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I recently picked up the tapered sweatpants, for $29.99 they are pretty decent in quality and thy taper nicely. Also, if the flannels are a steal if they're still $19
Will there be another round of oxblood SNS cardigan this season? I missed out on it last year and have been desperately searching for a rerun. 
        Really didn't mean to revive this thread, but after this i couldn't resist.  Asian Nick Wooster, this dude has 400k followers on instagram, wtf?   http://masses.com.my/2013/12/the-borak-borak-sessions-wak-doyok/   http://instagram.com/wakdoyok
No experience with them, but I had a similar issue when I ordered a shirt from baldwin. The tracking number said that it's delivered but I never received the item. I believe the shipper has to call/claim the package as lost then USPS can launch an investigation. Hope it works out and W&C comes through.
If anyone is interested in buying, I'll probably won't keep JE and En Noir sweats in medium. Figured I can sell to someone in need here than returning it!
damn, I'm 31 as well and ordered a medium in sweats. 
I tried to use the code last night and was unable to use it. The screen just kept going blank whenever I tried, but didn't get any message. 
Pulled the trigger on both JE and en noir sweats, will post pics once I get em. 
Mauro, is it safe to assume that you will continue making basic/shirts around the prices we're used to or is the goal to just move all of the offerings upscale and use exclusive fabrics?
Is the +J chester wool coat worth copping at retail?
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