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I got some of the polos, and I was rather underwhelmed.  I got three of them, and two of them had incredibly different sleeve lengths (two versions of this one: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/lifewear/men-dry-pique-line-slim-fit-short-sleeve-polo-shirt/076774-16-006?ref=mens-clothing%2Fmens-tops%2Fmens-polo-shirts). I also realized after trying them on that I really didn't like polo shirts after all, so I sent them back.   I'm pretty pleased, however, with the...
Well, I just found out today, since I had it shipped to the office and not home, that this was actually an elaborate office prank.  So AE didn't mix up the shoes, and now I feel retarded, haha.
Hello, I think this is my first post here.  So I recently ordered a pair of Allen Edmonds McAllister (Walnut), and when I got the shipment, these are the shoes I got:         ...WTF?  I was not expecting this kind of service from them, and while I'm furious, I actually think it's really hilarious at the same time.  But seriously, WTF?  Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them from AE or anyone really?  It looks like whoever was packing the shoes...
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