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Uncle-Awesome Cigar PTB-actually pristine! See Ya,Steve
I have them in cigar and black and I love them!    I got confused on lasts...it's my NST lace up shoe in Cigar and Whiskey I have on Aberdeen from Alden SF, and TSM in Ravello.  I also have NST in whiskey and #8 on Barrie. See Ya,Steve
I have researched this and indeed these are on the Grant last! See Ya,Steve
  I got these from Alden San Francisco and was told they were Aberdeen.  They feel like Aberdeen too, because I needed an E width to make them work.  However I'm not saying they are for certain Aberdeen. See Ya,Steve
Wearing my Cigar NST loafer on Aberdeen model 1031.  Circa 2012 I think. One of the rarer models of cigar I been able to catch.   See Ya, Steve    
No worries...I'm on the fall run of Whiskey PTB from sister store Alden DCSee Ya,Steve
  Actually I like the shade of this whiskey...it's pretty true to the whiskey color.  If you hold the shoe at the right angle you can't see the darker area.  When they arrived Friday afternoon I quickly looked at them and did not see the dark area.  Today I looked again and said "Aw Crap" This will be the 1st pair I've returned due to defects.  However the question thats already been asked is how did this make it out of QC? See Ya,Steve
My Whiskey PTB arrived from Alden SF and I did not bother trying them on.  As you can see in the photo...there's a large rectangle area on the right right shoe that's darker than the rest of the shoe.  As Ron White said:  You can't fix stupid!   They are going back   See Ya, Steve  
I was recently at LS Waikiki and they did not have much in Alden shell of any color, even black.  Still a decent Alden offering but nothing like I would expect. The LS downtown is their flagship store.  to be honest...I had a hard time finding the Waikiki store.  You can't see it from the street, I had to call and ask them.  Turns out it's on the 2nd or 3rd level of some stores connected to a hotel.  Once you find it it does have a large selection of shoes, but not as many...
Everybody raise your hand that believes it's luck that got Mike this pair of cigar old stock?    It's more like Mike is Columbo...turning over every possible clue to get to the inventory.  Let's say: No shell left behind! See Ya,Steve
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