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Picked up cotton ring coat, still learning on how to wear this thing      
I have the road runner tee, it's cut pretty slim. It makes a perfect undershirt, feels more like a nike dri-fit/ technical fabric
Mine looks faded too. I thought Mauro sent me navy by mistake, but the color is pretty cool mix of navy and charcoal. Also, received the "not so basic" heavy water and olive tee, both are soft as hell.
Finally got a chance to wear the lounge pants, these things are crazy beefy and comfy. They were well worth the wait, only gripe I have is the back pocket could've been a little deeper.
Picked up color 8 LWB from Bureau. Extremely pleased with them, the welts have clean stitching and I love the antique sole. They're also appear to have a little more shade of brown compared to the indys.         Variation between color 8  
Got shipping notification for road runner tee! Hope the flannels ship soon too.
Thanks! Placed an order for spalwarts
Haven't gotten a notification yet, but I wouldn't worry about it. Mauro is pretty fast at shipping products once he gets them from the factory.
does anyone know what is the reason behind having a back pocket on parkas? I have this woolrich jacket and have no idea what purpose the back pocket serves.        
For sale is a pair of Truman Roughout Coyote boots in US 9.5. These are extremely well made boots, but unfortunately are too small for me. The soles and leather are in great condition and all the stitching is intact.   specs: Size  - US 9.5 Unstructured Toe Commando Sole 4 eyelets + 3 speedhooks Rawhide laces    SOLD!!
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