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would the bourbon colored Strands go well with a navy suit (for work)?  I tried on the walnut Strands today at Nordstrom, and they may be to light/bright for business attire.  I've only seen pictures online of the bourbon colored Strands, but they look a little more work appropriate (business formal attire).  I know black shoes are the most formal, but I was looking for a brown pair that would work well.   Thanks!
Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!  I'll go try on some shoes at Nordstrom tomorrow (as well as some other stores at the mall).  Not sure if i'm ready to shell out $600 for some cordovans though - I may decide to get some "entry-level" shoes ($350ish) as my first foray into the quality dress shoe market.
thanks so much for the input!  I'm definitely considering rubber soles for these, since I expect to do a lot of walking in the elements and parking lot surfaces   Thanks!
Thanks so much for the detailed post!  Very helpful information that I'll definitely consider for my purchase.  I appreciate the phone number as well for the factory shop!
thank you both for your responses.  I am still considering getting the AE shoes if they can withstand the occasional abuse.  Thanks for the Loake suggestions - they look nice!  However, I'm leaning more towards oxfords
I am currently working as a consultant and just completed my first project.  Dress code was business casual, so I alternated between loafers.  However, my next project will require suits Monday thru Thursday, so I'll need dressier shoes.   Should I go "all out" and get myself two pairs of nice oxfords?  I've been eyeing the black Allen Edmonds Park Avenue for my black suit and the walnut or bourbon Allen Edmonds Strand for my navy suit.  They are $350 each.  Or...
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