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Quick cell phone photo of the contemporary shirt in action so you guys can see how a tie looks with it. I personally love the semi spread collar in this shirt. Today is the first wearing and I will post a full review later after a day of wear.
Thanks Rick,Let me follow up with another question. Any idea when you guys will get some of the Classic Fit trousers in? If you could include the thigh and hip measurement on those too that would be great.
Hi Rick, Any chance of a thigh measurement for the trousers? This is usually the biggest area of concern for me when buying pants and I would assume that would be the same for a good number of other forum members.
Hopefully one or two in a 43/44 long. I need a new solid navy suit very badly.
I wanted to echo the same experience. I too have had a very hard time finding denim that fit me properly (especially my thighs and seat) without being overly tight and slim. I ordered a size 36, same as Beatle, and even though the waist is big (i am a true 33 or 34) I just wear a belt and all is good. FWIW, I have the 15oz Nishimbo Mills greaser from last season and love them.
I have the Savoy in Mahogany and can confirm that color is accurate. They are a really, really nice shoe.
Any chance you will stock the 3sixteen CS-100x? I have credit to use and would love to pick these up
Hey Winterbourne, good to see another Cumberland County resident on here! I am in Mechanicsburg myself. I use 2 people around her for my alteration so if you are interested, drop me a PM and we can discuss.
I really believe they do. I considered many operations before choosing Andrew's and couldn't be happier that I did.
Correct, the vent jutting out was just due to the the jacket under the vent being folded under the left vent, pushing it out. Jacket was a tad tight across the shoulders but I have made that adjustment for the next one. Only a matter of about .5-.75". The Ariston fabrics are really, really nice. Overall I am very pleased with the whole process and already have my next suit order in mind. Andrew is a real pleasure to work with.I will get those photos as soon as I can. ...
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