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Some have been asking for a shot of the navy 3-roll-2 blazer. Here is my MTM version, unaltered from delivery. Very similar fabric as the OTR one but I had to Go custom because I needed a half inch longer length and an inch less in the waist. Size is based on a 44R and the only adjustments I need are another inch in the waist and about .25 less on the sleeves. Other than that, the fit was about a good as I could ask for, even if I would have been measured in store. I...
I wanted to get everyone's opinion on the length of this jacket. I understand the sides and back need to be taken in a bit but that is a simple alteration. I am most concerned with the rear length. I am used to my jackets measuring at 31" but this one is a touch over 30.5. The difference though is that the front balance is a little more pronounced and this one looks like a good length in the front because of that. And to be clear, the vent stitches are still in place here....
Hi mark, I am on the fence between these, Belgians, and the rubinacci version. Do you have experience with any of the other two brands? I am looking Mainly for a comfort comparison but would also appreciate comments on quality. I am almost sure the Baudoins are of the highest quality but real world experience is good to hear. Thanks!
100% yes
I would be in for the zegna gun check, one of the navys and possibly the brown if I could see a larger swatch. And I agree with the unstructured, 3 roll 2, patch pocket on hips and barchetta chest style.
Hi Ben, any idea when those extra jackets will hit the website? I want to grab a few if you made a few in my size
Rick, will the new shipment of shirts be up soon?
Sorry to beat this dead horse, but will longs be included in the fall run? I am literally chomping at the bit to get several of these but the reg is too short.
Greasers are great for folks like us superseiyan. Here is a quick snap of me today in my greasers in a 34 which is a size up from my true waist size. Now, understand I need to size up in all my pants and shorts so this is normal practice for me.
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