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Thanks a lot. just used it, copped some lanvins!
Copped SS villain, stadium terry and u neck charcoal. Stoked!!!
Yea now that we've seen the items Id love to get a vibe of the prices!
OHMYGAWWWWWWWWW that...ish...is...FIRE so....JE+Co...whens this releasing?!?!?!?!
Awesome!! M65 + essentials copped!
No free shipping if you're spending $943?!?!!!!! >.
I wear the same size as the model in everything/with a great fit. And a medium in the teddy fit my 5'4" 102lb girlfriend the way I wish it woulda fit me haha.Quality is beyond phenomenal.
Received the teddy. It's GORGEOUS. And solid! Thick materiel. It runs TINY. order a size or two up. Unfortunately I'll be returning BC I'm a tan skin tone and doesn't go with me. My advice..this color will only look dope on white guys. Haha. Def hoping for another color option in the future.
...Pretty sure they want to keep their things classic, and not take away from what the brand has to offer.Exclusive capsules would be no fun if they restock things like that.They could care less about money, they enjoy bringing great clothing for those who appreciate simple products with details.
Regarding the Herringbone M65 jacket--I've had my eye on it for a while now. I own 10+ JE+Co items and love the products, and no disrespect whatsoever, but $795 seems to be pushing it for that item.  Would love to know if the price justifies the product bc it's hard to tell online.  Did anyone on this thread order that jacket?  If so, pics/comments about it?
New Posts  All Forums: