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Very different.  Dark Grey is extremely soft, comfortable and cozy.  The black you can't really call softy and cozy, but it's still awesome.  I did the worst job of explaining the difference, but there is a difference, lol
They fit Just a tad bit slimmer than the eecobars. Especially below the knee.Baseline hoodie is no good for me, sending those back
Baseline sweats in plaster came in. >>>>>>>>>> color and style is epic. Baseline hoodie has this weird stitching underneath the pockets. wondering if it will be as evident down the road?
They're really rude about price matches. They have great customer service but will never price match, even if you buy something from them and 30 seconds later it goes slightly cheaper.
JE gonna boost them Eucerin sales..
SS16 looks awesome. 2 things that disgusted me about the event: 1) Amare Stoudamire... and 2) I don't have a problem wearing sweatpants out because I wear all my escobars and kitos almost everywhere I go, but ppl wearing sweatpants to an event like that...on a hot and humid day in NY was kinda annoying.
I thought it was one of JEs best pieces. Quality is insane. I woulda exchanged it for a larger size, but I just ended up returning it because the color was really bright and it didn't look good on me. If they had a more neutral color I'd be all over it
extremely tiny. def order a size or 2 up from the villain.
Well, considering the Saint Laurent Teddy barely has any leather on it and is 2400, the Stadium Jacket is probably constructed almost as nicely, and has the full on leather sleeves with a wool body, it might be justifiable for the price.  I mean I wouldn't spend that much money on it, but since I've been wearing JE for almost 2 years now, every piece I own is holding up really well despite wearing them a billion times.
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