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GTFan does a nice job making our lives easier by giving us the scoop on a lot of things. A lot of people don't have time to do the research that he does for us. Bc of him I was able to purchase a ton of newly released items (esp on nikes website) and great discounts.He was kindly letting us know to PM him if anyone was interested. No need to get hostile.
After seeing FoG new collection, I realized I'd like to see JE bring their half zip sweatshirt back, but this time make it slightly oversized with a drop shoulder
This guys gonna be right. Probably will be 10%..idc about JE being excluded in sales but wassup with these exclusions happening half way into a sale, annoying.. Seems like we're the rats in here and it's bc of us discussing discounts that JE's contacting these sites telling them to include them in exclusions.
Their CS is usually on top of their game.  Maybe they missed your e-mail.  I sent in an item for an exchange (all my crew tees are Medium, but I wanna try a Large out for trial-sake) last week as well, I think they got it on Wednesday or Thursday.  That package also had a return in it, I got an e-mail about the return, but nothing in regards to the exchange.  First time I'm exchanging, so I'm not sure how long the process is.
Joggers will never be dead in NYC. No one wants to wear denim running around the city. I do find myself only reaching for denim when I go back home to LA though
^^ haha!! stoked about that price. Grabbed plaster and olive. amped to get the olive one esp.
wow at tmrws release. wish i could cop the plaster/olive pants and the coat. that coats gotta be over 1k considering the wool bomber is 900..
400...haha jk idk im not buying it if its over 275
the olive and plaster one look fire 
I'm a little confused on the "waxed" part, is the black one waxed only (bc the plaster one doesn't look waxed to me)?  When I think of waxed, I'm not sure I get the right idea; because a couple winters ago circa Winter 2012/2013, when leather trousers/trackpants were really in, t by alexander wang etc did a bunch of waxed looking pants, and those were not cool
New Posts  All Forums: