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not really sure what to make of the ómbre, but the linen shirts look awesome
Picked up the kopak chambray
Do the new shirts not come with mop buttons? 
Thanks! Found them on GF this morning and placed an order.
I've been looking for them, where did you buy those?
Thanks! Did that, but never got an reply.
anyone know where can I pick up these bowtie loafers in US?
anyone know what was the estimated shipping date for lounge pants? 
anyone place an order for the lounge pants? I ordered navy, but the gray is growing on me 
From the emails I've gotten he's been very busy trying to get fall 16 and spring 17 stuff ready. Don't worry he'll come through in the end. In the meantime have you tried emailing Susan? You might be able get a reply from her.
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