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 Yeah, green and pink are my TTS M.  Natural is Small.  Both S and M work fine..but for future LS curves, I'll probably go down to the Small.
Natural is dope-looks like the Ecru common projects.  The pink is subtle enough to be able to wear often and in the long run.  Would look sick with the grey or brown sweatpants.  The green looks really cool, but I'm pretty sure I'll be over it once the season is over..so I'm going to try my best to not give in to JE's trickery (his products are obviously EPIC, but dude really knows how to sell his brand) and buy more items released in this color way.
I probably won't buy any more saguaro this coming season, but the other two colors are wow
JE can do no wrong
JE needs to get in touch with that boutique selling the float knit in black for 1k--they need to price that at retail so I can purchase.
Man loopwgeel collection looks dope. Wish the zip up was dual zip though. JE done spoilt me with how good 2 riris look compared to 1.
It's probably gonna be close to 400. If I'mNot mistaken, villain loop wheel was 300
I hope it's not sunglasses. That'd be a big waste of suspense and pondering what it could be
Had to Pull these out to make sure I ordered the right size. They're both M. Might be baggy, but I'm cool with the M.
Either it is, or the new model is a little bigger. Either way, I stuck TTS with the M for the pink and green. And sized down to S for natural. I usually wear jackets/sweatshirts on top of everything anyways so both should work
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