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Guess what tomorrow is...its Daytrippers day for me! I've seen some great make ups today. Congrats to those who got their Cigar Indy's they look great! Those suede LS boots look good too! See Ya, Steve
I've seen some awesome shoes and boots the last few days.  Congrats to all of you!   See Ya, Steve
Really nice tassels Uncle! See Ya,Steve
jstancato-I've worn blue Ralph Lauren slacks with these.  Several other colors of jeans too.  I'm a big guy so I don't have many options on the designer type denim stuff.   See Ya, Steve
Wearing my Cigar CT boot on commando from Alden DC.  This has become one of my favorite boots.  Very versatile, and durable too!  I can't wait for its cousin the Ravello Daytripper to arrive later this week!   See Ya, Steve  
Those Daytrippers look just like I was hoping for! Can't wait for my pair to drop next week. Very nice shades of Ravello lately! See Ya, Steve
Update on my issue with whiskey PTB that had shading issues. I decided to keep them. I think with wear and some polish they will be fine. I appreciate all of the opinions. I did reach a fair compromise and I'm happy. See Ya, Steve
Not yet...But I plan to. See Ya,Steve
Gentlemen-Thanks for the feedback. All I'm lacking to complete my collection of PTB is whiskey. I think the opinions are what I expected, and genuine from each of your perspectives, and that's what I wanted. I honestly don't want to be picky, I know I've overlooked splotchy on some whiskey/Ravello I own. I think mdubs explained it best, and I tend to agree. I will take another look tomorrow's and try them on to see how they look on my feet?Thanks Again!.See Ya,Steve
Hello Gang-Need your opinion...Earlier this summer I got a pair of Whiskey PTB that had a big square mark on 1 shoe and I returned them, the consensus was how did they send those out as first quality?  It was bad to say the least.   I got my 2nd pair today, this time from Alden DC.  I'm not a super picky guy when it comes to shell cordovan, I understand there's going to be variance and flaws.  I like some different shading on LWB, or cap toes.   Here's the photo of the...
New Posts  All Forums: