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I placed an order so I hope it's legit. I'll also mention to Mark what EG said.
Very odd...
I emailed EG directly. They said that they have had a limited amount of shoes in the past, but have not supplied them for some time.
Hi, Does anyone have any experience purchasing EG's at Edwards of Manchester? They have a 20% off sale going on (ends today) but EG has informed me that they are no longer an authorized vendor.
Hey everyone, Opinion, I'm looking to pick up a chukka. I was thinking either Brecon/Chepstow or Church's Ryder 3. I know they are different style but I can't decide, any thoughts?
I got these at the C&J NY store. It is the correct size but it doesn't fit in smoothly. So I'm guessing by everyone's response that the trees are suppose to be uniform.
To anyone who has C&J shoe trees, are they uniform in shape? I just got mine and it was difficult to put in and also I noticed the shape of the left is different from the right. Here are the pics...
Hey guys, Got a few questions. Anyone have any experience using C&J's shoe trees on a 341 last in half sizes? Like does it fit well or is there another shoe tree that works better? Secondly, anyone have any opinions using C&J shoe creams, polish, and wax or is the Saphir the brand of choice?
Hi, I'm new here on this thread and I have a question on sizing. I've been talking to Betty via email and she recommended I go with either a 7 UK Forest in an EEE or 7.5 UK Inca also in an EEE. Now I'm only 5'7" and I measured from heel to toe is 10 inches and 4 inches on the width of the ball. I know she's the expert but do you think the EEE width is a bit excessive? Also if that is the correct width, will they look like clown shoes on me?
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