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I have 2 brand new Burberry Classic 52r black suits. These styles never go on sale in store. I have two White shirts as well and a re size able belt. All are brand new and in the bag. The shirts are size 17. the suits retail for 1350, the shirts 250. Sorry about the bad photo with the suit, its in plastic and I don't want to take it out. I'm sure you know what a classic black suit looks like. I'm willing to make deals if you purchase any of the items together. 2...
Selling some items I have purchased and never got around to wearing..... Brand New APC sweater. Retail 350. SALE 150. Size L Brand new Wings + Horns Polo. Retail 110. Sale 50. Size XL Worn once Diesel Black gold Light cardigan. Retail 250. Sale 75. Size L Shipping add 10 dollars. Thanks!
anything to have you touch my bottom!thats just rude.back on topic....itll be a shoe in!
i wanna get in on this! yeah..its time he used his two feet and walked like a man! good one no?
the judge is the idiot for not knowing what "rick ross valuable" means. bitches swag is clearly set to a million!
alberta, eastern timor, dagestan.
the problem is you like dick.
sams a biggidy biotch.
its like that episode or portlandia. gross.
tons of people do it. the thing is they dont let you near the bulls unless youre experienced etc. all the tourists n all start in tiers and your way in front.
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