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Thanks for the comments. I think I'll wear it sooner rather than later! One more question about vests....I'm under the impression that the lowest button remains unbuttoned. Is it also correct the leave the 2nd lowest unbuttoned as well? Thanks. Michael
So after waiting for 3 months, the Thai tailor I ordered from finally sent me my suits. He gave me his package deal of 3 suits, 6 shirts and 3 ties for $1500 Canadian. I got him to throw in a vest for my charcoal suit to make it a 3-piece. The suits look pretty decent and I'm excited to wear them, but when can I wear the 3-piece? It seems way too formal for my office, but maybe its ok for when I go to synagogue. Thoughts? Suggestions? Michael
Enjoy your jacket. I bought a fall/spring leather jacket there about 4 years ago and its holding up really well. I also picked up about a dozen ties for an average price of 3.5 Euros. San Lorenzo is great. I wish I could visit once a season!
Along the same theme....During the winter I wear my long wool coat, a winter hat and gloves. When I get into the subway I take off my hat and gloves and shove them in my coat pockets. The pockets bulge out and it looks awful. Anybody else have this problem and/or solutions? MTC
Has anyone here heard of a suit co. called Feremani? I believe they're based in the NYC area. Their suits seem to be of pretty decent quality and they cost less than $500.
Theoodre 1922 on Bloor close to Spadina I've never actually gone into this store, but I walk by it daily and I believe they have what you're looking for.
First time posting of SF, so be kind. 2 Questions 1) What's the deal with the cheap ties in the San Lorenzo Market it Florence? They're 5 Euro a piece and they seem to be of decent quality. 2) Does anyone know where to find decent and inexpensive ($25-50) ties in Toronto? You see ties everywhere, but so many have a cheap feel to them. -Michael
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