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god youre so interesting! be my friend!
wow.....thats....really great.......shit
i feel the same way about boxing. when i dont go for a while i really feel like punching something really hard. once you start i think you always yearn for the feeling of being able to hit and take aggression out in that manner.
i think black people laugh at anything. they have some messed up humour and then go crazy and shake and laugh through their teeth.
i dont think ios would be anything youre not looking for.
its always like that. girls who think they know style will comment on how great that persons ed hardy t shirt is, but that well fitted pants look gay!
im jewish and live in a predominately jewish area. noone has really left and i dont think the parents are eager for the kids to leave either. we are mid 20s ish. yet some none jewish friends parents pretty much kick them out. it sounds crazy to us but i guess thats how they do it! i mean not everyone can be the chosen people and all!
Great Samuelsohn DB blazer! 60$! The blazer is a darker grey then appearing in picture. PRICE DROP- $50 Shoulder-17 chest-20 Waist-19 length-29 sleeve 24 Canali Blazer! $80! PRICE DROP- $70 shoulder-19 chest-22 waist-20 length-31.5 sleeve-25 Samuelsohn suit! $100! PRICE DROP - $80 Blazer- shoulder-18 chest-21 waist-20 length-31 sleeve-24 Pants- inseam-30 waist-17
lets go beat up that negro, bro.
it was pay back for their chinese cousins in america who are always told theyll get next run and leave the gym having never played.
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