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I like it when you use big words! My comments were not meant be against women. I was simply to trying to expresss there has been a lot of complaining about what choices Viberg makes and a huge amount of jockeying for position. I have a wife and daughter so let's not pretend that 1 week a month is challenging. If anybody takes the fact that happens and I compare it to the bitching and whining on this Forum as hatred towards women is Stupid right back at you rutabaga!Steve
I swear...some of the bitching I see on this forum I would swear somebody is going through a menstrual cycle! Steve
Very Nice Chippy!   Steve
Daytrippers are fairly rare and desirable.  However at $1500 is way high on these in my opinion.  They originally sold for about $750.Depends how bad you want a pair...we've not seen Ravello in any style in 2 years.  I personally would go above $900.00  I do have this pair....Grant last, single oiled sole, antique welt.  Steve
Chiming in on this topic.  I've had the same thing happen to a pair of Indys myself.  Leather Soul sent me the paperwork to ship to Alden.They tore the boots apart...fixed the issue and resoled.  the only obligation Alden has is to repair defects.  If they decide to replace thats cool, but unless there's an issue different than mine...they are repairable...for free.  It would be different on a new pair only worn a few times.  Steve
That's great...then same size and last should work in a boot too. Steve
I own a lot of Alden shell boots and shoes.  I feel there is a minor difference between boots and shoes...but nothing that's caused me to size differently.Since the boots are taller and go above the ankle I think they fit snugger simply because they lace higher and there is pressure from lacing in a different area..  To be honest I've seen some variance between shoes and boots with the same model# and last and how they fit.  I see it more of a human factor than anything...
I've expected that all this year. At some point yet to be determined I'm sure Ravello will surface. Until then...where art thou Ravello? Steve
Ravello, Ravello where art thou?  I long for thee Ravello.  Will thou be spotted this year in the WT boot I ordered over 2 years ago and paid for?  Will thee show up in any make ups this year?  That is the question I yearn to be answered.     Steve   Happy Friday!
A pair of tweezers should fix that.  I've seen it a few times. Steve
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