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man, that's one hell of a deal. surprisingly they still have a lot of stock left on those CPs.
upon checkout! i tried it and it works--didn't buy anything though
$225 shipped.   100% authentic guaranteed YSL Braided Driving Shoes.  Purchased from the YSL boutique on Rodeo Drive for $675+tax.  Worn less than 10 times.  I threw away the box during my move from LA to NY, but it does come with the YSL dust bag.
$99 shipped.   Selling an APC sweatshirt I purchased from the APC store in SoHo.  Retails at 175+tax.  Worn less than a handful of times, in excellent condition.
Do not worry. Size small will be fine. I'm also 5'9" 130-135. I ordered a size small and am exchanging it for a medium. Size small was suffocating me on my waist (I usually wear a 29 in APC jeans for reference)
some nice t by alexander wang basics extra 20% off at barneyswarehouse. most of the items have full sizes available. I would have loved to pick up a couple of the sweatshirts/hoodies, but  I just picked up a few of the long sleeve tees since I'm broke at the moment  
are the escobar sweatpants grey/black the exact same fit as the quilted black ones? because i ordered the black quilted sweatpants in a Medium-when i got them they were way too huge/baggy.  So I returned them.  Ordered the grey/black in a size small--just got them today..they are way too tight :(
I purchased a pair of black arenas for myself--but, my fiancé also decided to surprise me with the same exact pair....so I have 2 pairs right now--so I'm selling one.   They are BRAND NEW in box and 100% authentic guaranteed. Never even tried on.  These run for $575 and out the door with tax come out to $625.  I'm not trying to make any money of this.  That's why I'm willing to sell it for $625 shipped.  If you're interested, let me know!
for all ya'll that think the extra couple bucks to spend on shipping is too much (i know i'm one of those people--ESP. considering if I might have to return it if I'm not in love with the item); revolve got the escobar sweats in grey/black. all sizes available as of right now, I just grabbed onto a size small for myself.  hope i like the dual color combo on them.
we gotta get some more pictures on here of ya'll wearing this john elliott stuff.  esp. the shorts--haven't seen those on besides on the model.  i definitely love the t-shirts, i have every style each in all 3 colors--but haven't had the guts to pull the trigger on getting the sweatshirts/shorts/sweatpants/etc due to lack of seeing how it looks on, bc, tbh, it is pricey!
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