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Yeah, I guess in their defense, they have ~1-2 releases per week, and technically release all year long
I always do classic crew on the co mix!
Charcoal co-mix is GOAT.  track it down and never let go
Not on board with that either but Maybe they're including tax on the shirt?
 Shirt actually looks nice.  White make would look great layered under jackets.If you haven't sent them back already/if you have time..would be great to see pics of the brown escobars...I'm on the fence re purchasing them.
This is everything.  The drops seem kinda sloppy with different colors of the same item dropping all over the place.  Or it would be nice if we KNEW what colors of the main line items would be dropping.  Like I have no idea if Oak is dropping in the half zip mercer..so I haven't purchased any Oak yet, just waiting on a half-zip mercer that may never drop.
They're cool. New seasons stuff will be dope though. I'd save money for FW16
Haha. I got these like a year ago, but have only worn them like 20x max
I still love the villains and wear them a lot. But am not purchasing anymore. I think the last one I purchased was back when Jade released; I remember purchasing clay and sage villains but decided I had one too many villains. Agreed that the raw edge, half zip mercer, and OS ones are sick. But it's also nice to have the villains bc it's kinda the only JE sweatshirt that isn't oversized.
New Posts  All Forums: