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65 USD to ship to the US, no thanks
Just bought the Black/White and Amunzen popovers, really looking forward to them
The site is still down for me Edit:  It's back and it looks damn good
There are definitely creases on the toe caps
Down for maintenance, thnx guyz
Not much in size 8 qqqqq
Tracking down a medium Olive Bedford is the hardest thing ever qq
I see, I've been looking for something that can withstand a typical Midwest winter and the Veilance Insulator sounds too light. I'll still probably get one though
Can you buy the printed lookbooks, I would love to have some for the past few seasons
Can anyone comment on the Veilance Insulator Jacket and how warm it is? I'm thinking about using my spring jackets as shells and buying some type of insulating jacket to go inside. I'm open to suggestions if there are better ones than the Veilance jacket. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: