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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire It's Friday, wine guy at one of my fav spots texted me to say Oregon Pinot tasting tonight and to come up on the house, will have dinner there and watch the sunset. Life is good. ill be doing the same.....with your mom
lets say my rock paper scissors lost me goign to a hot tub with 3 girls. and it was a pretty sure lay! fackkkkkk.
love playing soccer. played when i was young, got chosen to move up in leagues and was kicked off for fooling around. i was about 8 then, i quit and then started playing basketball. i took up soccer again in gr 11 to get into shape for basketball season. now i play for fun and its amazing. and flountainman i think a lot of those injuries are just due to people not knowing how to play properly. ofcourse injuries can happen and can be bad because of the speed the sports...
why should he say anything to her? if she doesnt ask then dont say anything. if she does then tell the truth. im sure shes not going to tell him if she just wants to mess around, so why should he tell her.
ive learneded the best time to say your mom jokes. this forum has been very much of help to me!
yeah wow when i went on a road trip through the south i was stunned. everyone wears a ralph lauren button up, khakis and some type of shoe and that stupid hair cut. thats there fancy look. mean while i almost get into a fight for wearing a v neck but these guys have the gayest hair cut known to man but in the south its manly?
yeah when ever i took long bus rides or planes with no prior seating in europe i would sit in the aisle seat and not make eye contact with people walking by. almost looking angry. i then had flights with a whole aisle and over night busses with both seats to myself. it was great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano They lost me years ago. Sorry. I remember when college basketball used to be good. I'd venture to say that there's not a single former NCAA champion from more than 10 years ago that this UConn team could beat. They're really just a bad team that went on a little run. Maybe one or two from the more recent era which is also loaded with really bad teams. I'd be very surprised if anyone on the floor last...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano # of minutes of college basketball I watched during the regular season: 0 # of minutes of college basketball I watched during the NCAA tournament before last night: 0 # of minutes I watched of the championship game: About 10 Apparently I made the right decision. What a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE display. College basketball has become a sad, pathetic joke. I don't mind that intramural-level basketball...
wow what a terrible final game. butler built a mansion they had so many bricks. played terrible. so did uconn, but butler played so bad it looked like they were trying to miss. but its ok! those butler boys have no quit in them! they always seem to stay in the game! no matter what happens they always weather the storm! those kids are tough as nails, they always find a way to scratch back! oooooooooookkk!
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