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Try ashlandleather.com See Ya,Steve
That's an awesome pair of Cigar jumpers!  How old are these, and who offered them? See Ya,Steve
  Did Too!
Mac-These are really nice whiskey PTB...excellent color! See Ya,Steve
    I agree...Whiskey WT boot is rare.  I was not aware its not been made before.  Maybe it was just MTO, or another brand.  No doubt theres a few members of SF that does not think Whiskey is a good option in WT boot on commando.  The Ravello SW shoe was another rare offer yesterday.  I'm not aware of those being available for a long time too.  I realize odds on getting one of these type of make ups are slim.   See Ya,Steve 
I think a whiskey boot of any type (except chukka) is fairly rare.  I've asked a few shops about the chances of getting a whiskey CT boot, Whiskey NST boot.  None seem interested.  Alden DC seems pretty progressive on some of the rare make-ups and Kathy said not likely.  Since I've been a member this is the first whiskey boot I've seen become available.  With that being said...I've seen a lot of make ups this year go into production we've not seen for a long time.  I think...
              I won't try to include all of the many post on this subject today.  I think it was best said you are not going to please all the people all the time.  I do know there have been many post by mdubs and myself on the topic on how to land rare color/make ups.  It started for me, and I think mdubs by finding every Alden retailer out there.  I emailed or called at least 50 stores.  Told them Im looking for rare color shell...what do you have in my size,  I ask for...
Very Nice-I regret not getting in on this preorder.  An excellent casual LWB and storm proof too! See Ya,Steve
Unle Those look brand new!  Great King #8 See Ya,Steve
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