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I just found out that this briefcase has an option for a laptop compartment. Anyone has experience carrying laptops in it? Would you recommend going for that option, or it has some downsides? (If necessary, I can avoid carrying a laptop in this bag.)   If I do order the compartment, would a 15" laptop fit, along with a power supply & mouse?     There are a few other options that I am not sure about. Hardware: brass or nickel. Lining: no lining, skiver, suede....
I'm planning to buy (MTO) EG Falkirk, and can't decide between these two colors. I didn't see either of them in a store, but both look amazing in photos (to my eye..). Anyone has seen both and might be able to offer advice?   Some pictures:   Thanks!
Do your comments about burnt pine (not being pleasing on its own, but appealing with navy/mid-grey trousers) apply to burnt pine antique as well? I saw this picture, and I thought it might be one of my all-time favorite colors. I might be misled by the fact that I'm looking at the photo; unfortunately, I never got a chance to see this in store.
Any particular brands you recommend to look at? I never bought anything at Nordstrom besides shoes.
Is there anything besides the AE shoes that is particularly worth looking at during the Nordstrom sale this July? I was thinking shirts, sports jackets, trousers, ties, but I'm not sure if any quality brands go on sale.   Thanks!
Thanks. I like C&J Alex a lot, but I'm on the US west coast, so it's a bit difficult to get a pair. I'll try them on when I'm in the east coast or in London. Any other suggestions? =)
I have a sports jacket, but no shoes to wear with it.   I have looked at AE Park Ave, AE Leeds, Alden Longwings #8, etc. I liked AE Park Ave but I felt they remind me of a business setting too much (for which case I prefer C&J Westbourne by far). I found AE Leeds and Alden too bulky for my taste. I also looked at boots (AE Chukkas) but decided I really prefer shoes.   I guess I want something a bit more sleek? Not gaudy / flashy, just less "square" looking. I am...
Thanks, I'll do that. If you suggest any particular shoe trees, or at least any particular features of a shoe tree, let me know!
I live in California but visiting London now. I was thinking to buy a RTW suit up to ~$2000 (1300 pounds or so). My problem is that I don't really know how to tell a good fit. Is there any store where I can trust the sales people? And do you have any particular brand recommendations? Unfortunately, I'm limited to central London this time.   I'm looking for a slimmer fit; in case it matters, my sizes are: Neck 14 1/2, Sleeve 33, Chest 36, Overarm  44, Waist 32, Hip...
C&J uses trees designed for each last... So I suppose I should buy it from them then.   And I can't share 1 tree for several pairs of shoes, right?  That is, a shoe should always be on a tree when not worn?   I'm used to tree priced at $20 in the US, so the £60 here in the UK was quite surprising.
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