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Great recommendation. Will definitely do that, thanks.
Stuck in Madrid because of the snow storm on the east coast. I know, could be a lot worse. Does anyone know of any retailer(s) here that stocks Aldens?
Yes, leather tongue on these. It's gusseted, which was a nice surprise.
Snuff suede boots at 2 years
Thanks guys. Very much appreciated.
Hoping for some sizing advice for the plaza last. I'm an 8D barrie and recently ordered the Bristol boot from Leffot in a 7.5E. I can feel my outer toes pushing against the inside of the boot, just slightly. This isn't a sensation I get with other Alden lasts, so I'm wondering if this is the way the plaza last should fit or if I should size up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the sizing question and not a picture of some awesome shoes.
Thanks, Mike. You're spot-on; these have brass eyelets and are from Frans Boone. One of my favorite shops.
Cigar today
My left and right don't crease the same either. Gives them character.
No, I think the diagonal rolls look cool
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