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The sizing of the villain hoodie is a mystery to me. I ordered a black one a few months ago in size medium and it was mad snug, so I ended up returning it. I just purchased a grey villain in a medium, got it last week and it fits pretty good--a little looser than expected. Maybe this one was used, stretched out and returned? Idk haha, but I ended up keeping it. Here's a lousy picture. The flash dual zip is much more snug than the villain, but looks awesome that way. Long...
Pretty sure they are all gone and never gonna be restocked
@johnelliottco I'm in pharmacy school, and I spend a lot of time at the library, Barnes, Starbucks etc, and I don't wanna go looking like a bum in lounge clothes..so I've been wearing the JE sweats, hoodies, tees, etc--and they keep me looking stylish, clean, and comfortable. The amount of times I have worn each item is unreal. Thank you JE for these wonderful items at such a great price range. Quality, style, etc is beyond expectations on every item I get. Will continue...
Size Medium Flash Full Zip hoodie and size Medium, Size Medium U neck tee. And the grey sweats are a size Medium.  I just got the zip up hoodie today--well worth the money.  
^^oh shoot...my bad!  I completely forgot that there's an old cut and a new cut. So scratch what I said earlier 
Looks good brotha.  Esp. the villain.
Go for Small.  XS for someone 5'8" 135 might be pushing it to the limits of girls fitted sweats 
@johnelliottco I'm leaving from NYC to LA on Friday the 25th. If I order the mercer tees tmrw and choose the UPS 3 day shipping option--I'll have it by latest Wednesday/Thursday correct? Just wanna make sure
Thought I should add--the size Medium tee's fit just like they do on the original model (with the longer hair). So if you like that fit, I suggest a Medium would be best!
I'm 5'9.5, 145lbs, athletic build. 38-39" chest. I wear a size Medium in the tees (they fit amazing and semi-loose, kinda like t by alexander wang tee's fit if you're not looking for a tight fit), a medium in the sweats (however the medium is a little baggy in the body, but fit's on the waist, the Small is TOO tight). The medium hoodie was a slim fit on me, if you want some more wiggle room, definitely go for Large in the hoodie.  I ended up returning my Medium bc it was...
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