upfront for non-stock sizes, in my case a 13D.  I'm ok with that, they have been awesome to work with!  I also like some of their special make ups unique to Leffot. See Ya,Steve
Look like a solid case to take to Leffot! Count me in too, let's try and get a #8 run! plus a cigar run at same time!See Ya,Steve
Ironclad-these look fantastic! I'm looking forward to mine from Alden on Madison!See Ya,Steve
All of Y'all looking good!See Ya,Steve
One of my favorite Alden loafers. Looking timeless on you Uncle!See Ya,Steve
I think the Aberdeen #8 NST boot, at least the one sold by The Shoe Mart is called the 9 eyelet Dress boot. Model 4039Its certainly sleeker, and less Tank like :) See Ya,Steve
Sometimes you need to start the week with a shot of whiskey.  Specially if you have pneumonia MDubs it clears up congestion!   See Ya, Steve  
Mike-summer pneumonia is not good! Rest up and don't break a sweat polishing shoes!Get well soon.See Ya,Steve
I agree with you Mike!  The real question I have about Alden...if you are selling your product faster than you can produce it why don't you find a way to train new people to do things right and increase revenue?  I know there'a manpower shortages in all trades including a/c and heat.  Thats why we bring in entry level manpower and train them to do things right, and continue to build our workforce.  In general I know shoe maker is a trade/skill that is moving overseas and...
New Posts  All Forums: