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I like big butts I can not lie!Steve
I emailed Context about the horse butt belts to see if I could get one made in size? The response: Glad to hear you like the boots. We have no more of the Work Shoe Butt leather, and Horween is is telling that there won't be more available for the foreseeable future. If anything changes with that we will shoot you an email. Steve
Mine look like yours with great character in the hide. No doubt this is clearly a true work boot and designed as such. It's a wider boot and reminds me of a Red Wing work boot, possibly Danner or work type boots...but on steroids quality wise and ready for action.I will lace them up and try to get some action photos.tomorrow.Steve
Anticipation!  It's making you wait!! Steve
One it clears Customs it's USPS.  I've not had any issues at all with my deliveries. Steve
Yep...what I was thinking too.Steve
Great news! Looking at my pair...it reminds me somewhat of Alden Chamois leather. I agree it starts with some good character and should patina very nicely as they age.Steve
  In regards to the scratch...try the spoon.  I've had success with many leathers when I'm trying to smooth out a scratch or scuff.  You can also use a brush to work on it.  My experience with this type leather is similar to a Red Wing boot, in that the leather is pretty waxy and easy to scuff, but it also smooth out pretty easy too.  If you wear them like they were intended you'll have a ton of scuffs.  I agree the leather needs nothing right now.  The only area I'm...
Don't have mine yet.  I think I would use the Red Wing leather stuff on it if they were mine.  Try taking a spoon and rubbing the area with it too. Steve
I hope those aged bark show up...really nice boot! Steve
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