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toronto has some amazing women, way better then many other places ive been too. montreal as well. just go to some college towns and the girls are also pretty amazing. matters which one of course!
happened to me once on my road trip through the states. the night in DC couldnt find shit all to do on a sunday night. walked everywhere. asked some girl and she told us to go to this place near a matress store or something. no sign etc but it was an old house redone into a club with different house music in every room. it was pretty nuts and a crazy vibe.
they have a fantastic shoe store on the corner of maine and applejacks. every thursday if the weather is nice the locals get together and have a huge bbq. its world famous. the bar scene is ok but full of pretty ugly people. just get drunk and have a good time! i say go get em cowboy!
Quote: Originally Posted by stever i'll take some doof over commercial radio any day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwlwHhjbJGM fuck lifting to 5 minute ad intervals and a bunch of bullshit talkback wtf was that? thats some of the worst shirt ive heard in my life!
yeah im sure chicago still has a massive house scene. as said you just have to know where to go. pretty much most cities are like that. there were times in europe where i would of killed to have been with a local and know where to go on lets say a monday etc. in a city like chicago there will be something great going on every night, you just wont know about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Ehh, besides knowing someone there it's really the only way to be in instantly without having to finesse the doorperson. I've been clubbing for well over a decade so that's basically how it works. i know how it works, i wont go to a club that does the line thing unless i know someone and have a way in. i generally go to the clubs that dont do the line thing anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Ever heard of bottle service? Now you're a douche......bro
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I regret not blowing the captain of the football team in highschool. he was "the hot guy." That has changed so whatever. Honestly, I don't have many regrets, but I am young.
Quote: Originally Posted by single speed Chalk it up to poor choices I guess. thats what connes mom said.
Quote: Originally Posted by SField Clubbing is social but it's also different from being at a bar or lounge. If you aren't from a culture where that's prevalent, then no you probably wouldn't like. If you grew up in NYC and you were a normal kid, you'd probably grow up dancing to house/electronic/or hiphop and house parties, then going out when you get older. Dancing is fun, if a DJ is good, it's a really good time. You do it to get really fucked up...
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