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If you don't want a slim knit, don't buy a thermal. It's meant to be worn as a baselayer ie close to the body.
Are there any specific measurements for the sweaters? Or do they follow the After-Dinner shirting measurements?
What are the dimensions of the scarf?
Does anybody have a link to or any information about the Charly post where he writes about how to dress for muscular bodies? Thanks!
 This is my favorite suggestion. By far the biggest complaint people have when I show them WvG is that while there's a lot of cool stuff, most of it is out of stock most of the time. For people new to the brand this can be confusing, as the capsule/newsletter method is known on StyleForum but if you only look at the website it's not clear. A set of basics for a full outfit being kept regularly in stock would be huge for brand consistency. Right know WvG is known for...
visual interest is so 2000&late   synth wins on hair + jawbone synergy
A heads up, this applies to EG via e-mail order as well.
I appreciate it, thanks! I mostly lurk but y'all are super helpful in here.
Will the new lounge pant and the matching hoodie be dropping at around the same time? I really need a WvG sweatsuit in my life.
Got the newsletter and everything looks good. One question though, is that the only Valentine's Day fabric available? I'd be interested in some alternate ethnicities.
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