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Went to BB to take advantage of the sale on cxl tassel on Aberdeen, and went down 1/2 size from brannock. I now know I wear size in Barrie, Tremont and Aberdeen. TTS in leydon, albeit + width.
CTYGGG, almost all of your posts refer to "EP". What is EP?
I am not a rep for Mr guy, only inspired by them. I no longer live in stl, and thought I ought to bring a little of home with me on my journeys. Go birdinals!
Bought my first pair of aldens this weekend, stock unlined brown suede chukkas, flex welt from my favorite menswear store in stl. Went TTS, 10d, they seem to fit perfectly. Out of curiosity, is the mac break in method prescribed only for shell? Want to Make sure they are as perfect as they seem before wearing outside. All help is appreciated from you more experienced sartorial folk.
I've been reading for quite a while, and have been itching for my first pair of Aldens. Given the wealth of pictures, and realistic availability, I was leaning towards #8 lwb. I found a local carrier who carries them. I went to try on a pair & verify fit. Having tried on the lwb Barrie... Holy huge shoe! The last seemed monstrous (aesthetically speaking). Did anyone else have a similar reaction, and subsequently end up falling in love? Now, having expressed my thoughts to...
Edit: dbl post please see below
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