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    Thanks for the feedback.  I was thinking the same thing about them and y'all enabled me! Steve
Don't we all! 😎Steve
There are 2 versions with burlap sole one on 2030 and the other on 2045. I love my horse butt a lot...well I won't go there. These ones I'm asking about are very similar and on the 2045. It does have the Dr Sole, but does not appear to be cork. They had my size so I copped. From my perspective it's seems to be more difficult these days to get stitch down, 2045 last and my big foot size. I'll probably Keep them. A Texas guy like me always has back up! Steve
So what the opinion on this make up from Notre? It's on the 2045 last like the Context horse butt Viberg x Notre Coffee Pack - Service Boot in Icy Mocha CXL Looking for feedback Steve
  Everything I've heard indicates the triple layer horse butt won't be duplicated.  I'm very glad I bit the bullet and got the horse butt and mahogany shell. The horse butt is my most interesting boot in my collection from the hide itself...to the soles.  It's a tank in every way possible.  I own a lot of Viberg and Alden boots in many colors, mainly shell.  The horse butt is the most different of all the hides I have.  Not the best looking, not the most comfortable...yet;...
Dave glad you got a pair, I picked up a pair too.I think the dark edge is a little more versatile, but I like antique edges too.Steve
I wonder if my Ravello WTB will ever land at AOM?I"ll drool over yours for now Mike!Steve
Unionmade just put some restocked Alden #8 models on their site. Including the Halleck Wingtip Boot. Steve
Yes she does. All of my Grant last are an E width. I've got E width through Leffot and TSM too. Some were preordersSteve
  I go from D width on Barrie to E width on Grant but stay same size.  That's  worked for and has been recommended by Ed at TSM and Kathy at Alden DC. Steve
New Posts  All Forums: