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Very good tour explanation and photosThanks for sharing!Steve
Mike-you're killing it!  Simply awesome Cigars!
Anything in Color #4 through Alden would elevate to mass hysteria.  I hope they do make something in #4 again, puzzling why they have not.  Its one of those things that I keep in the dream pile and celebrate if they come true.  In many ways collecting boots and shoes are my hobby too!   Steve
I agree with the QC discussion.  One of the biggest issue faced in the world of hand made shoes is man power.  No doubt there are jobs out there that are much harder than making shoes...however it seems the availability of skilled labor to make shoes, or perform just about any manual labor job continues to digress.  The only solution to try and keep QC at decent levels is increased pay...resulting in higher retail prices.  I don't see these challenges ever going away;...
I'm curious...I own a pair of what I think is Alden for Brooks Brothers suede LHS.  BB Model is MH00339, model inside shoe is 84145.  Looks like this:   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Handsewn-Suede-Penny-Loafers/MH00339_____DKBR_13___D___,default,pd.html   What color of Alden suede do you consider these?   I got them for $259.00     Steve
Got a call from AoM that my cigar LHS are shipping today.  These are from last years order where Cigar and Ravello was delayed.   Steve
Very interesting for sure. I've noticed neither pair has sold.Steve
I hope everyone got the model they wanted today.  I'm waiting on Chamois in a CT boot  I've got the AOM version of the tanker in #8, and the  McCoppin Tanker in Natural CXL.  Congrats to all!   Steve
I've got Alden bells in all colors but Ravello and #4.  They are the best quality shell belt I own.  I also own an Edward Green shell belt that works with whiskey or Ravello.  Last but no least I own several of the 1 piece shell belts offered through Horween.  I have whiskey and cigar in those. Steve
I've seen you have had a few comments on this.  I'm curious to see what you come up with?  I've got 2 pairs of whiskey shells with spots.  One is similar to yours, the other rains spots from yesterday.  What really pisses me off is I put leather defender on them yesterday am before I wore them!  Still got rain spots. Steve
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