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^^oh I should add, my black M looks good bc it's dark and you can't really see the bagginess on it that color. Sage M looks a little baggy. Since oak is a lighter color, I think you should go with Small.
I'm 5'10, 140 as well..I wear everything M.  My Kake is M. 
The oak on the raw edge sweats Seem like a lighter shade of oak Than the oak released in the long sleeve tee that came out for the capsule collection. The oak on the terry is still realllly nice, but the darker oak on the LS tee was >>>>>>>>>>>
haha yeah..NYC+School really called for tees+sweatshirt (and layer as much as possible)+sweatpants and a coat/parka.  Still shocks me that JE is a brand straight from LA/SF..gives me NY vibes mostly
While I was in my studio flat in NYC, there was pretty limited space between my wife and I...So I grabbed onto this: http://www.cb2.com/catch-all-storage-bench/s500738 and placed it at the end of my bed.  It's really convenient if you're a neat-freak and have time to fold everything always.  I was able to nicely fold my most worn JE items in there, and it fits quite a bit--I was able to fit about ~10 sweatshirts, ~12 sweatpants, and ~30 tees.  It gets kinda sloppy with...
Damn you, would give this post a thumbs down if I could. I missed out bc of you haha... J/k though, but if anyone has any fit pics of that thumper--would be nice to see it on (can't remember if anyone posted it yet).
Which one is the sashiko piece?
  Thanks for the pics...was really hesitant on pulling the trigger on the anti-expo tee, but it looks solid!
Same as all escos, they fit on the slimmer side but stretch out over time.  Size Small is always too fitted for me, and size Medium on me may look too loose for some people, but I like them fitting a litter looser rather than too tight.
Yeah they're Dune. Think these were released over a year ago
New Posts  All Forums: