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Small for sure. I'm 5'10 150 and wear a medium with some room to spare
Jacket looks nice
Safe to say thursday?! AMPED!!!!
a manager just applied the 40% for me. so if you're not getting your 40% Just ask to speak to one
hoping that blue teddy drops soon!!
Do you remember who you talked to? This lady i'm on the phone with isn't budging... 
Thanks for the updates. I guess it doesn't work on the mobile site. I ordered the oatmeal tee, varsity, olive villain and the sweats. Hopefully it doesn't suck. I'm returning if it does and getting this new blue Teddy everyone's talking about!!
Not releasing till the 30th. I don't know why people are trolling saying its out already
100% authentic guaranteed SLP teddy jacket purchased from Barneys ($790+tax). Made in FRANCE. Brand new with tags, never worn. Selling because I decided to get the wool varsity jacket instead. Below is a description directly from the YSL website. The sleeves have a shine to them, the body is terry cloth, with classic SLPS zippers. Will upload pictures of the actual item when I get home tonight. 
What is this blue teddy everyone knows about but me?!
New Posts  All Forums: