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Long shot, but is there any possibility that there's an overstock of overdyes that will be available? Really want that blue one.
damn, should've ordered that blue! Oh well, the purple looks sick as well
Sweet, will post pics once I get mine
Picked up the port 1A, hope it fits . Does anyone know how inverallan compare to SNS Herning? Never owned either, but I handled SNS and was very impressed
That's the 1st thing I did Update: Got an email saying they switched to a new process which caused the issue. So all good now, just wanted to give thumbs up for quick response. 
No, I checked the box to receive promotions.
It's probably an oversight, but I don't want to email them every time for a newsletter. I hope it's resolved this time!
I still haven't gotten it, got 2 emails last time confirming that I'm added to the members list. I missed out on indigo tee in my size last time, hope its not the case this time.
Really excited about these!
I didn't get the email as well. Can someone email me?
New Posts  All Forums: