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A pair of tweezers should fix that.  I've seen it a few times. Steve
Broke out my AOM Cigar LWB today. Pant are AG Steve
I would check with Leffot and see if they have a color that matches in the new line of belts they. I think the maker is CortheSteve
I wear AE in size 14, and Alden 13 fits great in Barrie.  Most size 1/2 down from AE so you should be good!  No doubt the Alden version is a better looking boot.IMHO they are better proportioned. Steve
  My 2 cents is that none of the make ups we've seen recently would have been made in those leathers if it were SD construction.  It's possible for many leathers to be very tough but not easy to bend or stitch.  I think its way too far down the road to say if it were SD I'd buy it.  Brett has made it clear why he won't go there anymore and no amount of complaining is going to change it IMHO.Just because its been done in SD in the past does not mean its going to happen...
Notre code worked for me. Got Tobacco Chamois Service Boot. Steve
I would play too. I was 2nd highest bidder on the Viberg shell boot that got auctioned last ChristmasSteve
I would participate in this. Steve
All excellent points. The reverse shell was not my cup of tea...though I've got nothing against it. It's certainly true that non shell Vibergs that are BNIB don't sell for retail price. Many Alden's don't either. Within the last year I bought Cigar Indy, Cigar LHS ne #8 LWB for a combined cost of about $1,000 off eBay. I doubt I'll ever repeat that deal!However I've never seen anything Alden or Viberg in shell in my size in Color 4, Brandy or Natural shell that I...
I agree...but I see Viberg evolving in the world of niche footwear....just a little behind Alden. The Internet has changed everything. Exposing Viberg to more demand. Go back 5 years and most color of shell in Alden's was easily available, even MTO. Vibergs evolution seems similar to me. The recent Viberg natty shells sold out in less than 2 minutes. Time will tell on Viberg. However I won't be surprised if a pair of those Natty shells don't get dipped for a...
New Posts  All Forums: