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 This is hugely helpful. Thanks very much, MoneyWellSpent!
Gentlemen, hoping for some advice on a pair of cordovan boots. I've worn these about a dozen times and it appears there's an issue with the welt stitching on the left boot. Check out the two photos below. The first is the left boot with the issue, and the second is the right boot for comparison. Also, the welt on the left boot seems to be coming apart from the sole slightly.   My questions is this. Assuming that the fix for the issues is to have the welt replaced, which...
Thanks ReppTiePrepster, very helpful and much appreciated.
Does anyone own this shoe? If so, could you post some in-the-wild pictures? https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/AldenForJCrew/PRDOVR~18580/18580.jsp   It says the color is dark brown, but they look burgundy in the pictures.
What do you guys think of Schott leather jackets?
  I agree, quality denim is a great investment. Haven't personally owned a pair for 6 years yet but the few I have are aging nicely so far.
Very nice combo, MrDV.
Second that
Price drop to $325
    Thank you.
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