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i dont think ios would be anything youre not looking for.
its always like that. girls who think they know style will comment on how great that persons ed hardy t shirt is, but that well fitted pants look gay!
Great Samuelsohn DB blazer! 60$! The blazer is a darker grey then appearing in picture. PRICE DROP- $50 Shoulder-17 chest-20 Waist-19 length-29 sleeve 24 Canali Blazer! $80! PRICE DROP- $70 shoulder-19 chest-22 waist-20 length-31.5 sleeve-25 Samuelsohn suit! $100! PRICE DROP - $80 Blazer- shoulder-18 chest-21 waist-20 length-31 sleeve-24 Pants- inseam-30 waist-17
yeah but thats part of being a fighter. so much is mental. if he cant come back from a loss he isnt cut out for the sport. thats it.
dont worry guys im still here! just been really busy with.....your mom! ah snap! womp womp!
its one of those excersizes like LAguy said that has a lot to do with body type etc and being used to that type of excersize. similiar to chin ups etc. taller heavier people with longer hands have a harder time etc.
take advice from me, a professional fighter and someone with small calves. pm me for pics! oh i got pms heres my photo! hawt!
this is the stupidest shit ever. wtf is wrong with you?
and the hail came down and it was the size of my balls! could you believe it!
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR West24, im stunned that you were the one that started this thread. Stunned i dont get it, i also dont even remember making this thread.
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