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Obviously, I can't vouch for the accuracy of the story (which in all likelihood is tongue in cheek anyway), but either way, it is hilarious to contemplate that something considered to be super formal started as essentially "hygienic paper"   "the French cuff was apparently born when Napoleon ordered extra-long sleeves so that his soldiers could wipe their nose on the excess, then fold the cuff to hide the snot" Read...
For me the winner is # 1. I think it is accomplished through relatively long collar points, buttoned somewhat high (e.g. relative to #4), and somewhat spread, so the roll it pretty somewhat wide and flat on top (while preserving enough collar point length). I think it is ideal because this layout prevents two common problems with BD collars: looking too... pointy (e.g. not enough roll like in # 2), or having a roll such that they may collapse upon themselves (i suppose...
Do you guys usually size up in the HY sport coats? The chest allowances (2") seem really tight. As someone between sizes (39") i really wonder if I should go for the 38 or the 40?
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