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Damn. Ssense sale was a disappointment. I added like 20 things to my cart yesterday and none of it went on sale..
Done it before. Not intentionally though. It works. Haha
Thanks! Picked up some Valentino Stan smith knock offs I've been waiting for to go on sale since August.
Pretty sure that's because the net-a-porter sale starts before mr.porters sale.  Good looking out though, I never knew about that app. I'm sure we'll be able to do this with MrP once it gets closer to their sale!
I know, I have my shopping cart on their website full of their tees and sweatshirts.  My only complaint about the black villain is my backpack is fading the color in some areas.  But whatever, that's bound to happen with black terry.
got the SS villain. This is gonna be really useful for those long study nights. Thanks JE!
Good call. Grabbed the medium. In case I don't love it, it'll still be a good piece to run errands in for 30% off the retail price. Thanks!
Does anyone have input/opinions/fit pics on the mesh long sleeve hoodie? Considering getting it in grey.
Thanks a lot. just used it, copped some lanvins!
Copped SS villain, stadium terry and u neck charcoal. Stoked!!!
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