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Selling my burgundy hooded villain size M on styleforum marketplace. Lightly worn a few times. Selling it in hopes to size down for my next.
$150 shipped Selling a lightly worn John Elliott + Co. Burgundy hooded villain in size medium. Purchased from the website on release date in mid-August. Worn only a handful of times. Selling it in hopes to purchase a size smaller. Will upload actual pictures when I get home.
I own the u necks and s/s mercer tees in medium. I got the l/s mercer in small. Unless the u neck tee L is a tight fit on you, I'd suggest medium. Def don't take my word on it, but I thought I'd try to help you out.
M65 priced range?!
Would love seeing the vallain and escobars in olive. And also the tees in a really dark navy/ink.
I have no idea, it'll be my first pair. According to yoox it runs small.
JE+Co has wonderful customer service! They asked me to e-mail them, so I did--and received a response right away.  Looks like they just received my item today and processed it immediately.   On another note, because I've been amazed by JE+Co clothing w/ my escobars/curve-unecks, and hooded villains-which I've been wearing non-stop since end of July--so, earlier this week I picked up 3 mercer tees in all colors, and a l/s mercer in black, as well as the villain crew in...
Guys, get your Diemme's for the FW! $186 is an insane price!
For anyone who has returned an item to JE+Co: how long is the process? I live in ny, shipped my item back on August 29--still haven't heard anything/received a refund. TIA
Got burgundy sweats and villain hoodie. Color is a lot more faded than expected, so I'll be returning The sweats, but you can never go wrong with a villain hoodie.
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