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My left and right don't crease the same either. Gives them character.
No, I think the diagonal rolls look cool
My issue is that it's a 270 GYW. The reverse/storm welt looks unfinished and unbalanced unless it's 360. Flat welt looks ok, but IMHO I don't like the aesthetic of the 270 reverse welt.
I think 4 so far
My new standards at 3 years
Fantastic, thanks for putting this together so that we can get some cool boots made. Much appreciated.
Fok, were enough orders placed for the HoF Remix to get made?
Hoping these go into production. Would be a great make-up with those eyelets.
Cool, thanks
Fok, thanks for putting this together. Looks like a great make-up. Question: will this definitely be stitch down construction? Reason I ask is that the last few CXL boots that have gone up for sale on Viberg's site have had a flat welt. Totally understand if the answer is "we won't know until they're made," but I'd like to know if that's the case before considering them.
New Posts  All Forums: