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Right on Bobbo! I elected to wait on my Ravello WTB...hope it's not 2 more years, but it's a pair I'll wait on as long as it takes!Steve
I understand ya'll want your boots. I'm waiting on several pairs of Vibergs myself, and both pairs are prepaid.. I've been waiting for a pair of Alden's close to 2 years. Those are prepaid too.I don't think Viberg is taking care of stockists any faster than us. The delays were unforeseen and there's nothing we can do about. I would rather they take their time and get it right rather than rush.Steve
In regards to the #4 PTB on eBay.  Many of us balk at the opening bid.  Yet how many unworn pairs of this model are available today? I've seen a lot of pressure on this forum that outright blasts people for marking up Alden's over list price.  Specially those who buy multiple pairs in rare colors and flips them. I don't prefer that either...but I don't take offense if someone try's to get premium $$ for a truly rare model.  I've never seen a #4 model for sale in my size,...
Having wiggle room for your toes is ok, and minor heel slip is too. How close together does the lacing flaps pull together? If the flaps touch they might be too big. One mistake I've made in the past was my boot felt comfortable on flat ground but when I hiked down hill my big toe touched the end of the boot and caused me to lose a toe nail.It's rare to get a perfect fit and in my opinion err a little large. You might try a thicker sock and see what that does for you. ...
Welcome back Mac...great to see you posting!Steve
Culwell & Son in Dallas stocks Alden.Steve
I like big butts I can not lie!Steve
I emailed Context about the horse butt belts to see if I could get one made in size? The response: Glad to hear you like the boots. We have no more of the Work Shoe Butt leather, and Horween is is telling that there won't be more available for the foreseeable future. If anything changes with that we will shoot you an email. Steve
Mine look like yours with great character in the hide. No doubt this is clearly a true work boot and designed as such. It's a wider boot and reminds me of a Red Wing work boot, possibly Danner or work type boots...but on steroids quality wise and ready for action.I will lace them up and try to get some action photos.tomorrow.Steve
Anticipation!  It's making you wait!! Steve
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