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Told y'all these rock! A shame they did not have my size when I saw them.See Ya,Steve
I think the Daytripper is a single water lock sole, other than sole everything is pretty much the same. See Ya,Steve
Should have done both!  :) See Ya,Steve
No doubt Magic Mike. I had to listen Kathy tell me that "we" have too many shoes. But she still sells them to me. I'm trying to get a whiskey CT boot going with Kathy, a few nudges by the right peeps would help. IT would make a nice spring bot. I'm down for commando or double water lock soles.I fussed about missing out on the Ravello CT boot. Seems she might try another order at some point.Spent 2 hours just talking stuff and bought 2 pairs.See Ya,Steve
. Pretty sure they are Plaza lastGood LuckSee Ya,Steve
PSA-I was at Alden DC today and saw a few interesting make ups.  They have a few pairs of Cigar boots with Medallion tip that were supposed to go overseas but did not. They also had some Medallion tip shoes in Ravello in a few sizes.  I saw a few pairs of Ravello LWB, plus Cigar LHS.  If any of that appeals to you, give Kathy or Joe a call they are both great to work with and I highly recommend  them for their very wise knowledge of Alden products and how to make sure you...
Uncle-Those are a very fine cigar indeed!  Hard to get that color these days in cigar. See Ya,Steve
Watchman1-Thanks for your comments.  I was not in the market for the #8 PCT shoe, but the color was so vivid and vibrant I could not resist.  They had 2 pairs in my size, the other was a very dark #8. See Ya,Steve
Stopped by Alden DC and got a pair the CXL LHS, plus I really liked the #8 shell PCT shoe, got those too! See Ya, Steve
I like these...so much I picked up a pair today at Alden DC See Ya,Steve
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