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anyone know what was the estimated shipping date for lounge pants? 
anyone place an order for the lounge pants? I ordered navy, but the gray is growing on me 
From the emails I've gotten he's been very busy trying to get fall 16 and spring 17 stuff ready. Don't worry he'll come through in the end. In the meantime have you tried emailing Susan? You might be able get a reply from her.
Can't wait to get mine, how is the fabric? 
Are those pants WvG as well? They look pretty warm!
Best care tags
Can you please explain what is jacket sleeve construction?
  Got these enroute, so excited! 
I'd order one if there were other color options. I have enough blue and gray sweaters, plus they look unfinished in pics for some reason. Maybe, it needs ribbed hem and cuff.
Really hope that the piece of fabric pic for shirt/clothing is temporary. It makes it really hard to judge how the shirt will look 
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