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Mike I buy Alden trees too. I only use the single piece tree while caring for my shoes. I somewhat messed up a pair of whiskey short wings!See Ya,Steve
I keep a set of trees in mine too, when caring for them. I've found using trees with a split in them works better and avoids areas that look different because the gaps in the tree.See Ya,Steve
Anticipation its making me wait!  Christmas on Friday!! See Ya,Steve
Nice reach chrisefi! See Ya,Steve
Ive been to New Orleans many times.  Under most conditions in the French Quarter on a weekend the streets are not a place you want to wear nice shoes.  An indy in CXL, Kudu, or similar is fine.  Even if you don't get hammered enough to puke you can be caught in the line of fire.  Be aware there plenty of ladies there packing spare parts.  The only rule I can tell you that will land you in jail if a cop sees it is peeing in public.  Just about anything else is not an...
inn8chiro  That is a sweet boot which I regret not buying them when I had the chance.   See Ya, Steve
My #8 Tankers from AOM arrived yesterday. About Mac Method break them in. Nice egg plant color See Ya, Steve
I own a A/C & Heat company...it mainly owns me. I'm older than many on this forum. My kids help keep me young. I help keep Mdubs Palace comfortable year round. My man Mdubs works up a little sweat while doing his maintenance routine, which could impact the shine. Gotta keep him cool! See Ya, Steve
RTP-I agree with that! I love whiskey shell and the bottled version too.Media hound-Many SF members can do well without preorders. Unfortunately for me only a few retailers will include size 13 in an order unless paid in advance. I can deal with, and understand that requirement.See Ya,Steve
With exception of the Ravello NST boot, all are paid in advance because of my foot size. The Ravello NST my CC was charged and then refunded..which is how TSM operates. The only thing that would prevent them being delivered is if there'sa defect in my pair or if they run out of material while making them. That does happen. All of these are confirmed, and most in production. All of these are special to me, and took a lot of emails, phone calls, begging to get there. ...
New Posts  All Forums: