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Clay villain tmrw! Def cop!
Dude I'd get 30. I'm a 29 in jeans and I wish they sold these in 27.
This is the longest delivery ever. Let's see delivery 2 lookbook now!
I got a 28, these are my first pair of JE denim
  The jeans are pretty darn amazing.  Not sure if the jeans look good on me? The color is pretty baller, but def isn't my style.  Was considering exchanging them for the zinc, luckily JE got a return in the size 28.  
^ oh yuh I see that. Thank you JE for getting that jacket shipped out already! Hope I can get it by Friday. Too bad New York is a bitch right now and 30 degrees
The jeans look nice. Mine have been delivered but the doorman takes hours signing off on it, which is frustrating. But I'm probably gonna end up returning them since I grabbed onto the jacket today, unless when I try them on they are more than spectacular. Hate having to pick and choose
In re: to the two pullovers, I know they aren't the same color but are they the same item just reversible? And was this jacket also reversible? @@@@@@ John Elliott
Id say get the same size. That's what I did
GREAT PRICE COPPED!!! Mad stoked!!
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