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It does, yes. I was hoping there would be some trousers with the dimensions of the Classic in the size chart but I guess no dice. That's okay, the shirts are still my favorite on the market.
Are the size charts for the trousers updated on the site? I remember you saying something about the Classic is the new contemporary and contemporary is the new slim. Or maybe that was the suits.
Also, will you guys have some trousers in the Classic Fit too? That looks right up my alley in terms of measurements.
42 would be great
Anywhere we can see the measurements for the contemporary fit suits? I only see slim
I actually sized up as I am a 32-33 waist. But either 35 or 36 should work for you. I have a pair of 36s I wear and the thighs measure right at 13.5". That combined with the relatively high rise should give you ample room. I would order the 35 and 36 and return the one that doesn't work out. Not sure how slim you are trying to go.
Yep, Olympic lifting here so all I do is some variation of pull or squat. The greasers are the only jean that fits me the way I want
Dude, I have the exact same problem and exact same size thighs. I just bought the 34 cone greasers from the left field website (most recent lot) and they are perfect. Slim but not tight. I hate jeans that are too tight and I have to stretch them to fit. From what I hear, the cone will stretch though if need be. But I am hoping I don't gain and need that to happen.
Sorry for the interruption of F/W drops (and bad mirror picture) but I wanted to post the maiden voyage of my cantarelli gun check coat. This is my first one and I can say with certainty my my last.
I'll echo kulata on the design as I think patch pockets, soft natural shoulders, 3 roll 2, and 3.5 lapels is a timeless look. I will add that it might be good to have long and short sizes. If not, hopefully this is one of the things you can alter in your new "partial MTM" program on your stock offerings.
New Posts  All Forums: