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Thanks for info about lookbiook, I've been waiting!
I've seen similiar in Zara store - made of damaged brown leather.
I really like H&M basics, they're made of good fabrics and don't damage so fast. They are cheap, too
If you have warm skin tone, choose cold colours, if cold skin tone - warm tones. 
I love how unusual and original it is!
I have one from Divided by H&M, Zara have these too.
The first one is more elegant, I like it.
I dislike these boots - company could be casual, but they are neither casual nor elegant. You would look better in light blue shirt, dark slim jeans and brown desert boots or black sneakers.
Try to wear plain t-shirts and shirts, they are good for every occasion - with jeans and with chinos. Get one blazer, good for both - casual and formal outfit. I like this one, in my opinion it's most universal - as a casual blaze to t-shirt and jeans and also for more formal occasion.
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