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Linen m65 has an awkward fit. Doesn't look that nice. I'd pass.I'd love to know a just passed os as well. Been eyeing that since release but hesitant to purchase
 LOVE IT. No more worrying if you'll get a used (stretched out) item...with the tag pinned right back on! 
This. Would love to pick up the bball highs I scored some pretty sweet deals on Cps this weekend, got the Red Mid Achilles on sale for $190+tax and some trainers for $89, which was a steal 
LOLOLOL at ^^^^ This JE sale is EPIC. I had to resist even though I was tempted to cop several things. Kept telling myself to wait it out for SS16 releases
^^ didn't mean the tag would be fire. I was thinking he might drop something sick since he is taking his brand in a different direction. And thought it would be a good opportunity considering he just announced that the + co is being dropped
^^ yea exchange/store credit is valid   I think JE is the only website I wouldn't mind to receive store credit rather than a refund...
So...JE planning on releasing something special for BF or CM?  Possibly with that new plain jane JOHN ELLIOTT tag with the + Co dropped?!  JE is always up to something fire.
Yea, I have no idea, was just a wild guess.  I'm gonna wait regardless, considering a lot of stuff have been taken off the site for now, including tanks!
I think the promotion that is currently working right now is an e-mail specific code that was sent out to customers who spent a certain amount of money this past season?
I enjoy wearing my kitos more than escos. Usually wear them on more formal occasions (shopping, movies, casual dinners, etc) whereas I wear escos to study, run errands, etc.
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