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Semi-necroing this post because it fits.     Does anyone have experience with the Isaora Dojo Pants?   They look like they might be cool, but the model's pics just aren't doing it for me, and I think they might just be styled incorrectly. I'd love to hear from someone with first-hand experience.   Link:
Yup, I got a confirmation. But I'm really not mad at all. I understand why the mixup could have happened. The subject of the email thread was "CWU 54", pretty confusing if you didn't read the thread. And I originally wanted the CWU 45. Not mad.
I ordered a black CWU-45/P in July 2013, changed it in September 2013 to a Brown A2. I received a black CWU-45/P in the mail today.   Since I originally ordered a CWU-45/P I'm not too torn up about it. it's real nice, and the Lamb isn't paper thin at all.   I'm happy I got a jacket.   Pics soon.
Guys, I don't think migsy999 will take any advice, as good or bad as it may be. Can we just ignore him and discuss other toj things? I much prefer the "OMG ARE MY SIZES GOOD?" posts to this person's complaining.    Let Charly handle the guy.
Bought a TOJ Suiting Wool MA-1 off of Marketplace.   People aren't overstating how comfortable it is -- it really is quite nice. And the herringbone pattern is pretty damn cool.   I'm not going to wear it out for a couple months since it's still pretty warm in Seattle, but this is definitely getting a lot of wear this fall.   I got a stock size 50, I'm 6'1" and weigh about 185.  
  Looks sick dude. How tall/heavy are you?
Just wondering, when did you place your order?
  I already paid for my QDR so I feel like the bemberg ship has sailed. But I'm getting a CWU too. Thinking about jumping on the bemberg salad bar hype train.
  Or just get the Sateen like everyone else from the past 2 years (for all these 2011 model jackets). I don't think anyone's complained about the lining yet.
 Damn. Knowing it's Drew's advice... I guess I gotta go with black.
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