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Here's a picture that shows the color of the shoes more accurately:It looks okay without socks, but I'm hoping I can wear this to the office in the future, in which case I would need sensible socks. The yellowish-tan ones I'm wearing now don't cut it.
Here's a better photo showing the truer tan color.
No, they are not yellow---that is the flourscent lights of the courtroom perhaps. They are actually distinctly tan-and-dark-brown.
Haha, thanks for the advice but for $19 on clearance I'll keep them. They do show up as rather a yellow color in this shot, but IRL they are distinctly tan-and-brown.
What color / stripe / pattern socks should I wear with this pants / shoes combo? Thanks gents, hoping to look on my lunchbreak today.
What socks should I wear with this combination of checked pants and shoes? What socks should I wear with this combination of checked pants and shoes? Would prefer suggestions for a pattern / stripe / color that will be easy to find. Only spent $19 on the shoes so don't want to spend much on the socks.
Hmmm... yes the material is a bit softer than the tan canvas. However, I think it's still going to be very durable. As for the leather, I would disagree--I think it looks great. Haven't really had a problem with it collecting dust.
As far as the 256, it's available now for $320 with free shipping from Germany. PM me if you're interested in the details of how to procure it.Blue zippered tote is back in stock at UO and, randomly, at Hilton's Tent city.I paid $120 for mine with a coupon at UO. Also, I had the handles customized so that it would like an overnight bag (short handles), and not like a tote (long handles).I think you can get 15% off (and maybe free shipping too) at...
And here's a photo of the 256 in navy blue.
It is available in style 256. I've sent you a PM with the info.
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