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Rick, will the new shipment of shirts be up soon?
Sorry to beat this dead horse, but will longs be included in the fall run? I am literally chomping at the bit to get several of these but the reg is too short.
Greasers are great for folks like us superseiyan. Here is a quick snap of me today in my greasers in a 34 which is a size up from my true waist size. Now, understand I need to size up in all my pants and shorts so this is normal practice for me.
Awesome. I only speak for me but I imagine you will get many other posters in favor of the new changes. Any idea of when the new suits will be ready for purchase?
Will this apply to sport coats and blazers as well? These changes will definitely have me buying a suit (assuming the trousers fit) and, if the same changes are made to the blazers, you can pretty much just take my money. The fabric and construction is excellent, my gripes were with the quarters, length, lapels and button stance. If you do the same fix, my closet will fill up real fast.
I would definitely buy the wider lapel, patch pocket blazer in a heartbeat. It is hard to find this style in an affordable (for me) price range. Really looking forward to these
Well, I couldn't resist. I went and bought the S&C cardigan as the sale was too good to pass up. Really psyched to make this a regular part of my wardrobe this time of year.
Can anyone comment on the softness of the S&C Cardigan as compared to cashmere and/or merino? I have some general lambswool sweaters of much lesser quality that are great for layering but not something I would wear a short sleeved shirt under due to scratchiness. I reserve that for the finer wools. Would the lambswool on the cardigan be soft enough to wear a t-shirt under? Thanks in advance.
It does, yes. I was hoping there would be some trousers with the dimensions of the Classic in the size chart but I guess no dice. That's okay, the shirts are still my favorite on the market.
Are the size charts for the trousers updated on the site? I remember you saying something about the Classic is the new contemporary and contemporary is the new slim. Or maybe that was the suits.
New Posts  All Forums: