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Those waxed flesh are looking great. May I ask in what conditions you normally wear them? Mine see mostly office carpet on rainy days, so not as much patina.
shell stitchdown    
There are some good looking builds in this GMTO. The Spymaster sounds cool, but I'm all set with black Vibergs. Congrats to those who got in on this round.
Those look great; thanks for posting. I have a pair of natural waxed flesh, otherwise I'd seriously consider the GMTO.
Yup, hard to tell because of the poor lighting but they're brown. My most frequently worn pair. Would love to see some pics of the 110s.
I asked a similar question about a year or so ago and got the following recommendation from a member on this thread: very happy with it.
notre waxed flesh      
natural CXL HoF remix    
From Leffot. I believe the Frans Boone build has brass eyelets.
These are on the plaza last from Leffot.
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