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Very nice. it is true that 3" technically is not *that* narrow, but for some reason the narrowness is especially notable to me on your jackets - perhaps because the coats have a bit of a drape in the chest area, which is very nice, and the narrower lapel just might look  too sleek against the backdrop of relaxed chest and shoulder? As for half vs. full canvas - I'm no marketing guru, but you are probably better of with the half canvas - the quality is just the same, and...
So, do I understand correctly that you will offer both narrower and wider lapel options? If so, how wide will be "the wider"? I have 3 Benjamin sport coats, ordered in bulk before realizing how narrow the lapels are. I kept them since I liked them enough, but will not buy any more unless the lapels get wider - I think the current line is a hair over 3" and even that are too narrow for my tastes, so straight up 3" would be definitely too slim (for me). In fact, since the...
There is bound to be a disagreement on this, but I'm one of those who'd vote for wider lapels with both hands!
Ben, since you already post detailed measurements for jackets, would it be too much trouble to add an approximate lapel width measurement :) ?
BTW, regardless of width, there is something annoying going on with the construction of the current models: I bought two additional sport coats, and they had the same problem as the first one I bought - the right lapel is a smidge narrower than the left one. My tailor speculates that this is somehow related to the collar cut too small. Re-pressing works to an extend, but I still notice it :(. 
Cool. Are there going to be any changes to the cuts/patterns on the sport coats?Wider lapels, perhaps ?
Any chance of ordering/restocking this "Dark greenish brown" Benjamin sport coat in size 40R?   http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-16595/Benjamin-Sartorial-Sport-Coat-cln-/Detail
After much experimentation, I concluded that the consensus on jacket sleeves is way, way too short for my taste. While it admittedly looks... okay if you just stand in front of a mirror, I just got tired of sleeves riding up my arms, so now all my sleeves go slightly past the wrist crease and into the palm, and it's fine.   Other than that, I could have saves myself a lot of time, if I had adopted the mafoofan ways early on - after several years of ultimately wasted...
Ben, the description for this jacket   http://www.ehaberdasher.com/servlet/the-16608/Benjamin-Sartorial-Sport-Coat-cln-/Detail   says that the main color is "light brown". However, I've been staring at it and can't possibly see the brown - it looks positively olive to my eye. could you please say something about this (at least I'll know if I have some peculiar color blindness :) )
Ben, I would like to know if you have been using the same fabric for suits for the last few years?   I bought a charcoal Granoro suit a bit more over 2 years ago. The pants are a bit tight and worn out anyway, so I would like to replace them and wonder if the current charcoal pants sold are made from the same fabric. Thanks
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