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^^ didn't mean the tag would be fire. I was thinking he might drop something sick since he is taking his brand in a different direction. And thought it would be a good opportunity considering he just announced that the + co is being dropped
^^ yea exchange/store credit is valid   I think JE is the only website I wouldn't mind to receive store credit rather than a refund...
So...JE planning on releasing something special for BF or CM?  Possibly with that new plain jane JOHN ELLIOTT tag with the + Co dropped?!  JE is always up to something fire.
Yea, I have no idea, was just a wild guess.  I'm gonna wait regardless, considering a lot of stuff have been taken off the site for now, including tanks!
I think the promotion that is currently working right now is an e-mail specific code that was sent out to customers who spent a certain amount of money this past season?
I enjoy wearing my kitos more than escos. Usually wear them on more formal occasions (shopping, movies, casual dinners, etc) whereas I wear escos to study, run errands, etc.
Links to those sales would be nice!
For those who loved the item, JE got a few returns of the merino dropped shoulder in tan size S, M and L.  I guess there's only 1 left of each.  I just ordered the M.  I own the white and black ones already, and it's probably my favorite JE piece to date. Act quick, they'll probably be gone by tonight.
There were some SS14 JE sweats on sale for $96, with the code it brought it down to the $60sSold out now btw
I know this is an older fit (i think from ss14, so it's less fitted)...butttttttt, it comes out to ~$67 with code EARLYBIRD30..that's lounging in the house cheap, can't say no to it.  Instacopped. http://www.revolveclothing.com/john-elliott-co-escobar-sweatpant-in-grey-duo-2/dp/JELL-MP6/?d=Mens&hfclk495=2
New Posts  All Forums: