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This is being sold as a sport coat, but looks like orphaned suit jacket. Would you wear it as SC, and if so, how?  It is navy with  a pretty nice awning stripe (not pinstripe) pattern.Thanks!       And this is a closeup of the pattern:  
Eh, that's a pity :( (I was hoping for at least 3.5" ; at least I will save a lot of money :)). It is strange, but I think the 3" borderline works on suits (i have  a classico), but all the sportcoats I have with 3 or even 3.25 lapels just annoy me :(. I have a couple of sportcoats from the benjamin  luxury collection, with the almost 3.25" lapel; love the fabrics and the fit, but the damned lapels make me go "eh..." every time I wear them :'(
Hm, I just noticed the bit about the lapels being narrower on the Bella Spalla. How wide are they exactly now? I hate narrow lapels and I was really looking forward to something wider :(.
  Good point. Not only I do have a Classico II suit, I have one in size 38 and it fit pretty well back then before I bulked up slightly (the comparison is still valid, since I went up in size pretty evenly all over).So basically I suppose the differences in cut will greatly determine how a jacket feels, not just the raw measurements.I remember wearing some Howard Yount jackets in the interim period (I think they have the same measurements as the new Benjamins), and they...
 That's strange. I felt that the Napoli is slim (i wear 40R and have true 40" chest), and that anything more than that would be tight (and a main reason I'm still hesitating to dip into the new line, as it is an inch tighter in the chest and the waist). 3" allowance in the chest is pretty standard, no? I am pretty average/athletic build and even the Napoli in my regular size (40R for an actual 40" chest) occasionally feels snug, cant really imagine going an inch down. I'd...
  Can you post your measurements, and which size coat you got? This batch of coats is slimmer, and I'm really debating if I should size up from my regular 40R
I like the look and will give it a try, not sure about the shorter length but will probably be fine. Anyhow, the overall concept is what i personally need Whoa, if you had to modify the model to have more room, I wonder how tight their house model is - based on the listed measurements, i'd still have to size up over my usual size for sure
 They look good, but I am also curious about what's the story with bella spalla as well. E.g. why only in black? Why 1" shorter than the others (which are already on the short side to begin with)?
So, only 3 of the models above come with the wider lapels :( ? The herringbone, and the grey and olive solids at the bottom? I'm sure you've done your research about the overall demand and its a sound business decision, but I personally will have to pass on the others, in spite of the incredible fabrics and patterns :(. The narrow lapels will look great - on svelte asian dudes, which sadly does not fit my description :).
Very nice. it is true that 3" technically is not *that* narrow, but for some reason the narrowness is especially notable to me on your jackets - perhaps because the coats have a bit of a drape in the chest area, which is very nice, and the narrower lapel just might look  too sleek against the backdrop of relaxed chest and shoulder? As for half vs. full canvas - I'm no marketing guru, but you are probably better of with the half canvas - the quality is just the same, and...
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