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Call understudy in Victoria Park. I recall seeing a blog post about them getting a chain stitching machine.
Does anyone know if Odin NY has their EG on sale? Thanx
Jack straw is such a great store. They always have good EG buys season after season. Do you know what size they had in brown herringbone cinch pants? I am looking for size 30 and was wondering if they still have them in size.Thank you in advance!
How is the sizing on the tweed coat? Thank you!
Hi, I would like to buy the jeans off you. Are you in Vancouver by any chance? If so, I can also do local pick up. Thanx Sean
Anyone know any store stocking Reversible Brookline jacket in Black with polka dot inside? I know Nomad in Toronto does, but I am looking small. Thank you in advance!
Bureau belfast has further drops and they still have a lot of EG on sale. Just a quick question. EG stuffs are mostly made in USA. If I buy an EG item from Bureau and have it shipped to Canada, will there be a duty on the item? Thanx!
No, I haven't not seen it in person. I have too many variations of navy blazers and thought that a charcoal blazer would be nice addition as a spring/summer blazer. I saw small charcoal andover in odin's website a few weeks ago and waited too long on it. not there anymore Any help finding either jacket would be much appreciated!
Hi, Does anyone have any lead to either truman jacket, or andover jacket in charcoal tropical wool, size small? Thank you!
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