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I'm 5'10 145, small is too small. So I go with medium.
I went with my normal size. Maybe should have sized up. Rue looks great from the front, but I gurss I just want to be able to get the most wear out of JE items and I just wasn't seeing that with the rue. Get the midnight villain instead of rue!!! My favorite villain thus far.
Yea I bought the rue in grey.  Looks whack with a regular tee under.  I decided I can't wear a U neck all the time so I actually sent mine back in exchange for the clash crew in grey.  i wasn't going to get the clash since i wasn't the biggest fan, but i liked the grey--not enough to get it in a villain or dual flash zip hoodie, so i figured clash crew was the best way to go.The pockets on the rue..with that weird material on the interior..was terrible. made it...
looks like a bib -.- I'm exchanging mine for the clash crew in grey. 
Yea just the sides. The front zip and pockets don't look bad at all, pretty cool actually. But when I see the overall look from the sides and back...ehh, I'm not sure I'm gonna keep it. Reminds me of a bib...
So I tried on the rue sweatshirt again today and was gonna wear it out... Man, it's kinda awkward. I want to love it because JE stuff is awesome, and it's a different style than the villain...but it's weird
JE--let us in on what else is expected and when. Dying to know.
The picture came out weird with the upper arm bagginess but it's not baggy at all--fits like all the other JE pics I've posted. I'd say I'm between a small and a medium, so I go with the medium.I'm 5'10 145lb and wear a M in everything for the other person who was asking earlier!
^^midnight rue def looks the best. They shoulda made the black rue a pitch black with black riris. I needed color variety so I got the grey -.- But not a hard piece to pass on
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