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Considering the last few pages here, I do not feel too outta line posting this PSA: vintage Rolex sale on the Gilt Group site. My apologies to whomever drops $4k+ today
L to R: plaza; grant; Barrie; grant? Still honing my IDskills
Ha! Perhaps I should, though that is not a shoe safe. There certainly are members here more deserving of a shoe safe. No shell yet... I've only bought Aldens on sales
Tassels for a Sunday morning at the office. I haven't gotten as much wear out of these as I would like. Trying to reinstate them into the rotation, but they seem to straddle the line between casual and dressy in an awkward sort of way. I think the natty cxl is casual, while the tassel is inherently dressy.
Obliged. Pulled the trigger. Didn't want to wait & F up like I did with the Innsbruck Indy, leffot naval 8, etc... This whole Alden thing really is a slippery slope. 3rd pair since May, no shell though. First pre order. Hoping this doesn't turn me off to preorders in the future...
I am also looking at one of the leffot pre orders. I must apologize, for I know I've read the answer on here nearly a dozen times, but Leffots pre order turnaround is pretty reasonable, yes? I desperately need an (almost) all weather boot, but am hesitant if the wait will be many months. Has anyone spoken to Leffot with an expected time table?
Philly does have Sherman bros (2 locations, if memory serves). Very accommodating, pretty knowledgeable. They were also selling a few shell wingtips at $500. They had certainly been tried on, but I seriouslydoubt they ever left the store.
I've wanted to see those in the wild for some time now. Sharp boots hypo
No, went Barrie size. Was literally swimming in tts. Very pleased I tried on in store.
In reference to the discussion regarding tassels & age, I'm 24. I'm definitely the only guy among my friends wearing tassels, but I'm certainly not getting laughed outta the joint
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