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Got burgundy sweats and villain hoodie. Color is a lot more faded than expected, so I'll be returning The sweats, but you can never go wrong with a villain hoodie.
John Elliott should write season/year (eg, FW14) like ACNE studios does on their tags so we know which ones ppl are referring to. I have 3 escobars. 2 in size medium (one of them fits right, the other is Too baggy, and one size small which fits perfect). Hate getting mixed up with all these sizing changes and losing money one of my escobars are pretty useless since it's a little too baggy
Ohh, makes me wish I got the crew I instead of the hoodie haha jk. The color looks beautiful though, excited to get it.
They still have it, I think!
So..for the slackers that missed out on our sizes for the new collection--when's the restock coming? And also, I'm obsessed with how the S Escobar fit me from the last drop--should I go for S or M on the newest collection?
The sizing of the villain hoodie is a mystery to me. I ordered a black one a few months ago in size medium and it was mad snug, so I ended up returning it. I just purchased a grey villain in a medium, got it last week and it fits pretty good--a little looser than expected. Maybe this one was used, stretched out and returned? Idk haha, but I ended up keeping it. Here's a lousy picture. The flash dual zip is much more snug than the villain, but looks awesome that way. Long...
Pretty sure they are all gone and never gonna be restocked
@johnelliottco I'm in pharmacy school, and I spend a lot of time at the library, Barnes, Starbucks etc, and I don't wanna go looking like a bum in lounge clothes..so I've been wearing the JE sweats, hoodies, tees, etc--and they keep me looking stylish, clean, and comfortable. The amount of times I have worn each item is unreal. Thank you JE for these wonderful items at such a great price range. Quality, style, etc is beyond expectations on every item I get. Will continue...
Size Medium Flash Full Zip hoodie and size Medium, Size Medium U neck tee. And the grey sweats are a size Medium.  I just got the zip up hoodie today--well worth the money.  
^^oh shoot...my bad!  I completely forgot that there's an old cut and a new cut. So scratch what I said earlier 
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