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TTS for the reversible coats or one size down?
Insane discounts at Gentry with the code take25
NNY did a special run of Olive and Navy Homespun Bedfords for $378 a few months ago.  They're fuzzier/rougher wool than the brown but I love them.   
And stuff at NeedSupply is on sale
Almost all EG is 25% off at Gentry, that Angler jacket is calling my name
^ Did you call Drinkwaters?  They just received a shipment of M>XL
Do I need to worry about my homespun Bedford stretching if I hang it?  Thanks in advance
Oh look, an all black Calf service boot http://brooklynclothingco.bigcartel.com/product/black-calf.  How unique
Does anyone know if the painted horsehide is still around or was that a one time thing?
Model: Service boot Last: 2030 Leather: Grey roughout (similar to the Calico grey) Leather (tongue): Grey Eyelets: 8 Sole: White mini ripple Comments: Partially structured toe, straight cap toe   Basically the Haven makeup but with the mini ripple sole.  I'm looking for grey boots because I have too many brown ones.  
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