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Selling a brand new with tags Apolis Wool Linen Chore Jacket in Charcoal Size Small.   Retails for $298.   Add $5 for shipping.
 I like the length of the merino blazer. Its a casual jacket so I dont think the crop is an issue. Im worried about pilling though. 
Damn missed out on the Cone Superlights. Hopefully they bring it back soon.
Selling a pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile Tan in size 7D. Only worn a couple of times. Topy applied to sole for more traction.    Price is $130+shipping
For sale is a Brand New with tags Apolis Indigo Crew Neck T Shirt. Size XS. Retails for $48.   $25 includes shipping. 
Anyone know how warm the +J Down Coat is? I'm a Socal baby that has a couple of business trips in New Jersey coming up
Just got a pair of chinos tapered at a tailor. Turns out its a bit too tight in the calves. Can I get the tapering undone a bit?
Air Max 1 iD
       Any good finds besides the CPO? Thinking about going tomorrow, probably wont find anything good in my size though.
Looking for a navy blazer or sportcoat in a business casual environment. I do R&D work in the food industry so Ill be wearing this to meetings and to plant floors so I dont want something too expensive that Ill have to pamper.
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