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so much has dropped and we're still on delivery 1. jeez. are there going to be 3 deliveries this season? or are we moving way beyond that?
Damn. Props. Orders shipped already
Caved in on the cardigan. Figure I'd give it a shot. If it's not a 10/10/worth the price tag, it's going back
It's probably made here in the states, unless it was confirmed otherwise.  I thought they only produced technical fabrics in China, eg most of the wind/rain friendly items.
Seems like the mock Neck is the reason for dry clean only. That thing is fragile even putting over your head
maybe due to wearability? I don't know.  I sometimes wear the same shorts for weeks straight--gross yeah. But if I can get my moneys worth, I'm good.  Main reason I'll probably return the natural ones, they'll probably get dirty fastest, esp. with that material. jl710--what were the track shorts?
haaaa i wish. i have a hard time believing this will be available when sale season rolls around.
The shorts look epic.  I grabbed all 3, will probably end up returning the natural, but black and beige are fuego
you're a jackass for setting that price bro HAHA solid release today though
 Dude yes. It must be the green only. It can't be that this seasons villains fit smaller because the royal blue fit like all my other villains, but the green was tiny.@jbidwal sorry I haven't got to measuring it out for you yet. I'll try to do it asap, unless you change your mind about the green.Kelly green kake. Make it happen JE. The color is too dope to not be able to have
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