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Mac-These are really nice whiskey PTB...excellent color! See Ya,Steve
    I agree...Whiskey WT boot is rare.  I was not aware its not been made before.  Maybe it was just MTO, or another brand.  No doubt theres a few members of SF that does not think Whiskey is a good option in WT boot on commando.  The Ravello SW shoe was another rare offer yesterday.  I'm not aware of those being available for a long time too.  I realize odds on getting one of these type of make ups are slim.   See Ya,Steve 
I think a whiskey boot of any type (except chukka) is fairly rare.  I've asked a few shops about the chances of getting a whiskey CT boot, Whiskey NST boot.  None seem interested.  Alden DC seems pretty progressive on some of the rare make-ups and Kathy said not likely.  Since I've been a member this is the first whiskey boot I've seen become available.  With that being said...I've seen a lot of make ups this year go into production we've not seen for a long time.  I think...
              I won't try to include all of the many post on this subject today.  I think it was best said you are not going to please all the people all the time.  I do know there have been many post by mdubs and myself on the topic on how to land rare color/make ups.  It started for me, and I think mdubs by finding every Alden retailer out there.  I emailed or called at least 50 stores.  Told them Im looking for rare color shell...what do you have in my size,  I ask for...
Very Nice-I regret not getting in on this preorder.  An excellent casual LWB and storm proof too! See Ya,Steve
Unle Those look brand new!  Great King #8 See Ya,Steve
Just depends....I will say that all of them seem to be darker in recent batches.  Not only is Horween dealing with an all natural product, I think temperature also has a large impact on how much color is absorbed.  Curing during colder temperature slows down the amount of color/lighter and warmer temps cause more color to be absorbed.  Based on pictures I've seen I don't think the areas where the hides are cured are heated/cooled although the vats might have some type if...
Feeling Lucky?  Go ahead make my day! I'm in See Ya,Steve
My Ravello LWB from AOC arrived today.  I'm very pleased with tis shade of Ravello, and the quality of this pair too.  Adam did a great job!  I took some photos next to other Ravello I have,m and across from Ravello is 3 different pairs of Whiskey I have.  I'm no mdubs or Uncle on photos, and the lighting is not perfect but here you go!     See Ya, Steve  
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