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I'll be at that game and not rooting for cheese! Dak
I Agree.  If you're not wearing made to measure shoes/boots then wearing a thicker sock is fine...specially on boots.I vary width only on my Alden's.  Barrie, Trubalance  and maybe a few others a D width, Grant, Van Aberdeen I wear and E width.Since virtually everyone has 1 foot bigger than the other...there's no real, way to get a perfect fit on both feet...So I always size to the larger foot. Steve
When do they go up on the auction?  Want to mark my calendar.  Steve
A cold day in Dallas. Broke my trusty Cigar CT boot from Alden DC Steve
Nope they are on the 2045 last.  Corded soles are bullet proof too! Steve
Exposing my Horsebutt to snow in Colorado Springs. Steve
I would likely jump on this.  Would prefer the horsehide with the regular side out.  But might consider a RO. Steve
Chippy-I've been wearing cowboy boots since a child. Lucchese is awesome, specially Lucchese Classics. Even better are the Lucchese boots made in San Antonio. I've got several pairs from that era. My favorites are ML Leddy made in Ft Worth. Custom to your foot, legendary quality. 2 year wait to get them once you order.Steve
OK all you PeeWee Herman fans! I'll check. I'm looking for John Wayne or Billy Bob Thornton! Being a native Texan...I've got my cowboy boots with me too. Steve
Meetings in San Antonio Wearing my TSM Black shell LHS with a suit. Steve
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