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Exposing my Horsebutt to snow in Colorado Springs. Steve
I would likely jump on this.  Would prefer the horsehide with the regular side out.  But might consider a RO. Steve
Chippy-I've been wearing cowboy boots since a child. Lucchese is awesome, specially Lucchese Classics. Even better are the Lucchese boots made in San Antonio. I've got several pairs from that era. My favorites are ML Leddy made in Ft Worth. Custom to your foot, legendary quality. 2 year wait to get them once you order.Steve
OK all you PeeWee Herman fans! I'll check. I'm looking for John Wayne or Billy Bob Thornton! Being a native Texan...I've got my cowboy boots with me too. Steve
Meetings in San Antonio Wearing my TSM Black shell LHS with a suit. Steve
I love shell cordovan but there's time when my LS CXL Ulimate Indy's fill a void and get the job done Steve
I respect those wanting a 310 boot...but can't get on board for the look.  I can see it as a great option for those who use while riding their motorcycle. However it's far enough away from an everyday rough boot I can't jump on.  I am in favor of a rough boot in 2040, 2045, or 2030.  I would love some ultra tough horsehide, or horse butt. similar.  Don't want suede/reverse type hide.  I can handle just about any sole commando, cork, Cats Paw, whatever.  5 eyelets is...
Picture from my hotel room in DC. Suit and tie day. Ralph Lauren suit with TSM Ravello NST shoe. Steve
I like it when you use big words! My comments were not meant be against women. I was simply to trying to expresss there has been a lot of complaining about what choices Viberg makes and a huge amount of jockeying for position. I have a wife and daughter so let's not pretend that 1 week a month is challenging. If anybody takes the fact that happens and I compare it to the bitching and whining on this Forum as hatred towards women is Stupid right back at you rutabaga!Steve
Very Nice Chippy!   Steve
New Posts  All Forums: