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I have kept most of my zip ups and hoodies. Yea it's been too hot out here. Getting nada wear out of any of them.
Here's a few more pics. It's a really solid piece. Pictures don't do it justice. I haven't tried layering it with anything over it,but I think it would be hard to unless you have a parka. It's kinda chunky. Expensive no doubt. Not worth the price, my girl has fur zip ups for around the same price. But it's unique and quality is always there with JE.
Forgot it was around that $700 price range HAHA.  Definitely not worth that much.  Wish it was 450ish.  I'm probably gonna end up keeping it just because it's pretty cool
Just got home from studying and tired. Real quick pick. Didn't get time to try it on properly. Will post more pics on Friday for those who want to see more if no one else posts pics. First thoughts. The fuzz is nice as hell. Love the feel and look. Riri zip is tight and different from other JE A stuff. Love that it has a kinda brownish black shade to it rather than a deep black. Very satisfied. not a fan of the other side, but Pretty sure no one bought it for that side....
Speaking of oak bogota...I THINK UPS found mine (fingers crossed). There was an update on the tracking saying they attempted to deliver yesterday. If that's the case, I'm mad excited! Unfortunately..I'm not at that apartment for another week now so I'm gonna try to get them to hold it at the local UPS for me.
JE needs to release some more basic shorts like the ones from ~2 years ago. That are affordable and classic. Never grabbed on to those since I was living in colder temperatures and I never needed shorts, but Since coming back to LA, I've been wearing my court shorts and mesh shorts pretty much 24/7. Need more. Another note. Does the Bolivia have a fatty Riri larger than usual? I get mine in today. Stoked
As bad as I wanted the cream Bolivia, I went with black just bc it won't get as dirty. I wish it wasn't reversible, would have been a little cheaper. Nylon side looks pretty bad and I probably will never wear it like that.
 This makes me sad.  Flippin UPS lost mine.  JE customer support is GOAT though, they'll do everything on their end to be able to get another pair sent my way when and if possible.  I'm not copping Olive bc I'm still crossing fingers mine will pop up out of no where or JE will be able to get their hands on one and send it my way.  But I'm afraid if it takes too long, Olive will sell out too.  And I'll be left with nada.
There was dove and oak. But I also have a charcoal long sleeve curve tee from FW14 or something. But can't remember if the charcoal is U neck or a classic neck
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