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Now that the official tax day is behind us I predict an Uncle Mac sighting sometime soon!   Steve
zippy-Awesome shoes, and a great looking sammich too! Steve
I've seen a lot of discussion on the temperatures when you quit wearing boots?  Like many things in our current world...original design and intent has been lost in translation!  The original Indy boot is a work boot and thats where the discussion ends.  Anybody who actually buys a work boot for Work will wear them while working regardless of outdoor temperature.  There's lot of boot options out there, Alden, or not.   My point is: to a working guy a boot is a tool just...
Awesome start on a great collection! Just think you could own enough shell to equal college tuition debt! Ravello LWB is an excellent start into the rare shell game.Steve
A great compromise is the NST shoe.  Can be casual or dress and it's on barrie last from a few shops.  I also like cap toes which are usually on the Grant last. Steve
   I appreciate the big foot tips.  I got my whiskey, ravello, and cigar chukkas in the stable already.  I can only wear 13E in a narrow last like Aberdeen, or boots on Grant.  I'm in pretty tight with Alden SF and DC...that's where I got a lot of rare make-ups in the early days of going wild buying Aldens.   It's pretty cool that Alden SF had cigar and whiskey NST shoes on Aberdeen 3 years ago, not sure when they were made.  I also got a Cigar full strap NST slip...
    Thanks for the Kudo's guys.  There's so many many rare make ups that I doubt I would ever get.  Whiskey tanker was one of those.  For me the question always is:  Did anyone order a 13D back during that timeframe?  Ever more interesting is that Leffot actually stated in their promo that 13D was available...I've got multiple Leffot make ups and always have to pre-pay in my size.  I was shocked when these tankers showed up in the marketplace.  I'm a happy camper right...
Yes they are on Barrie.   Here's a link to the Leffot site back when they were available...around 2011/2012   http://web.archive.org/web/20111124185341/http://leffot.com/2011/11/22/alden-x-leffot-whiskey-tanker-boot/   Steve
Maiden voyage of my newly aquired from SF Marketplace Leffot Whiskey Tankers. Happy Whiskey Wednesday!   Steve  
denver0321-we understand what you're saying...however the vast majority can't truly support this position because there are no photos. One pictures worth a thousand words. In addition very few members of this forum have had any problems with Leffot...they are an awesome source for Alden make ups. I'm certain if you have a legit defect Leffot will do the right thing.Keep us posted on how things go, and take a few photos to post.Steve
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