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Before this gets out of hand (sorry for being assumingly preemptive), I'm not complaining about the NY store. Rather than focusing on that, I'm just trying to get help.
Great advice about trying it on but I failed to mention I live out of state. My bad on that one so there is no way I can try it on except flying there. So I have to figure out which is best from feedback.
SKM,   Thanks but I don't own a pair, I'm looking to buy one. I need help with sizing.
Hello,   I'm new to this forum and to C&J shoes. I was looking for help with sizing because I have a hard foot to measure. I wear a size 8.5 US in a regular shoe but a 7.5 US in a dress shoe. Currently I am wearing Ferragamo in a standard D width although the sides are protruding out. On soft leather it's fine but not the stiff ones, they kill my feet. So I'm interested in getting a chukka style C&J and I realized there are different lasts involved. I'm not sure if...
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