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As promised, natty cxl tassels from BB. Procured during most recent sale. Loving them. Paired with j crew bowery oxford cloth. Loving these pants too. Other than my Alden's, favorite recentclothing purchase
First time posting in the wild shots, no idea if this works... Choco suede chukkas, braving the slight mist of NYC this evening. Cab shot
Bakes, the patina is what I'm most looking forward to. I've seen some natty cxl turn grey-ish (display pair of brixton boots in store at epaulet, a few weeks ago), which is much more worrisome to me
I've not actually worn them yet. Only broken them in. Pics to follow.Many many pics, if you so desire. Thank you to everyone for such timely responses. I still don't know how to quote on the phone...
Need help fellas. How durable/resilient is cxl? I brought my natty cxl tassels to NYC, and the forecast has taken a turn for the worse. I have my treated suede chukkas, tassels, and a pair of canvas Sperry sneakers. Have some plans where my canvas sneaks will not suffice, and suede treatment or not, I'm super hesitant to wear the chukkas. Am I safe in cxl with a little rain?
Don L, these are killing me. Going to new York tomorrow. I own no shell, just stock suede chukkas and BB cxl tassels. Realistically, I should not buy any $600+ shoes, but these have me strongly considering taking the plunge. These, along with the leffot #8 naval w/ antique edge, are competing for first shell purchase. I will not able to wear either to work often, due to environmental circumstances (outside often, rain sleet hail snow...). I'm interested in everyone's...
Chipshot, see above. Don't know how to quote on my phone...
Just bought cxl tassels on Aberdeen. Barrie is perfect. TTS much too large... Just my experience though
Does anyone have in the wild pictures of LS vintage anythings? Really want to see how the nubbock ages
Pics to follow, being shipped. Only had left shoe in my size. They couldn't find righty. If anyone needs an extra left footed natty cxl tassel 9.5D I bet BB in Philly has one on sale...
New Posts  All Forums: