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Yup, I got a confirmation. But I'm really not mad at all. I understand why the mixup could have happened. The subject of the email thread was "CWU 54", pretty confusing if you didn't read the thread. And I originally wanted the CWU 45. Not mad.
I ordered a black CWU-45/P in July 2013, changed it in September 2013 to a Brown A2. I received a black CWU-45/P in the mail today.   Since I originally ordered a CWU-45/P I'm not too torn up about it. it's real nice, and the Lamb isn't paper thin at all.   I'm happy I got a jacket.   Pics soon.
Guys, I don't think migsy999 will take any advice, as good or bad as it may be. Can we just ignore him and discuss other toj things? I much prefer the "OMG ARE MY SIZES GOOD?" posts to this person's complaining.    Let Charly handle the guy.
Bought a TOJ Suiting Wool MA-1 off of Marketplace.   People aren't overstating how comfortable it is -- it really is quite nice. And the herringbone pattern is pretty damn cool.   I'm not going to wear it out for a couple months since it's still pretty warm in Seattle, but this is definitely getting a lot of wear this fall.   I got a stock size 50, I'm 6'1" and weigh about 185.  
  Looks sick dude. How tall/heavy are you?
Just wondering, when did you place your order?
  I already paid for my QDR so I feel like the bemberg ship has sailed. But I'm getting a CWU too. Thinking about jumping on the bemberg salad bar hype train.
  Or just get the Sateen like everyone else from the past 2 years (for all these 2011 model jackets). I don't think anyone's complained about the lining yet.
 Damn. Knowing it's Drew's advice... I guess I gotta go with black.
  Dark Brown CWU. Like Top Gun style. Except without all the patches.
New Posts  All Forums: