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damn, is the dark grey flash dual zip better than the loopwheel dual zip? input anyone? I regret my order already HAHA for this loopwheel stuff. too EXPENSIVE for my blood >.<
Damn you're right...If that's the case, at least I'll be able to see if I love the loophole or not and be able to get my hands on other colors like the black later on. $300 is expensive >.< but I guess if you wear it almost everyday, like I usually wear my JE items, it pays off over time
Expensive as hell man.  I'm lucky to be in NYC to avoid the taxes. I got both those in grey as well--the grey with the black looks sick.  
For those passing up on these, when ya'll see Lebron or Scott disick wearing these (haha)--you'll be asking for restocks, but pretty sure they won't be restocked.  That was my only reason for buying them, might as well order it and see if I like it, and worst case scenario--JE return policy is excellent.
Well. Looks like the grey is a different shade than the 2 greys they've done in the past, right? Grabbed onto the grey villain and zip up. Their regular terry is already very comfortsble to me, so I just wanted to get the stand out pieces, eberythkng else looks the same.
Probably. That's why they're not revealing the prices. Leaving it up to impulse buys so you don't have much time to think about how $$$ it is.All good, It is what it is--can't expect a product to be affordable on my basis, when a lot actually went into producing it. Im getting my PharmD right now, still a struggling student, so if it is anything over $250, I'll stick to my regular terry items.
I think it's 8am PST. No price info released yet
^^ Thanks for that info. I guess it is a medium. Some areas measure out (eg shoulder to shoulder), some are a little larger (eg chest 1/2" larger, sleeve length 1/2" larger). But the thing that's bugging me the most is the body length. 28" in the front and a little over 29" in the back, when it's supposed to be 26" I never wear it BC I feel like it's too big. crazy how 1/2"-1" here and there make such a big difference.
I own several villain hoodies (sand, grey, black, pitch black) and my grey was always a little bit larger--but I never gave it much thought.  But last night it was mentioned that sometimes the sizing/label is incorrect.  I decided to compare my grey with my pitch black (since I've worn them both about 4-5 times since I've had them)--and the grey does seem substantially larger.  Any opinions on it/advice on what I could do?    
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