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Promised myself I wouldn't pick any products until I get everything else delivered, but caved and got flannel # 1
Is Mauro using multiple factories for made in Italy products? I'm not sure how the new products will be made in time if the old stuff hasn't been made yet.
I have the old MiUSA long sleeve t shirt, size small, and the arm length is longer than my arms, however, its really tight so I never wear it. Not sure if that's the case with monkey arms. 
Grabbed couple beanies and crews blue water and olive drab.   Per Mauro - size chart is same the bamboo tees, just a little longer in length. 
I hope he posts some fit pics with the preorder, hard to gauge what the finished product will look like by the swatches.
I looked at Schott's online, just concerned that it might be bulky since it's calf leather. But, looks like there are a lot more options out there besides schott.
Need opinions on this leather jacket, not much info besides that it's washed lamb leather. Is 1K a good price or are there better options available?   http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/baldwin-johnny-leather-moto-jacket/4438166?origin=keywordsearch-personalizedsort&fashioncolor=BLACK
Update on summer shirts: Mauro said that they'll finish this month and he's hoping the same for lounge pants. After that everything else should be ready as per schedule
I sized down based on the size charts and it fits pretty good, maybe just a tad long. Even though it's supposed to be a fuller fitting sweatshirt, it's not billow-y at all. As for the quality, this has the most uniform stitching than any other sweats I own. I also like that the bottom rib does not cling/gather like other sweatshirts, I especially like the little stitch detail around the cuffs. Like most wvg products the terry quality is really nice. It might not be the...
There was one on sale last night, not sure if glitch or someone might've bought it
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