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i wear a Medium in both Kitos/Escobars and I wear a size 29"Ish are like leggings if you size down too much.
I'm sure since they have a retail location now, they're not gonna be handing out codes like they used to in the past! Which is total bummer..but then again, I'm just guessing that may be the case.
Was eating pasta with my dune hoodie. Ish splattered on me while slurping...damn...
Shocked none of these are sold out. Guess JE made a ton after seeing the demand on this thread. Anyways, I checked out so quick this morning thinking it would all sell out in minutes, that the mercer tees weren't even up. After I placed the order I went back and then saw them up. Had to place a separate order and pay for shipping and wasn't able to use my discount on the tees. LAMEEEE have everything uploaded to the site at once next time JE!
I ordered everything except the charcoal mercer. I accidentally ordered the 2 crew tees and I don't want them. Hopefully Brandi will be able to cancel it for me. -.-
i was there at around 11, they had a bunch of sizes/items. too bad i didn't grab onto any, i was being cheap and wanted to wait for the online release to avoid tax... i'm kinda broke right now >.<
^^image not working. But if it really bugs you send that pic to JE customer service and see what they can do for you. Edit--contact customer service asap. That is not ok. On the other hand, wore my black kitos for the first time today afyer letting it sit for weeks. They are EPIC. Mad stoked about the FW colors.
Imo they are JEs best shorts to date. More flowly like ball shorts, not so fitted.
^id do small in shorts but def. XS in kendo
I wear a M in everything. Got S in the courts and XS in kendo5'10145-150lbs
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