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MiMine are unlined. I went back and forth but went unlined because the lining seems to be the first thing to wear through on my boots and shoes. I also thought it would make it easier to wear them in the summer.
I'm the same size and use both depending on the shoe. For suede I usually use small to ensure they don't stretch. For shell I usually use medium. I don't think it really matters that much though because the small will still fill out the shoe and I doubt the medium would stretch a size 8. But I have both and decided to split them up that way. I'm sure other members on the board are more knowledgable on this topic, but I wanted to share my experience since we're the same size.
Thanks, good to know. I have a feeling all my shoes are heading in this direction. Still holding out hope for my boots.
]Thanks man
I'm experiencing some wear on the lining of a pair of my LWBs. I treat them right...cedar shoe trees, rest them at least a day between wears, etc. The last and size fit me perfectly, so there's no heel slippage. I'm growing concerned as I see the same thing developing inside some of my other more worn Aldens. Does anyone have any tips for how to prevent this from happening? Would a good cobbler be able to fix it or is the lining done once it goes?
I would keep them
I proposed this build and didn't know 10 eyelets was not an option. I'm obviously fine with 9 but will understand if the make-up doesn't garner enough support to make it to the final list.
Which particular pair do you recommend?
1) "Route 66" Model: Chukka Last: 110 Leather: Tan Calf Tongue: Tan Calf Eyelets: 3 hidden eyelets Sole: Crepe with sole unit (as opposed to wedge) Notes: Stitchdown construction 2) "Desert Stalwart" Model: Trench Boot Last: 1035 Leather: Tan Horse Tongue: Tan Horse Eyelets: 7 antique brass Sole: Crepe with sole unit (as opposed to wedge) Notes: Stitchdown construction 3) "Modern Boondocker" Model: Service Boot Last: 1035 Leather: Roughout Natural CXL Eyelets: 7 Antique...
Thanks guys
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