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prague is cheap, but the partying isnt all that amazing. dont do cesky as if its not in season its absolutely dead. go straight to krakow which has crazy partying every day. its full of college students and people coming from all over europe for weekends to party. its also dirt cheap.
they have noone to put him up against so they hype up shitty fighters to make everyone think its a match worth paying for. next up...GSP vs random homeless guy! dont count out Random homeless guy, in 10th grade he layed out his gym teacher in a spectacular fashion, it was really something! 2 years ago he beat up a mall security cop and ended it with a rear choke! was fantastic. were really excited about this match up boys'!! dana: you know dont ever count out random...
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone I think it depends on how thin or sensitive your hair is. My brother have our father's hair (thin) and if he scratches or rub a specific area often enough over time it may create a bald spot. (the hair eventually grow back) while this normally is not a problem for the average person's hair. Good thing our father do not have the bald gene, or he would quickly bald prematurely theres no way this is true....
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack only bros dance with drinks in their hand, bro yo bro, im no bro and i always be dancing with drinks in my hand. got my drink and my two step, drink and my two step.
i couldnt imagine grinding up on a bitch while sipping wine. it would be un bro like. bro.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Lawlz, top undergrad and over 150k 2 years out of college. I wouldnt want a mainland chinese woman either. i wouldnt want your mother either.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 You see mixed kids and you wonder how anyone could be against interracial copulation. Nearly a genetic sure thing (looks wise). not true at all. just the ones that stand out you go dam look at that mixed breeding. theres tons of absolutely ugly mixed. you just ignore them.
im 6'2 and 200 pounds. the h and m ts fit me pretty well. and theyre only 7 dollars. so i ruin them and just get new ones. AA is a rip and is shit.
Gao Yanan, a 27-year-old accountant with a fondness for white socks and purple hair bands like wtf?
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