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^^image not working. But if it really bugs you send that pic to JE customer service and see what they can do for you. Edit--contact customer service asap. That is not ok. On the other hand, wore my black kitos for the first time today afyer letting it sit for weeks. They are EPIC. Mad stoked about the FW colors.
Imo they are JEs best shorts to date. More flowly like ball shorts, not so fitted.
^id do small in shorts but def. XS in kendo
I wear a M in everything. Got S in the courts and XS in kendo5'10145-150lbs
I love the denim shirt. I just hate the insane amt of curve Main reason I nevver grabbed I to the flannel
the rider is extremely fire. it's a piece you'll wear and beat for years to come! Really considering getting one now .-.
Wtf happened to this thread over night?! Let JE price how they want to price. Their items are good quality. Don't buy the things you can't afford, I've passed up on a ton of JE items bc they weren't within my budget.
You're making me wanna snag onto the rouge grenat arenas now I'd have so much money piled up if it weren't for SF or NT
How do yall wear the kitos? Scrunched all the way at the bottom (I think I saw a few models wearing it like that on the runway)? Or scrunched knees and below like the model on the site? I just got mine in and I'm trying to figure out how to wear them. Might take some time getting getting used to with the 42" inseam and the dropcotch.
wang does pilling for extra charge. you lucked out with that pilling for the same low price as the regular tees.
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