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Thanks man
First pair of Vibergs. Maiden voyage. Crappy cell phone photo.
Great looking pair. Enjoy them.
Really appreciate this thread. Congrats on everyone's 2014 purchases and best of luck acquiring your grails in 2015. Maiden voyage tonight for my Leffot tobacco chamois.
Great combo. Merry Christmas
Looking great, Mike. Love the combo. Merry Christmas!
Congrats man. That's a great looking pair. Enjoy them.
Totally agree. I probably wear my snuff boots more than any other pair. Suede is so versatile and comfortable.
Congrats man. That must be a difficult thing to do. You have quite a nice collection.
Considering getting these for inclement weather office wear. Does anyone know how chamois wears over time? Do they develop a significant patina?   http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/alden/d4808-chamois-captoe-boot.html
New Posts  All Forums: