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Yea, it happened to me too, not sure why though.
Both of mine are BD 
I bought both button down and wide spread collar overdye and both had chest pockets.
I'm completely fine with you offering a $400 sweater, it's not for me, but I'm sure there's a market for them. Only thing I wish is, I hope you continue to have a balance of affordable items (like overdyes) and something extravagant in the future. I bought the membership just because I like the transparency in communication and pricing, but also bec. I want to own quality products made ethically at a fair price. 
I got a reply back saying mine will be shipped tomorrow
Edit: Got the newsletter!
^^ Double zippers or single?
still looking
Sweet! Do you think I can pick some more in person by end of august?
Long shot, but is there any possibility that there's an overstock of overdyes that will be available? Really want that blue one.
New Posts  All Forums: