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I have the black court shorts, grabbed onto them when they first released.  Didn't wear them ever in NYC, but since I got back to LA early May, sounds gross, but I've worn them everyday...hands down, they're the best pair of shorts I've ever owned.
What sale?/Where?
I've hand washed them, done a cold wash, hang dry, and even dry cleaned my basic cotton Wang tees..and they never fit the same.  The linen tees are just fine after washing.  But like jstrath406 said, he's never had an issue, you should definitely grab onto some and see how they go for you. I literally own every color/style of basic cotton wang tees and slub tees in size S and M, long sleeve, short sleeve, crew neck, and scoop necks--they're the BEST tees around and make me...
Alexander Wang basic tees fit and look awesome, up until you wash them.  Plan on wearing it to the gym or around the house once you wash them, they completely change shape. JE tees hold up really well, the ones I've washed I've washed numerous times and the neck just stretches out a little bit. Wang tees make me look bigger so I usually reach for those on night outs
I ended up grabbing onto the linen m65 for $249 off atrium. Pretty sweet price, we'll see how it is.
I purchased way too many JE tees this past season, so I figured I'd sell the ones that are still like new bc I need the to save money for my big move back to LA after I graduate next year
Sending you a PM
i wear a Medium in both Kitos/Escobars and I wear a size 29"Ish are like leggings if you size down too much.
I'm sure since they have a retail location now, they're not gonna be handing out codes like they used to in the past! Which is total bummer..but then again, I'm just guessing that may be the case.
Was eating pasta with my dune hoodie. Ish splattered on me while slurping...damn...
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