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Picked up slater sweatshirt from current sale and it's simply on another level, it's light to mid weight which makes it great for fall. There's still a medium up for grabs on the website if any one's interested   .     always a fan of mauro's care tags!
Based on the timeline of other products, I'm guessing that the summer shirts wont arrive until summer's over
I got mine shipped as well, should be here tomorrow!
Mauro posted these in the other thread, not sure if he's still going to make them in future since the bubbas or nicos didn't sell well. I'd snag these if he made them either in all suede or without the patent leather.  
not really sure what to make of the ómbre, but the linen shirts look awesome
Picked up the kopak chambray
Do the new shirts not come with mop buttons? 
Thanks! Found them on GF this morning and placed an order.
I've been looking for them, where did you buy those?
Thanks! Did that, but never got an reply.
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