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I'd like to know this too.  Seems like it'll be in the mid 300's price range though.
I wouldn't call it a dark/deep navy.  It's in between washed navy and deep navy.
A friend of mine bought it but ended up sending it back.  As always, everything JE is built to perfection.  But, it should be the price of the wool bomber, and the wool bomber should be $150-200 less than what it is now (but that's just my opinion, I'm a full time pharmacy student and don't work, so it's only obvious I'll think the prices are a little irrational)
Thanks I'll keep a look out. Even though I'd like the items now, I could wait, I could save over $1,000.
Dang I missed the 25% off the spring app. was 5 minutes too late. I was about to order a cart of 15 items last night, but decided to wait until today. After seeing that I coulda got 25% off, I'm probably not going to order anything now JE get at me and give me 25% off, pls
These leggings and shorts need to release STAT
I think if you go down to a small they'll look WAY too tight.  I'm 5'10", 145 lbs with a slim/athletic build..and have tried out the small, way to slim of a fit in my opinion (I do however own black escobars in a small from the SS14 season--but those were made large as hell).  I stick to Medium escobars/kitos from all seasons after SS14, but I agree, the sweats slip, even my kitos (rather than having the stacked look all around, it mostly stacks at the bottom after walking...
I'm a M in escobars and ordered M in baseline. they are a slimmer fit though.  I'd probably grab the XL and if they are a little to slim, let it stretch with wear over time
It's not bad, cool idea I guess, but I ended up returning mine.  I'd pass. JE has tons of better stuff coming, so probably save for that.
got my olive escobars in.  they are fire. gonna grab onto the olive kitos as well when they release.   also got the fish tail crew in black.  it's nice and all, but i'm sending it back.  i think i'd get over it after wearing it for a week.
New Posts  All Forums: