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Some fine Whiskey there DV!  I regret turning down the option on Whiskey and Cigar Indy. Steve
You can call, but I doubt anything in rare shell is even being considered right now.  In particular Ravello orders can't be delivered due to a shortage with no date when existing orders will be completed.  I've got several Ravello pairs on order from last year or before that are way overdue.  Cigar shell is almost as bad but some to complete outstanding orders is supposed to be available soon.  There might be some whiskey shell out there but I'm not aware of any orders...
I agree...specially on lighter colored shell.  You spill anything with color on whiskey or ravello and don't remove it quickly...some of the stain will stay.  Thats a risk you run anytime in public and in a bar or bathroom, or even dinner.  I agree water spots/bumps will likely come out, but anything else it might be an issue.  Leather defender does not stay on shell long term.  It's just a quick mist and wipe, I retreat anytime I know I will be in the rain and keep a...
I've looked at the photo and blown it up to look closer.  Based on the other areas that have creasing...all are lighter.  I would start by wiping down with wet cloth and then brush...a lot of brushing.  I'm curious to see how much that helps.  In most cases  the creases will get darker again and match the rest of the hide.  If necessary...use a deer bone on creases.  I do see one area that has a dark splotch...you mentioned in your post the color was flaking off...which is...
My JCrew  black shell cordovan cadets just arrived NIB at the discounted price of $543.20.  I'm happy and glad I pulled the trigger while the coupon still worked!   Happy Weekend!     Steve
You will want to email ASAP during the pre-sale window.  It will require 100% pre payment. Steve
Plus free shoe trees!  In addition you have the option to cancel.  Might be a few pairs available!  Steve
Both of those are excellent examples of Whiskey shell.   Steve
Mike-I love those BB Black WT!  I have them in #8 and they are a nice make up!     Steve
  Thanks Guys...I feel very fortunate to have got in on this order since only 12 pairs were made.  I've seen some very incredible shots ya'lls  Aldens too!   Steve
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