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Looking forward to +J flannel coat, hope the fit is good!
ahhh! I wish you would list all sale items at once so I can save on shipping and not worry about it selling out.
Interesting, I can only find WvG and bloodline tag on my pants. Wonder if he started putting tags on newer items.
After months of browsing I finally made my first WvG purchase - dungaree trouser . Details about them are terrific, if the quality matches then I'll seriously look into becoming a rewards member.
What do you guys think about grandelle model? I'm on fence between these and stealth black raws.      https://www.ssense.com/men/product/naked_and_famous_denim/black-grandelle-denim-salt-pepper-super-skinny-guy-jeans/113998
Placed an order last night, hope fit is good!
Thanks for the heads up, picked up ovadia and sons sweater.
Thoughts on this kimono shirt? Look interesting, might work out as a layering option
are they slim/tapered or straight fit?
Is the fabric on indigo wool trouser same as the one from CPO shirt? Just placed an order, went TTS since I couldn't find any other info on them.
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