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Quote: Originally Posted by Matt and then, when she calls the next day, suggesting dinner...what would you advise? i havent really read allof this so dont know all the context, but at this dinner end it. dont pick up any of her calls or speak to her anymore. if he has to go to dinner, make it the last time he sees or speaks to her.
wow how many times are you guys going to say the same thing? each one of you is posting after eacho ther saying the same fucking shit! nonono say youre busy! next post man say something came up! next post man say you got aids! fuck everything has been said 100 times already, let him do what he wants to do. if he really has to go to dinner then go to fucking dinner and end it! dont ditch her because thats just being an asshole. if you tell someone youre going...
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK I think a modified Nil's text might be your best option. Something similar to "I won't be able to make to make dinner on Wednesday. I'm sorry for the erratic behaviour. I'm in a difficult place right now and need to take a step back and figure a few things out. This will be last contact with you for a long time. Please don't try to contact me. Then you have to live up to it. No FB, no phone, text, call,...
you need to neg her hard bro.
thats how it felt when i popped my ear drum. i doubt you popped it but dont fuck around with your ear when you dont know whats going on.
haah its funny because the one i got is actually very up to date. slim lapels, tight fit, high armholes etc. really random.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sander Omg, I really had a hard time figuring out what that means... do you mean Warschauer Strasse? haha yeah i think i do lol. its the one where you come off and take the stairs to the bridge?
Sorry to make a whole post, but couldnt find an asnwer anywhere. does anyone have much experience with vintage levis? i just purchased a full 3 piece vintage levis suit with all the tags still on it. (original on sleeve etc). i know they made them in the early 80's and it didnt catch. anyone know if its worth much or how rare it is?
im not someone to take advice from when it comes to real work etc. but i was a new hire during the recession in a business that took a real hit, and i stayed while a lot got fired. the key really was i always came in on time, never called in sick, and was always nice to people. i did a whole lot of nothing while i was working, but by manager absolutely loved that i was never late and always showed up. also listen to people and smile and nod. even if you think what theyre...
Quote: Originally Posted by CalTex You ask me to get online because you want to fucking chat so that you start with the two word responses. Are YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!??!?!?!?!?! WTF am I in grade school?!?!?!?! Waste of my time. want me to call the wahhhhmbulance?
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