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Hello StyleForum   I have recently started my brand Austin & Ives and have been making transfer printed tees. However I want to really experiment and take things to the next level.   I wanted to know if anyone knew where to source tees made from -   Velvet Suede Matte colours (even possible?)   I was also thinking of doing black tees with small black studs/spikes randomly on the front or maybe splattering drips of bleach on them?   What's your...
Damn this thread is hard to keep up with :/
Went shopping for a friend today, first time its been nice in the UK this year still a bit chilly though -  Wolsey, All Saints, Tommy Hilfiger, Fred Perry. Im 18.
Hello guys, going on holiday so making preparations :P - All Saints
This is my watch, a Longines Hydroconquest, its not much compared to some of your watches but its pretty special for an 18 year old. Also I think its got a pretty good balance between subtleness and shinyness (if you get me), its not in your face but people do notice it, which is appropriate for my age. Also I think its got quite a manly feel and look to it which I like :)     Also was shopping the other day and tried on this beauty, the bracelet compliments the...
Hahah, I was hoping to join in the discussion here with what I am wearing today but it looks like its all gone pear shaped ahah :)
Hello my name is Tom, I am the owner of a Austin & Ives, I am here to meet and talk to others who care about fashion. I hope by doing this I can improve my brand and meet new people. I am a core member of my motorbike forum and I am a regular member of an entrepreneur forum. I am a student designer and in september I will be heading off to one of the most valued universities in the country.    [Edit] As for myself - I wear a Longines Hydroconquest watch, I wear Fred...
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