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Got shipping notification for road runner tee! Hope the flannels ship soon too.
Thanks! Placed an order for spalwarts
Haven't gotten a notification yet, but I wouldn't worry about it. Mauro is pretty fast at shipping products once he gets them from the factory.
does anyone know what is the reason behind having a back pocket on parkas? I have this woolrich jacket and have no idea what purpose the back pocket serves.        
For sale is a pair of Truman Roughout Coyote boots in US 9.5. These are extremely well made boots, but unfortunately are too small for me. The soles and leather are in great condition and all the stitching is intact.   specs: Size  - US 9.5 Unstructured Toe Commando Sole 4 eyelets + 3 speedhooks Rawhide laces    SOLD!!
it's a good day, got an email for summer shirt and beanies  
Promised myself I wouldn't pick any products until I get everything else delivered, but caved and got flannel # 1
Is Mauro using multiple factories for made in Italy products? I'm not sure how the new products will be made in time if the old stuff hasn't been made yet.
I have the old MiUSA long sleeve t shirt, size small, and the arm length is longer than my arms, however, its really tight so I never wear it. Not sure if that's the case with monkey arms. 
Grabbed couple beanies and crews blue water and olive drab.   Per Mauro - size chart is same the bamboo tees, just a little longer in length. 
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