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BootSpell-very nice looking kick around boot. For boots commando sole is my favorite. See Ya, Steve
Kahuna75-congrats on the Cigar Indy a very nice shade! See Ya, Steve
Looking good Mike. I like those laces and unlikely they made my size I can still wish a miracle this time of year and ask for a size 13 Ravello LWB with brass eyelets from JCrew. Miracles do happen!Merry Christmas! Enjoy the time off.See Ya,Steve
Congrats and Enjoy!See Ya,Steve
Carrier has a plant near Memphis, and part of the tour is to stay at the Peabody and a trip to Rendezvous. Awesome ribs, and hard to beat.BBQ and boots go together!See Ya,Steve
Ninfa's is awesome and pretty much put Tex-Mex on the map in late 1970's.   See Ya,Steve
RTP-I agree that BBQ brisket done wrong is no good!  However if you know BBQ done right.... then its really good.  I make a mean pork butt, pork ribs, and just about anything on my Primo ceramic grill.  The key is low heat, and high moisture.  My pork tastes like the Carolina's and TN with a nice sweet tang to it! I totally understand what your saying on wearing boots in the summer.  However...you don't see real ranch hands wearing anything but boots working the herds, the...
hoit1981-Awesome tankers.  I want!   See Ya, Steve
V49-No doubt Houston is muggy year round and I totally understand your point.  Houston typically does cool down enough in Dec-Feb that you could wear most anything without a problem.  So far...except for early Nov even Dallas has been above normal on temperatures.  This week has been plenty cool, highs of 60's, lows in high 30's to low 40's so I've been able to wear anything. I'm in the HVAC business and in my younger days I spent a whole summer working on systems in...
Uncle-Beautiful patina on the Whiskey NST.  Glad I have a pair of these...a really nice make up.   See Ya, Steve
New Posts  All Forums: