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Boucle sweats are practically the same as last years, except the cuffs will have stretch to them. Looks to be the same with the sweater, instead of the unfinished neck as it was last year. I kinda liked the awkward neck on last years sweater, gave it a unique modern look
Thought it was really unique and whenever JE wears it, like at the gap release, it looked pretty bad ass. Too bad I missed out on it, but I felt like for my wardrobe it would be a classic piece from season to season
^^crotch, not crutch
I know I've probably posted this before, but boucle sweatpants are probably the only item after the surplus thumper that's a must cop *so far* from this season Agree with leflop, excited to grab onto the grey this season. New season kind of looks a little oversized from the IG pic with more room in the crutch but same taper. But idk.
not defending the gap stuff bc I personally wouldn't buy it, but it really doesn't look like garbage.
^^ the gap JE collection is actually really good if you're in undergrad and need some back to school clothing.  Not saying this to make a joke out of it.
I know it's not a cold weather jacket, but I have a few coats that have pockets up there, and it works better to keep hands in a pocket up there in cold weather..so I guess it's not all that bad
Around $325 I think; I ended up getting them on sale at the end of the season, but after owning them, I would not have regretted grabbing it for original price.  They are sick as hell
Missing JE releases like the merino wool sweater, iridescent flight and boucle items from FW15
It's made in China. Is the price right? I was waiting out on the acne jacket to see JEs one. I think I like acnes better
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