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Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Hahahaha. Yeah I actually listen to both singers a bunch but did mean Gerrard. Understandable music nerd mistake i think. nope not at all your hipster music cred is down the drain. back to justice and grizzly bear for you!
you wouldnt introduce her to me? i thought we were boys! watevs. and kyle isnt getting layed because he does nothing but go to work and then tell me how he doesnt like to dance or go into work hungover or anything remotely fun.
see me, avoid oneeightyseven
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen 90% of statistics quoted on the internet are made up on the spot. Still, you should probably never start a fight with someone unless you know them really well. You never know who's carrying a weapon and/or trained in jujitsu. never start a fight with someone unless you know them really well? you sure about that? WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY MOM??!?! wait wait...tell me a little bit about...
op is messed. you are thinking so deep into this and then talking about how you only want her as a friend? youre not fooling anyone and i bet she bails on you or just uses you for a party as stated. dump this biznotch and go for something else.
i dont think theres really ever an age where you shouldnt back up your friends....but not in a situation like this.
you guys care way too much about what other people are doing/lifting in your gym.
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo 5'10. Just a bit under 200. Not huge, but big enough to put the scrawny biatches in place. youz a bitch!
just dont take any really drunk passed out girls back. could get you in trouble!
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel If a woman freely engages in behavior that verges on orgiastic, gets blotto and then suffers sexual indignities, she has only herself to blame, in my book anyway. Yeah, the guy was wrong to have copped a feel, but the girl is lucky nothing worse happened to her. I am glad to hear you now feel you were not humiliated in the physical encounter. I'm sure it will do much for your self-esteem. i dont exactly...
New Posts  All Forums: