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At $400, I think that the EEE Pad Transformer is the tablet to get right now. Beautiful hardware, runs Honeycomb out of the box, and has a few little accessories that let it stand out from the pack.
Quote: Originally Posted by joecanada Looking for a solid blue 38R suit; PM me if you have anything. Looking for something nice. Getting in line for the same thing, though I'll accept solid gray or solid black as well. Something relatively slim.
Great feedback for about11oclock. Super fast shipping, item as described.
Good feedback for furo. Item was sent very quickly and was exactly as described.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant His diets work but Lyle is a grade-A putz. For some reason, every trainer/coach/whatever on the net becomes a dick at some point. Probably due to having the same question asked a million times when you've spelled it out clearly in several places. Still, I find a lot of his posts on BR and the mean forum hilarious.
Quote: Originally Posted by mgoose I don't think whey protein is the way to go for an afternoon snack, it just won't fill you up. I have a shake I need to combine it with something more substantive like whole toast and an apple to feel full. Try a casein product. I use milk protein isolate with some fiber supp if I need a quick snack and it usually does the trick. YMMV, of course.
I wish I knew. My body wakes me between 6:30 and 8:30 without fail whether I go to bed at 10pm or 3am. I don't typically feel tired during the day, though, so maybe I'm doing ok.
The only stuff I use these days is TrueProtein milk protein isolate. I kind of look forward to re-ordering because I'll get to try some new flavors.
How do these run? I'd be interested in something matching a 10US, but I'm not sure if that's a 9UK or a 9.5UK for this shoe.
Hopefully Ed Hardy. I have a coworker whose wife is obsessed - She has Ed Hardy bags, clothing, perfume, seat covers, and who knows what else. I think that the trend is on the downturn even here in Cincinnati, so it can't be too long for this world.
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