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Thank you, white shirt with navy tie it is.  Is a grenadine tie okay?
Sorry, Uncle, I'll be in the beginners section trying to figure out if square-toed shoes are still in style.
Hey, Distorbiant (can I call you "DB" for short?) This is a place for the free exchange of ideas, therefore, I won't shut up.  I'll learn the protocol of the site and you can block me if you care to in the meantime.
I'm new to the forum and unfamiliar with the site.  Your clip directive, by the way, seems very unstylish to me.  
I really want a pair of these shoes: They are out of my size and I've looked all over for a similar pair and came up empty. Any thoughts?
Your khakis need to be hemmed.  They are way too long, and your overall look would be a lot sharper if they were the proper length. Your shirt also looks too big.  Try a trim fit shirt: you'll never want to wear another regular fit shirt. 
Thank you.  Couldn't find it anywhere.  Thanks for the redirect also - my first post.
  Anyone know where I can find a sweater like this and what it is called?
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