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  Everything I've heard indicates the triple layer horse butt won't be duplicated.  I'm very glad I bit the bullet and got the horse butt and mahogany shell. The horse butt is my most interesting boot in my collection from the hide itself...to the soles.  It's a tank in every way possible.  I own a lot of Viberg and Alden boots in many colors, mainly shell.  The horse butt is the most different of all the hides I have.  Not the best looking, not the most comfortable...yet;...
Dave glad you got a pair, I picked up a pair too.I think the dark edge is a little more versatile, but I like antique edges too.Steve
I wonder if my Ravello WTB will ever land at AOM?I"ll drool over yours for now Mike!Steve
Unionmade just put some restocked Alden #8 models on their site. Including the Halleck Wingtip Boot. Steve
Yes she does. All of my Grant last are an E width. I've got E width through Leffot and TSM too. Some were preordersSteve
  I go from D width on Barrie to E width on Grant but stay same size.  That's  worked for and has been recommended by Ed at TSM and Kathy at Alden DC. Steve
  I had discussed a few pairs with him before in the past and usually was pretty fair. Some of his other listings are a bit out there too like the DC cigar captoes. I know we wear the same size and sure your probably interested as well. I submitted a reasonable offer and was declined so we'll see what they sell for or how long they sit. If someone pays 10g's, more power to them.I'm just wondering what rock he found these under. Or was the original owner and just sat on...
My Kudu Indy's are the full lug sole, not gum light.  I think all of the Kudu Indy are the full lug sole. Steve
I would recommend the Kudu Indy with the Lug sole, not the commando.  It has a much better sole for the big storms.  There are a lot of Alden stores that carry it.  Steve
But they're not real!  Steve
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