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alberta, eastern timor, dagestan.
the problem is you like dick.
its like that episode or portlandia. gross.
tons of people do it. the thing is they dont let you near the bulls unless youre experienced etc. all the tourists n all start in tiers and your way in front.
god youre so interesting! be my friend!
wow.....thats....really great.......shit
i feel the same way about boxing. when i dont go for a while i really feel like punching something really hard. once you start i think you always yearn for the feeling of being able to hit and take aggression out in that manner.
i think black people laugh at anything. they have some messed up humour and then go crazy and shake and laugh through their teeth.
i dont think ios would be anything youre not looking for.
its always like that. girls who think they know style will comment on how great that persons ed hardy t shirt is, but that well fitted pants look gay!
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