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aesop spray deodorant or l'occitane l'occitan deodorant ftw.   luckily i haven't had any issues, yet
Man if anyone could help me out in this category also.  Never wore shorts in NY, but now that I'm back in LA for good, I need some.  All I have are the JE court shorts...really wanting to grab onto some other shorts similar to that.  #BringBackLima 
That's odd.  I have several of JE's white tees.  And one of them is an oldddddd u-neck, from Januaryish 2014 that I've beat to death and thrown in the washer and dryer, the color is fine.  just use a whitening detergent
Good looks...that color is sick, preordered...creating my return on the JE website right now for my washed black mercer hoodie
From the pics sent in the email, I can just tell that they look solid all the way down to the sole, that's just my opinion and I'm pretty sure other dudes probably agree with me. Not a flimsy half ass job that SLP, and a bunch of other high end designers put together now a days
The shoes look insanely sturdy and solid and they look like they'll cost close to 500-550, considering the BBalls are close to 600, spec bc they are made in italy.  Wouldn't mind having them, but I can't afford to buy anymore shoes.  And I like my CPs on sale.  Wouldn't be surprised if these JE sneakers flew off the website though.
Pretty disappointed JE didn't keep the Lima or court shorts as "classic" items
New items are fire. Gonna wait it out for season 8 colors though.
^^genius recommendation! Didn't cross my mind. Thanks I'll check up on that Edit: They were vintage white
In regards to the Common Projects Achilles that were on sale at MrPorter..in the color "Ecru"   Is that the appropriate name of the color?  Or did Mr Porter just post it as Ecru but it's really Vintage White or Warm White? Any help would be appreciated bc I loved that color way but missed out on MrP, but I do see them in vintage white and warm white elsewhere
New Posts  All Forums: