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Malcom4819 hit it on the dot. But, for starters, definitely kick it off with the mercer tees and u necks. i wear my JE tee's on the daily.  It's sad, i own like 25 JE tees, but always reach for the black SS mercer or grey LS mercers.  Those colors will get you a ton of wear, without the worry that whites give you.  I posted it a few days ago, but I've worn those 2 tees on the daily for almost half a year, and despite the rough wear and frequenty washing, they've held up...
Agreed.  Mix grey is nice, but compared to the other greys JE has released, it's the worst.  I held onto my mix grey villain to use as a beater bc at the end of the day, grey is always awesome.
pass on it! I got it and thought i loved it, but realized it's an awkward fit
The mercer long sleeves are awesome.  I wear mine all the time under my hoodies.  I spec. like the long sleeves because I like sticking the sleeves out the cuffs of my sweatshirts. To get a better idea of the lengths of the shirts, the measurements are on the site. If you're gonna use it just for layering, you might be better off getting the tanks since that'll save you a good $30 each
I'm 5'10 145, slim/athletic build.  I wear a size Medium in the tees.  Considering the XL was HUGE on you, you might want to go down to a Medium (which might give it a fitted look on you), because sure there's a difference between the XL and L, but not HUGE enough to make that significant of a difference.  At the end of the day, it's personal preference to how fitted/loose you want your tee.  
Grocery shopping. JE obsessed
Shoot. Missed the kitos in M. Was gonna order today but black sold out too. When's the restock gonna be for these
I'm not even gonna lie--might sound nasty, but I've rotated my black SS mercer and grey LS mercer on most days since October in the gruesome NY weather. Pronably worn both pieces 60 times each..HAHA, and they're both in perfect shape, except the neck got a tad bit looser, but that's bound to happen with anything.
Edit on my slight bumpy road withy last order: it's unreal how seriously JE takes their customer service and our opinions as customers. They were quick to message/email me..not just one, but several reps.. and were able to take care of the issue. Thank you!
Pretty upset with JE customer service for the first time. I had a 15 item order. Received a shipping confirmation email saying some of my items were shipped and showed me which items were included in the shipment. All but the midnight mercer SS tee. I received the package and as expected, the midnight SS tee wasn't included. I emailed. And was told I wasn't supposedly charged for it and to repurchase, but I actually was charged . Emailed again. was then told that records...
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