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When are the dates that Cifonelli will next be visiting NYC?
what are your thoughts and feelings on having five buttons instead of the more traditional four on the cuffs of a suit?
 I like the cut of the suit, however, I would like to have a less rounded front and a different shaped lapel. I understand what is negotiable varies from tailor to tailor. Based on your experience would you say he would be willing to accommodate these requests or should I simply go to another tailor?
Does Liverano & Liverano cut different lapel styles or does he not like to deviate from his notch lapel?
It is usually advised that the first suit you order from a new tailor should be solid, then subsequent suits can be patterned. That way the first suit's pattern could be established without the tailor being distracted by pattern matching.   What if your first suit is a double breasted suit? is it ill advised to order a patterned single breasted suit for the second suit from that tailor? or is it better to order a solid single breasted suit before getting the patterned...
Do you get one fitting before the shirt is finished or is the process simply getting your measurements taken and having the shirts shipped to you?
I read through some posts on Anto but was unable to find the information I was looking for...     I would like to know whether or not Anto fuse their collars. I would also like to know the amount of handwork if any goes into their bespoke shirts.     Thank you.
Does Richard Anderson cut each and one of his suits for his bepoke customers or is he only the manager of the firm nowadays and no longer cut and tailor his suits?
How are their bespoke suits and shirts compared to the big names like A&S, Huntsmen, and Richard Anderson? Fit is subjective so I mean quality as in precise finishing, fine button holes, and neatly sewn lining, etc. Thanks!
In your personal opinion, who is the most talented English cutter still working today. A brief explanation would be great!   Please note that I am asking for an opinion from different individuals, so an answer like "everyone is different" would not be very helpful.   Thanks!
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