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 What brand is that scarf?
The new line is adding more options which I think is nice.This for example will be part of the S/S 2014 RTW Line
 It really depends on the suit you get. The new Giorgio Armani lines I like the design better. One cannot forget that Giorgio Armani is somewhat unique in cut compared to Zegna or Tom Ford (both amazing in their own regards). First of all the black label fully canvassed ones tend to be made of similar materials to the GA dresses. They have a more pronounced drape and the pants are baggier. The one i have does not have square shoulders but is very modern but has more fabric...
I'm believe they are half canvassed and not fused. I can't really say for sure as I have no official confirmation, but it's not the first time I've heard that since Armani took over production fusing is gone.  I've read the same on AAAC before I'll check for sure next time and let you guys know.  Also more of an customer service aside, I've gotten world class service from my GA...
Just to let you know, I checked with my SA and there are certain pieces in the line that are half canvassed and certain pieces which are fully canvased. Those $3500 (or $3950) and up tend to fully canvased. Those below tend to be half canvassed. As someone posted, those with bastings are fully canvased. I own a fully canvased GA suit and it is very well made, uses great materials and has a wonderful cut. 
Where is the info coming from that Giorgio Armani Black Label is fused? None of my black labels from the past 2-3 years are.
Havana are certainly more accommodating through the whole suit, seat included 
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