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Since when has being financially respondsible had anything to do with this forum!  Blasphemy I Say! I do understand however that the bills have to be paid See Ya,Steve
Shawnc-Both boots are awesome!  I have the Ravello WTB with Commando on order, and the Daytripper.  Hope both of mine look as good as yours! Congrats  See Ya,Steve
Uncle Mac-Thanks I emailed LS and they are sending me a repair order for Alden to handle.By the way your King Full straps look great! I'm ready for some warmer weather here in Dallas so I can wear mine! We got some rare snow in Nov here.See Ya,Steve
They did not look like this when I got them.  you could see none of the stitching like it shows now.  Only after about wearing 12 times and really breaking in did this show up. Thanks for the feedback! See Ya,Steve
SF Members-I need some advice.  I have a pair of Ultimate Indy boots that I've got some stitching showing around the welt.  Other than being unsightly I've not experienced any issues.  They are in warranty.  What do think is the best way to get resolved?  Directly contact with Alden, or go back to Leather Soul?   See Ya, Steve  
Drop the FD from model number 40287H is a Black shell cordovan NST  tanker boot on Barrie lastTry this link:http://ilcirco.tistory.com/entry/aldentanker See Ya,Steve
I think the scenario can vary on the location of the stock. I've been told it's in the retail store , and in the warehouse. I've called the retail store and been put on hold while they confirm the shoe is in stock. I changed my expectations on this opportunity. I expect them to be sold and happily surprised when I get them.Se Ya,Steve
I have no proof of this...but I suspect that many of the rare shoes/boots on the TSM seconds list get sold in the store the day they become available.  If I lived near the store I would stop in all the time to try and find out when the next seconds list will start and be there the morning it starts.  In regards to some getting the list earlier than others I would imagine the email list is staggering in length.  It likely takes a long time for the lists to get emailed out,...
Hope your sofa is comfortable!  In the past my wife has said:  you love your shoes so much go sleep with them! See Ya,Steve
Congrats-Now lets hope in 1-2 days you don't get the "inventory error" message and the order gets cancelled! Good luck! See Ya,Steve
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